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Stuttering in academia : minimizing stereotype threat for college students who stutter

Danielle Rae Werle
Although stuttering is a neurophysiological disorder with a genetic predisposition, the persisting stereotype threat is that stuttering is psychological with persons who stutter being mis-perceived as more nervous, less intelligent, and less capable of fulfilling roles that require significant communication. These misperceptions have been documented in children who do and do not stutter, adults who do and do not stutter, parents, and professionals across a wide variety of disciplines. In the university setting, professors’ perceptions...

Civic arts practices : emerging practices at the intersection of urban planning and the arts

Lynn Ann Kalsched Osgood &
Within the planning profession, the arts and culture sector has been emerging over the past a decade as a vital component of urban and rural planning processes. Once considered to be only adjacent to the more central issues of housing, economic development, and infrastructure planning, the arts sector is now becoming an integrated part of each of these areas of practice. Planning frameworks most often incorporate arts and culture in the form of “discrete elements,”...

Cenozoic history of northeastern Chispa quadrangle, Trans-Pecos, Texas

Tertiary beds of tuff and related sedimentary deposits with intercalated lava flows, comprising an aggregate thickness of slightly more than 1,000 feet, rest with an angular unconformity upon Cretaceous and Permian. This volcanic sequence is placed in the McCutcheon group (Eifler, 1951), and no names are proposed for the individual members. The early flows are found in a basin-like depression with a very thick water-laid tuff section directly above, but the remaining flows and tuffs...

Oil and gas in the great state of Tejas : centering land tenure histories of fracking geographies within the Texas-Mexico border landscape

Andrea Christina Wirsching
This dissertation examines the Texas-Mexico border oil and gas landscape and the unequitable distributions of impacts and benefits these extractive activities produce. I situate my work within critical, interdisciplinary literature on the relationship between the exploitation of natural resources and wealth distribution, and the explicit problematization of inherent uniqueness of border spaces. I utilized a critical, multi-disciplinary framework drawing from political ecology, planning, and border studies, to critique and inform more nuanced vulnerability assessments and...

Investigations in integrative and molecular bioscience

John Andrew Hawkins &
Modern biology is going through a revolution of new methods and insights resulting from the new availability of high-throughput DNA sequencing technology. I here present work contributing mathematical and computational methods for gaining insight from large DNA sequencing data sets at three distinct levels. First, I present a method for improving the accuracy and efficiency of DNA barcodes, short sequences of DNA used to label individual molecules in pooled samples. Many DNA sequencing applications depend...

Structural history of part of Kent Station quadrangle, Culberson and Jeff Davis Counties, Texas

The Kent Station quadrangle lies on the southeastern flank of the Apache Mountains of Trans-Pecos Texas. By means of a plane-table and alidade survey, structural contours were constructed which revealed the structure as a gentle south-dipping homocline which has been modified by normal faults of a northwest strike, a syncline with the same trend, and gentle warps. The area has been subjected to movements which date from pre-Ordovician time. During pre-Pennsylvanian time it was the...

Brand message strategies and consumer motivations to respond

Jung Hwa Choi
The overarching purpose of this dissertation is to first provide a theoretical and empirical background for research on motivation and branding strategies; a review of the literature on social media, social media marketing, and brand association is provided for context. From this, three research questions are presented. Chapter 3 describes the procedures, methodology, results and discussion briefs of two studies. Finally, Chapter 4 discusses the expected theoretical and managerial contributions of this study and directions...

The role of identity and self-reflection in museum selfies : netnographic insights from Instagram

Seo Jeong Heo &
Art museum provides excellent stage for identity work. Art can be mediation to reflect people’s identities. It is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires, and it’s about sharing the way we experience the world, which for many is an extension of personality. Taking selfies at museums where great artworks are displayed can be a way to integrate ourselves to the meaning of that artworks. Furthermore, online social media, where identity work emerges...

Efficient deep learning for sequence data

Jiong Zhang &
Deep learning has achieved great success in many sequence learning tasks such as machine translation, speech recognition, and time series prediction. Powerful deep sequence learning models, including recurrent neural networks (RNNs) and Transformers, have tremendous expressive power to fit very complex functions. However, they sometimes cannot be applied to real-world scenarios due to lack of efficiency. On one hand, deep learning models usually have millions of parameters and requires computationally intensive algorithms to train. This...

Advisory Board Grant Update

Allyssa Guzman, Joshua Ortiz Baco, Ben Brumfield, Sara Brumfield, Bryce Mclin & Albert A. Palacios

Improved multidirectional Gaussian Mixture Models applied to probability of collision of resident space objects

Chase Patrick Brown &
As the number of Resident Space Objects (RSOs) in Earth Orbit continues to rise by not only increased trackability but also an unprecedented number of commercial launches, conjunction assessment (CA) remains a paramount issue. Maintaining accuracy in probability of collision calculations is specifically of interest because any disparity will cause operators and analysts to lose trust, dismantling the entire CA system. Methods of state uncertainty propagation remain the most tractable way of controlling computational efficiency...

Between the goddess and the world : religion and ethics among Thirunangai transwomen in Chennai, India

This dissertation is an ethnographic study of the place of goddess Angalamman in the Thirunangai transfeminine lifeworld in the city of Chennai in southern India. It offers a detailed account of two interrelated aspects of the Thirunangai-Goddess attachment: the role Angalamman plays in anchoring transfeminine identity and the ethical entailments this intimate connection to a deity has for thirunangais. The intertwined poetics of identity and ethical relationality is the focus of this dissertation. It argues...

Women's insecurity and exclusion in public spaces : a call to action and initial response

Emilie Marie Twilling &
Sexual harassment in public spaces and women’s consequential fear, insecurity, and exclusion are critical and overlooked issues in contemporary urban design and planning. Urban migration, shifting gender roles, as well as failing infrastructure necessitate immediate intervention. If urban practitioners fail to validate and address the issue before (re)building takes place, they ensure gender inequality is (once again) built into the physical environment. My professional report serves as a call-to-action. In response, I propose a two-step...

Compiler and runtime systems for homomorphic encryption and graph processing on distributed and heterogeneous architectures

Roshan Dathathri
Distributed and heterogeneous architectures are tedious to program because devices such as CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs provide different programming abstractions and may have disjoint memories, even if they are on the same machine. In this thesis, I present compiler and runtime systems that make it easier to develop efficient programs for privacy-preserving computation and graph processing applications on such architectures. Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) refers to a set of encryption schemes that allow computations on...

School zone : a new model for suburban development in Montana

John A. Halverson &
“The last, best place,” Montana, has experienced sustained, rapid population growth in recent years. Millennials and Baby Boomers alike flock to the state to stake their claim on some of the last remaining housing markets that offer what many perceive as the “American Dream” of an affordable, suburban home in a small town. This population growth has sparked extensive suburban development throughout the state, prompting many public-school districts to build new facilities to accommodate this...

A closer look at art abroad : a study of the Terra Foundation for American Art’s educational programming for international audiences

Sarah Alynne Chestnut
This case study explores the educational offerings intended for international audiences through the work of the Terra Foundation for American Art. Founded by wealthy Chicago businessman, art collector, and U.S. Ambassador at Large for Cultural Affairs Daniel J. Terra in 1978, the Terra Foundation has paved the way for scholarly investigation and appreciation of historical art of the United States on a global scale. The foundation’s art collection was once displayed among several dedicated art...

Games of paint and print : strategies of juxtaposition in the Hours of Charles d’Angoulême

Ingrid Grace Kottke
Dating to the early 1480s, the Hours of Charles d’Angoulême (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, ms. Latin 1173) stands as a notable venue for imaginative engagement between painter and reader. A hybrid volume, it integrates prints and print imagery into the painted world of the manuscript, often through humorous or inventive means. The book is attributed to Robinet Testard (active c. 1471-1531), court illuminator to Charles d’Angoulême (1459-96), a Valois noble of the Orléans branch,...

Harnessing bacterial electroactivity with materials science and synthetic biology

Christopher Michael Dundas &
Biotechnology has been transformed by increased cellular control over molecular products and processes. The fields of metabolic engineering and synthetic biology have standardized methods for biosynthesizing chemicals and progressed development of novel vaccines, genetic therapies, and transgenic organisms. Despite these significant advances, cellular programmability has largely stopped short of controlling the non-biological world – forward bioengineering of abiotic and inorganic processes, such as bio-electronic interfaces and material syntheses, remains a substantial challenge. To realize the...

The social base of divide-and-rule : left-Islamist opposition alliances in North Africa’s Arab Spring

Matthew J. Buehler
Under what conditions do opposition political parties cooperate across ideological cleavages? Why do such opposition alliances collapse or endure over time? I address these questions by comparing alliances between leftist and Islamist opposition parties in Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania. In Tunisia, leftists have joined forces with Islamists on the national-level. In Morocco and Mauritania, such alliances have formed and endured in municipalities and labor unions but they have collapsed on the national-level. Why do these...

Victory on earth or in heaven : religion, reform, and rebellion in Michoacán, Mexico, 1863-1877

Brian A. Stauffer
This dissertation examines the origins, internal logic, and political trajectory of the so-called “Religionero” rebellion of 1873-1877 in Mexico’s central-western state of Michoacán. A widespread, popular Catholic uprising against the anticlerical government of Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada, the Religionero movement mobilized thousands of plebeian, indigenous, and ranchero rebels in loose, mobile bands organized by leaders of rural middle-class extraction. By turns amorphous and strategically sophisticated, the rebellion proved difficult to suffocate, and it only subsided...

Human capital : survey development, adolescent perceptions and correlates

Lynne Bryant &
This study sought to investigate the saliency of Human Capital (HC), a set of six positive assets as contributors to the overall health, well-being and success of an adolescent population. Furthermore, given the mediating potential of individual attributes, this study also examined the role of gender, age and context. PURPOSE: Comparing the perceived human capital (HC), as a set of positive assets, among adolescents and the influence of educational experiences on the development of HC....

An experimental and analytical method for assessing the integration of electric vehicles into the bulk power system

Michael Elazar Legatt &
In recent years, several trends are indicating a move towards a very different bulk power system. Increased integration of renewables, energy storage, synchrophasors, microgrids, Internet of Things devices, and electric vehicles are increasing the complexity of the system. While these changes have the potential to lead to significant reductions in environmental impact and peak demand growth, they also require significantly stronger, granular, and faster-moving controls to ensure reliability and resiliency. Previous research shows that electric...

Geochemical impact of oxygen on siliciclastic carbon storage reservoirs

J. Lu, Patrick J. Mickler, J.-P. Nicot, C. Yang & Katherine D. Romanak

CO2-rock-brine interactions in Lower Tuscaloosa Formation at Cranfield CO2 sequestration site, Mississippi, U.S.A.

J. Lu, Y.K. Kharaka, J.J. Thordsen, J. Horita, A. Karamalidis, C. Griffith, J. Alexandra Hakala, G. Ambats, D.R. Cole, T.J. Phelps, M.A. Manning, P.J. Cook & Susan D. Hovorka

Dynamic quadriceps muscle stimulation for treatment of patellofemoral pain

Soroosh Sadeh &
Introduction: Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is one of the most common types of chronic knee pain. In order to treat PFPS, electrical stimulation (ES) is widely used. The primary goal of the present study was to investigate whether electrical stimulation of the vastus medialis oblique (VMO) and vastus lateralis (VL) to establish coactivation of these muscles during terminal swing phase of normal walking impacts factors associated with PFPS such as abnormal quadriceps muscle activation. Methods:...

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