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New syntheses in organofluorine chemistry

Bringing modular concurrency control to the next level

Chunzhi Su &
Database users face a tension between ease-of-programming and high performance: ACID transactions can greatly simplify the programming effort of database applications by providing four useful properties—atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, but enforcing these properties can degrade performance. This dissertation eases this tension by improving the performance of ACID transactions for scenarios where data contention is the bottleneck. The approach that we take is federating concurrency control (CC) mechanisms. It is based on the observation that...

Theater bootlegs : discourses on access and class in theater fandom

Toni Maria Stickler
This thesis contributes to the growing field of theater audience studies by focusing on a particular theater fan practice: recording and watching bootlegs. While scholars have extensively researched bootlegs of music concerts, bootlegs of theater have not been studied even though they are a crucial aspect of the contemporary theater fandom experience. This is a significant gap in understanding how audiences relate to theater, especially because theater as a medium is relatively expensive and inaccessible....

Optimizing the production of and engineering polyketide synthases

Prachi Shah
Polyketide synthases are enormous modular enzymes that synthesize large acyl chains known as polyketides. Common polyketides include pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and antifungals1. The mechanism of polyketide synthases is analogous to an assembly line. A group of enzymes work together to extend and process an acyl intermediate, forming new carbon-carbon bonds and setting stereocenters. The group of enzymes, a “module”, consists of a set of processing enzymes on its N-terminal end, an acyl carrier...

Ascending Cadence Gestures, New Historical Survey, Part 2: European Modal Music (to 1650)

David Neumeyer
This is a documentation of traditional European music with ascending lines and cadence gestures. Part 2 covers the fifteenth century through 1650. The content is spread across three files: Part 2a from a variety of sources and genres, Part 2b from vocal music, Part 2c from instrumental ensemble music. Part 2d is an index.

Mexican-American women in academe : analysis of career progress and job satisfaction

Norma Elia Martínez Rogers

Laser-based solid freeform fabrication techniques for the direct production of ceramic and metal/ceramic shapes

Britton Ray Birmingham

Transmission Resonances Induced by Time-Periodic Driving of a Quantum Well with a V-Shaped Bottom

Maxim Zelenko
How the scattering dynamics of a quantum system is affected by an application of a time-periodic driving field, such as coherent electromagnetic radiation, has been a subject of increasing importance in the past three decades. Time-periodic fields can profoundly alter the dynamics of matter in ways that are relevant to the design of semiconductor structures, such as quantum dots and superlattices, that have possible applications to quantum computation and quantum information processing. This thesis is...

Students using digital imagery as tools to scaffold an investigation of light pollution

Bradley Joseph Armosky
Students must do science. Both the National Science Education Standards (NSES) and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) clearly direct teachers to engage their students in scientific investigations. These investigations should be authentic, not contrived. Students should engage in interesting problems and produce meaningful results. Light pollution - a hazy by-product of artificial illumination that washes out star light - is a local and global phenomena that students can investigate using astronomy with sophisticated tools....

Expertise in the unemployment industry

Patrick Ignacio Thomas Sheehan
Over the last forty years, US employment has become increasingly precarious and unemployment has become an increasingly common experience for many workers. This thesis examines how white-collar unemployment is organized during this era of precarious employment. It conceptualizes and takes as its object of inquiry what I call the “unemployment industry:” the network of actors, organizations, discourses and technologies that provide services and guidance to unemployed professional workers as they search for a job. I...

Using direct S-wave seismic modes for reservoir characterization in Wellington Field, Kansas

Menal Gupta &
S-waves exhibit birefringence, provide independent measurements of subsurface elastic properties and play a vital role in reservoir characterization. Despite obvious advantages, direct S-wave data (S-S and SV-P) remain under-utilized for characterization of fractured reservoirs, partly due to limited understanding of seismic attributes quantitatively estimate fracture properties, and because of the high-cost associated with direct S-wave data acquisition. This dissertation offers solutions to these challenges by creating S-S AVO attributes that can estimate fracture properties, and...

Isogeometric analysis : applications for torque and drag models, drillstring and bottom-hole assembly design

Katy Lynn Hanson &
The drilling industry today relies on torque and drag models to analyze and ensure success during all phases of well construction and operations, including planning, drilling, and completion. Analytical models are based on equations that are undergoing constant development and improvement. The finite element method is an alternative to complex analytical calculations that is used often to determine torque and drag forces that are present when a drillstring is lowered, raised, and rotated in a...

Hip-hop urbanism, placemaking, and community-building among Black LGBT youth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Devin Antuan Oliver &
The city of Rio de Janeiro has become a global gay tourist destination as well as political hub for the local and national LGBT movement. However, despite the city’s gay-friendly, racially diverse reputation and pro-LGBT political gains, violence has increasingly endangered LGBT Brazilians amidst the rise of extreme conservativism in both government and society. This violence is not only gendered but also racialized, disproportionately impacting Black women and LGBT youth. Rio has become particularly renowned...

Applications of time-resolved spectroscopy to spectrochemical analysis

A study of several spark techniques of spectrochemical analysis was made using time-resolution as the basis for correlations. Particular emphasis was placed on improving the limits of detection attainable with the graphite spark technique, as well as procedures using metal electrodes. Rotating devices, mirror and disk, were used to trigger a spark source precisely and produce the time-resolved spectra. The light emitted from the sample materials was observed from the time of initiation of the...

Emergency response to environmental incidents on the Texas-Mexico border

Jason Patrick Batchelor
Emergency response to any large scale environmental incidents on the Texas - Mexico will not be easy. Any large scale incident that crosses jurisdictional boundaries, including the international boundary, may require joint response actions. There are multiple jurisdictions along both sides of the border trying to plan in an area of increased risk and growing threat. The North American Free Trade Agreement resulted in increased trade and movement of hazardous materials in the region and...

Ah in Spanish conversation to mark the receipt of new information

Christopher John Koenig
The sequential organization of speakership and receivership has been mostly investigated in English. This paper presents some preliminary findings of the work which is accomplished by the particle "ah" in naturally-occurring conversation in Spanish. While in some places this particle compares with other, more established research findings on acknowledgment tokens conducted in English, most notably those of Heritage and the conversational particle "oh" (Heritage 1984,1998), the Spanish "ah" is roughly comparable not only in terms...

Can disclosure regulation impede innovation?

Kristen Green Valentine &
I investigate whether mandating transparent patent disclosure fosters or harms incentives to innovate. While transparent patent disclosure reveals proprietary information to competitors and reduces a firm’s lead time and competitive advantage, a firm stands to benefit from knowledge spill-ins from competitors either through reduced uncertainty or improved efficiency. I exploit the implementation of the American Inventors Protection Act (“AIPA”) in 2001, which accelerates the dissemination of patent information, as a shock to the transparency of...

X-ray produced mutations, deletions, and mosaics in Drosophila virilis

The work outlined in this paper has been undertaken to obtain the frequencies at which mutations, deletions, and other chromosomal changes occur in Drosophila virilis so that they may be compared to Drosophila melanogaster. The experiment has been planned so that visible changes at seven particular loci, which Sturtevant and Novitski (1941) consider to be homologous, can be observed and, thus, make possible a comparison of the rate of changes between the so called 'normal'...

Characterizing transcriptional and morphological consequences of long-term activity in a tonic C. elegans sensory neuron

Jesse Aaron Cohn
Two ways that long-term neural activity can affect a neuron are by altering the genes that the cell expresses, and by reshaping cellular architecture. These basic changes are imperative for neurons to continue to properly engage with their environment and with other cells. This dissertation outlines the use of the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans as a tool to interrogate the effects of long-term activity on a tonic sensory neuron, specifically the primary oxygen-sensing neuron pair in...

Doing the work : the Black Lives Matter Movement in Austin, Texas

Kathryn Anna Bedecarré
This dissertation explores the tension in Black political thought between redemptive and revolutionary frameworks for social change. The following study, the first ethnography of the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLMM), situates this longstanding debate within the context of our present moment. While political theorists form a consensus that the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) holds the potential to perfect or radicalize U.S. democracy, they have not yet reckoned with the country’s enduring and implicit antiblack...

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