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What are the effects of mothers’ and fathers’ depression and thoughts of death on their children’s level of parental connectedness?

Susan De Luca, Yan Yueqi & Yolanda Padilla

The emergence of big data policing

Sarah Brayne

The Parenthood “Happiness Penalty”: The Effects of Social Policies in 22 Countries

Jennifer Glass, Robin W. Simon & Matthew A. Andersson

Flora of Forfarshire

William Gardiner

Irish and Northern Irish Women's Experiences with At-Home Medical Abortion Using Online Telemedicine

How Losing Family Members Earlier than Expected Adds to Racial Disadvantage for U.S. Blacks

Debra Umberson

Women’s empowerment and contraceptive method use in Egypt

Goleen Samari

Investigation of false-positive liquefaction case history sites in Christchurch, New Zealand

Kaleigh Alexa McLaughlin

The Impact of the Zika epidemic on women’s reproductive intentions and behaviors in Brazil

Leticia J. Marteleto, Abigail Weitzman, Raquel Zanatta Coutinho & Sandra Valongueiro Alves

Do Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Spouses Differ in the Ways They Care for Each Other During Physical Illness?

Debra Umberson, Mieke Beth Thomeer, Corinne Reczek, Rachel Donnelly & Rhiannon A. Kroeger

Race gaps in school trust: Where they come from and how to resolve them

David S. Yeager, Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, Sophia Yang Hooper & Geoffrey L. Cohen

How Greater Travel Distance Due to Clinic Closures Reduced Access to Abortion in Texas

Daniel Grossman, Kari White, Christine Hopkins & Joseph E. Potter

Do U.S. States' Socioeconomic and Policy Contexts Shape Differences in Adult Disability?

Jennifer Karas Montez, Mark D. Harward & Douglas A. Wolf

Do Men and Women Both Enjoy a Wage Premium for Working in Finance?

Ken-Hou Lin & Megan Tobias Neely

Flora of Forfarshire - Supplementary volume - Page 1 - Teesdalia nudicaulis.

William Gardiner

Flora of Forfarshire - Supplementary volume - Page 2 - Cerastium semidecandrum.

William Gardiner

Adolescent E-cigarette Users’ Perceptions of the Harm and Addictiveness of Conventional Cigarette Smoking

Olusegun Owotomo, Julie Maslowsky & Alexandra Loukas

Flora of Forfarshire - Supplementary volume - Page 1 - Teesdalia nudicaulis.

William Gardiner

Warriors of the classroom : liberatory teaching practices in low-income settings in Brazil

Andréia Lisboa De Sousa

Red Threads

Open Defecation and Anemia in Children: The Case of Nepal

Diane Coffey, Michael Geruso & Dean Spears

Flora of Forfarshire - Supplementary volume - Page 1 - Cochlearia groenlandica.

William Gardiner

Improving women’s education improves maternal health: Evidence from Peru

Abigail Weitzman

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