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Behavior and limitations of molecular and population-level models of evolution

Dariya Sydykova &
Numerous models of molecular evolution have been developed over the years. Our knowledge of these models, while extensive in some aspects, is limited in others. Often models were developed independently of other models resulting in a lack of an understanding about how one model's parameters relate to the parameters in a different model. For example, some models work with codon sequences and others work with amino acid sequences. How the site-wise rates in an amino...

Activist short-sellers and accounting fraud allegations

Antonis Kartapanis &
This study examines the predictive power of accounting fraud allegations by activist short-sellers and costs imposed by allegations that are subsequently not confirmed. Importantly, only 30% of the allegations are later confirmed. Although there is a high rate of unconfirmed allegations, activist short-sellers still provide the strongest signal that a firm has committed accounting fraud relative to other commonly used fraud predictors. These allegations also help improve the efficacy of the legal system as securities...

Revising resistance : historical violence in the globalized postcolonial imaginary

Meghan Gorman-DaRif &
Revising Resistance: Historical Violence in the Globalized Postcolonial Imaginary examines contemporary Anglophone texts from India and Kenya, focusing on their representations of historical revolutionary violence. I show how this literature navigates between postcolonial romanticization and ethnonationalist nostalgia, to chart a revision of historical resistance narratives that emphasizes complexity and solidarity across the lines of race, class, gender, and ethnicity. The fields of history and anthropology have increasingly focused on demythologizing revolutionary violence and on understanding...

High sensitivity infrared nano-spectroscopy in ambient and water environment

Mingzhou Jin
Mid-infrared (mid-IR) vibrational spectroscopy is a universal label–free tool for identifying molecular compounds via their ‘fingerprint’ vibrational absorption lines. Infrared nano-spectroscopies with nanoscale spatial resolution can reveal the chemical and physical properties at a few nanometers, and several scanning probe techniques¹⁻⁹ have been developed to address this need. Among these methods, AFM-IR and scattering nearfield scanning microscopy (s-NSOM) have produced outstanding results in mid-IR and far-IR spectral range. In this thesis, a set of experiments...

Persuasive effects of the four types of regulatory-focused message framing in philanthropy advertising

Ji Mi Hong &
Under the regulatory focus framework (Higgins, 1997, 1998), this dissertation research has examined the persuasive effects of the four types of outcomes framed in philanthropy advertising. Through a comprehensive review of the literature, this research discussed 1) how regulatory-focused messages can be classified into the four frames—gains, non-gains, losses, and non-losses—which varies in overall valence and outcome focus, as well as 2) how previous studies have differentially operationalized their promotion and prevention frames on the...

Elastic behavior of the germanium nanowire membrane

Revanth Bodepudi
Semiconductor nanowires promise to provide the building blocks for a new generation of nanoscale devices. Recently, researchers have worked on developing new membranes out of semiconductor nanowires. Due to its small dimensions and porous network structure, obtaining the mechanical properties of these membranes is very challenging. This work presents a bulge test method for determining the mechanical properties of the porous germanium nanowire membrane. Theoretical bulge equations for circular and rectangular shaped samples were derived....

Religion as compensation for deprivation : the interactive influence of religion and SES on psychological distress

John Mattison Bradshaw
Using data from the 1998 General Social Survey, this study tests several hypotheses about the ways in which religion (the belief in an afterlife, church attendance, prayer, and meditation) and SES (income, education, and a measure of relative deprivation / privilege) might be interactively associated with psychological distress. Findings indicate that none of the four forms of religion presented here interact with either income or education in a way that is associated with levels of...

Studying the Density of States of buried interfaces in organic semiconductor thin films using electronic sum frequency generation

Aaron Patrick Moon &
Abstract: New nanostructured semiconductor materials such as nanocrystals and organic semiconductors constitute an attractive platform for optoelectronics design due to the ease of their processability and highly tunable properties. Incorporating these new nanostructured materials into electrical circuits requires forming junctions between them and other layers in a device, yet the change in dielectric properties about these junctions can strongly perturb the electronic structure of the two layers. Specifically, the morphology of the interface between two...

Discovery of the amipurimycin and miharamycins biosynthetic gene clusters and insight into the biosynthesis of nogalamycin

Anthony James Romo
Advancements in our ability to obtain high quality bacterial whole genome sequences have increased the rate natural product biosynthetic gene clusters are identified, but these projects require computational methods for gene annotation which are limited by their reliance on comparison to previously annotated genes. Thus, even in a well-defined cluster with a known product it may be difficult to predict how structural characteristics arise if they have no known precedent. Without further work, such limitations...

On the Evasion of Executive Term Limit

Tom Ginsburg, James Melton & Zachary Elkins
Executive term limits are precommitments through which the polity restricts its ability to retain a popular executive down the road. But in recent years, many presidents around the world have chosen to remain in office even after their initial maximum term in office has expired. They have largely done so by amending the constitution, sometimes by replacing it entirely. The practice of revising higher law for the sake of a particular incumbent raises intriguing issues...

Competing for Capital: The Diffusion of Bilateral Investment Treaties, 1960–2000

Zachary Elkins, Andrew Guzman & Beth Simmons
Over the past forty-five years, bilateral investment treaties ~BITs! have become the most important international legal mechanism for the encouragement and governance of foreign direct investment+ The proliferation of BITs during the past two decades in particular has been phenomenal+ These intergovernmental treaties typ- ically grant extensive rights to foreign investors, including protection of contractual rights and the right to international arbitration in the event of an investment dispute+ How can we explain the widespread...

Development and characterization of microencapsulated nanoparticle systems for oral vaccination by protein-antigens

Lindsey Anne Sharpe &
A composite platform strategy for oral vaccination with subunit antigens was developed to improve i) ease of administration and distribution; and ii) induction of mucosal immunity. The platform is referred to as Polyanhdyride-Releasing MicroParticle Technology, or PROMPT. In its core, polyanhydride nanoparticles based on 1,6-bis-(p-carboxyphenoxy)hexane (CPH) and sebacic acid (SA) served simultaneously as adjuvant and delivery vehicle of subunit antigens, while microencapsulation by pH-responsive polymers based on poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) and poly(methacrylic acid) (PMAA) enabled...

Evaluation of testosterone prior authorization and step therapy in the Department of Defense : costs, utilization, adherence, and persistence

Ellen Ann Roska
Testosterone utilization rates have increased significantly in the last 10 years as demonstrated in the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and by the US Department of Defense. Studies show that patients treated with testosterone may not be adherent or persistent, and exhibit patterns of restarting, switching, and cycling on testosterone therapy. These medication use behaviors may not be readily detected with traditional persistence measures. Managed care organizations and the Department of Defense responded to increased...

Neuroimmune signaling and microglia in chronic ethanol consumption

Gizelle Marin McCarthy &
Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a pervasive and debilitating condition characterized by the inability to stop consuming alcohol. Studies suggest that chronic alcohol use damages the prefrontal cortex (PFC), the brain region important for executive control, further driving alcohol consumption. Recent work has revealed that alcohol use alters immune signaling in the PFC, perturbing cortical function and increasing consumption. Although it is known that chronic alcohol use leads to neuroimmune changes in the brain, it...

Toward a geometric theory of magnetization dynamics : electronic contribution in the semiclassical approach

Bangguo Xiong
This dissertation presents theoretical studies of the magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic materials. To give a general description of the influences of electric fields or currents on magnetization dynamics, we developed a semiclassical theory for the magnetization implicitly coupled to electronic degrees of freedom. In the absence of electric fields, the Bloch electron Hamiltonian changes the Berry curvature, the effective H fields and the damping in the dynamical equation of the magnetization, which we classify into...

Charles White: Some Material

Eddie Chambers &
This exhibition was curated by Art and Art History Department Professor Eddie Chambers in Spring 2019. This collection correlates with exhibitions of the work of Charles White at both the Blanton Museum of Art and the Christian-Green Gallery. Born in Chicago in 1918, Charles White was a highly skilled and accomplished draughtsman, painter, printmaker and muralist. He dedicated his life to his art which was characterized by its commitment to depicting African Americans as dignified,...

African American religion and the \"semi-involuntary\" thesis : the role of participatory ecology

Brian Lee Coleman
The importance of region has been noted by numerous scholars of African American religion. Yet the mechanisms behind these regional differences are not fully understood. The semi-involuntary institution, posits that high levels of church attendance in the rural South are due to normative pressure and lack of secular opportunities. Building upon this research, this study explores the role of participatory ecology on church attendance among African Americans. I argue that the role of competition between...

Reliability analysis for mooring system of a spar in deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Sanyam Dangayach
Reliability analysis for the mooring system of a floating production system has been undertaken for sea depths of 1000, 2000, and 3000 m. A methodology has been developed for the estimation of the distribution of extreme values of storm loads on the mooring system during a storm event due to the randomness of the storm event. Probability distribution of sea states in the Gulf of Mexico has been developed in terms of the met-ocean parameters....

Enhancing Social Studies Vocabulary and Comprehension for 7th Grade English Language Learners: Findings From Two Experimental Studies

The Meadows Center For Preventing Educational Risk

The hungry harvest : philanthropic science and the making of South Asia's Green Revolution, 1919–1964

Jack David Loveridge &
This dissertation examines how international development agencies and American philanthropic organization collaborated with the new Indian and Pakistani states in undertaking unprecedented interventions in the agricultural and nutritional sciences after Partition in 1947 and into the early years of the Cold War. Contrasting with existing scholarship on the changes that swept the world food economy in the mid-twentieth century, my work uncovers the linkages between late colonial and post-independence understandings of famine, population growth, and...

Low frequency ac transmission for power systems

Conventional transmission systems utilize either high voltage ac (HVAC), operating at 50 or 60 Hz, or high voltage dc (HVDC) to transfer bulk power. The HVAC system is designed to operate at a high voltage level to reduce losses and increase bulk power transfer. This method is limited, however, by the constraints of installed transmission overhead lines, such as voltage level and power transfer capability. In contrast, the HVDC system can handle a large amount...

Viva HemisFair: Reexamining a World's Fair in a Twenty-first Century Museum Exhibit

Annie Daubert
This thesis examines Viva HemisFair! Fifty Years of HemisFair '68 Memories, a recent temporary exhibition planned to coincide with the three hundredth anniversary of the city of San Antonio, Texas, and the fiftieth anniversary of the world's fair that was held there in 1968. The exhibit, on view at San Antonio's famed Institute of Texan Cultures from April 2018 to January 2019, was part of a city-wide celebration of the events. Unlike the rest of...

Geology of Brushy Creek quadrangle, Williamson County, Texas

The exposed bedrock of Brushy Creek Quadrangle, Williamson County, Texas, is of Albian to Coniacian Age. In ascending order, the outcropping formations are Comanche Peak, Edwards, "Kiamichi", Georgetown, Del Rio, Buds, Pepper, Eagle Ford, and Austin, Three lithologic subdivisions of the Edwards are recognised, and five members of the Georgetown limestone are differentiated on the basis of lithology and fossil content. The structural relief results from normal strike faults breaching a Gulfward dipping homocline. En...

Attentional Engagement and Self-Referent Processing in Depressed Adults

Justin Dainer-Best

Latinx Spanish-speaking Students’ Experiences with Language and Race on Campus

Ana Mitchell Córdova
Prior research addresses the experiences of Latinx students and students of color on university campuses through the framework of Critical Race Theory and related frameworks, such as LatCrit (Jones, Castellanos, & Cole, 2002; Hurtado, 1992; Pascarella & Terenzini, 1991; Yosso, Smith, Ceja, & Solórzano, 2009). By centering the examination on Latinx students, we can see how intertwined language and race/ethnicity are; Spanish language usage becomes significantly connected to Latinidad. However, although Critical Race Theory provides...

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