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Applications of partial depth precast concrete deck panels on horizontally curved bridges

Colter Eastman Roskos &
Horizontally curved bridges are commonly used for direct connectors at highway intersections as well as other applications. The majority of curved bridges utilize continuous steel curved I-girder or tub girder systems. One of the most critical construction stages from a stability perspective is placement of the wet concrete deck at which point the girders must support the full construction load of the system until the deck stiffens and acts compositely with the girders. Bridges with...

An Analysis of Myths Surrounding Women’s Running

Jane Buell
This thesis explores inequality for women in the sport of running. The inequality originated in myths and faulty medical beliefs. Research, cultural change, and sporting events have eroded this inequality as women have made headway in the sport, however, some disparity remains. The historical myths held that women were physically and mentally inferior to men and should, consequently, avoid the intense exercise or competition that constituted the male sphere. Women’s inequality in running was due,...


Sahib J. Chandnani
This is an anthology of poems written from 2016 to 2020 mapping my journey through college. These poems are either murals or manifestations of things that exceeded their stay in my head. The words are poets, artists, teachers, friends, and family possessing my hand and speaking in my voice. My poetry is how I process the world. Some people talk their thoughts out loud and others beat punching bags to satisfy a primal urge for...

Nature and source of mineralizing fluids at the Presidio mine, Shafter district, Presidio County, Texas

Fabienne Michèle Rambaud
The object of this research is to determine the nature and source of the mineralizing fluids that formed the Presidio Zn-Pb-Ag deposit, and to determine the relationship of the Presidio deposit to the rest of the Shafter district, including the Red Hills porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, exposed about 7 km to the west. The Presidio deposit is located in the Trans-Pecos mid-Tertiary volcanic field, near the Chinati Mountain caldera margin. Deformation of the Permian and Cretaceous...

Exploring the relationship between implicit bias, cultural competency, and racial disproportionality in school discipline

Shontell Smith
Research highlights the pervasiveness of racial disproportionality in school disciplinary practices. Moreover, researchers have theorized that racial implicit bias plays a role in this disparate treatment; yet, there is a lack of empirical evidence to support this relationship. Even still, schools and researchers have suggested cultural competency training as a way of addressing implicit bias to reduce disproportionality in discipline rates. This proposed study seeks to, first, quantify the relationship between racial implicit bias and...

The Philosophy of Sustainable City Design

William G. Harries
Sustainable cities are not only a desirable future but a necessary one yet we still haven’t achieved fully sustainable cities. We have the technological and economic means to create sustainable cities but attempts like Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates have failed to meet their potential. To create a sustainable city we also need to have harmony between the three E’s of sustainability: environment, economy, and equity. The most essential element of sustainability isn’t...

Using Supervised Learning Techniques to Predict Television Ratings

Jackson Hassell
How well a given TV show does is scored by a metric called “rating,” which denotes the percentage of households watching live TV at the time that are tuned into that particular show. To maximize ratings, being able to reliably predict them is necessary. For my thesis, in collaboration with Austin’s public-television station KLRU-TV, a variety of techniques were tested in order to discern the most accurate model for predicting the ratings of a television-show...

QoS-aware mechanisms for improving cost-efficiency of datacenters

Haishan Zhu
Warehouse Scale Computers (WSCs) promise high cost-efficiency by amortizing power, cooling, and management overheads. WSCs today host a large variety of jobs with two broad performance requirements categories: latency-critical (LC) and best-effort (BE). Ideally, to fully utilize all hardware resources, WSC operators can simply fill all the nodes with computing jobs. Unfortunately, because colocated jobs contend for shared resources, systems with high loads often experience performance degradation, which negatively impacts the Quality of Service (QoS)...

School-Based, Voluntary HPV Vaccination: What Can Texas Learn From Australia?

Madeline Graham
While a vaccine has been developed that protects against the majority of cancer-causing HPV strains, vaccination rates remain low in the United States. Nationwide, vaccination completion rates are unlikely to reach goals set by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s Healthy People 2020 initiative. Further, rates in Texas lag behind national averages. Australia has high HPV vaccination rates, due in part to their successful school-based vaccination program. Using archival research, I will identify...

Updating Education: An Analysis of the Past and Present to Direct the Future

Sweta Ganta
This thesis analyzes the education system in the United States from historical, cultural, philosophical and scientific perspectives to identify areas of improvement and proposes reforms in an attempt to shift the focus of education towards developing the ability to reason. The proposal for a modified education system considers the deficiencies within the current system, the educational practices of other countries and the biological processes that occur while learning to increase efficacy of the recommendations if...

Elements of Extremism: Does One Size Fit All

Kelly Keglovits
Extremist groups are something that people hear about frequently enough that everyone is familiar with the term. They consist of people and/or groups with an ideology that exceeds the normal, and often, are brought to the attention of the public when they act out in accordance with the extreme beliefs. This paper seeks to examine past the question of if a system of beliefs is extreme, and instead targets the question of how it came...

Educator perceptions during implementation of blended learning : a high school case study

Beth Ann Cooper
Implementation of blended learning in K-12 education advanced rapidly without significant research to guide leaders in decision making and planning. Studying blended learning through the Implementation Stages framework developed by the SISEP Center allows educators to evaluate best practices for implementing this innovative instructional strategy and to determine necessary components for scaling the model. This qualitative case study at a Texas public high school offers a view of educators’ perceptions during the implementation of The...

Emissions and engine performance of an ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel in a utility DI diesel engine

Namsu Kim
Diesel fuel with an ultra-low sulfur content will soon displace the high sulfur fuel that has been used for a long time. The purpose of this research was to evaluate how ultra-low sulfur diesel (Texas Low Emission Diesel, TxLED) fuel effects on engine performance and emissions. Hence, TxLED was compared to use of conventional 2D on-road diesel in a one cylinder diesel engine. Small diesel engines such as this are used for a variety of...

Artists are entrepreneurs : a four-year case study examining the academic expectations, entrepreneurial attitudes, and career aspirations of first-year performing arts majors

Richard Scott Blackshire &
Deciding to pursue a career in professional theatre is an exciting venture for undergraduate students in higher education arts programs. Performing arts training is emotionally challenging—rigorous academics are not secondary to intense creative and artistic physical labor. A four-year, four-cohort case study situated in performance studies seeks the essence of first-year performing arts students’ entrepreneurial attitudes. Annual questionnaires query their academic expectations and career aspirations, and gauge their readiness and willingness for entrepreneurship engagement. Embedded...

Advanced single-phase PV inverters

Qingyun Huang
The high-efficiency and high-density single phase photovoltaic (PV) inverters are drawing more and more interests for the residential PV systems. This dissertation focuses on the innovations, designs, analysis, hardware implementations and testing of the advanced single-phase PV inverters for residential applications. The most popular single-phase PV inverter products for residential application are the centralized transformerless string inverters. The common mode (CM) leakage current is the major issue for the transformerless PV inverter. Various topologies are...

A bidirectional MEMS thermal actuator as the building block for a programmable metamaterial

Cheng Zhao &
This thesis presents a novel bidirectional MEMS thermal actuator that is intended to be implemented as the building block for a microarchitectured material. The successful proof of concept demonstrates the potential for a new level of miniaturization for the technology that would improve existing capabilities and enable new ones. The design is built upon the bent-beam type thermal actuators with an emphasis on large travel and force output. Sensing capabilities are accomplished through piezoresistive strain...

Energy and water production trends in the Powder River Basin

Audrey Pfeil
Energy extraction and water are intrinsically linked. Quantifying this relationship is critical to develop effective management strategies that minimize adverse environmental impacts and potentially reduce production costs. The objective of this study was to assess the spatiotemporal variability in water use and water production through hydrocarbon extraction from conventional and unconventional reservoirs using data from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming as a case study. Field level and detailed well-by-well analyses were conducted to quantify...

A Pedagogy of Curation for Writing Centers

Alicia Brazeau & Tessa Hall
While scholarship on the spatial rhetoric of writing centers (including Lunsford, Connolly, et al., and McKinney) has demonstrated the importance of evaluating how writing center spaces speak to us and our writers, the field of museum curation offers new insights for writing centers on how spaces and objects and visitors interact in critical, even pedagogical, ways. Contemporary curatorial scholarship has shifted the focus of curation from simple care for the artifacts to a care more...

Apologia and the 2008 Financial Crisis

Jennifer Liu
The 2008 financial crisis was one of global proportions. Its roots were in the United States’ financial services industry and eventually spread to countries in the Eurozone. In addition to the material effects it had on families and workers in America, it also caused some to question the integrity and stability of the philosophy that its economy was built upon. The people who were responsible for answering this question, in addition to many others, were...

Expected Value of Communication for Planning in Ad Hoc Teamwork

William Macke, Reuth Mirsky & Peter Stone
You are viewing an article from Good Systems from February 2021

Temporal-Logic-Based Reward Shaping for Continuing Reinforcement Learning Tasks

Yuqian Jiang, Suda Bharadwaj, Bo Wu, Rishi Shah, Ufuk Topcu & Peter Stone
You are viewing an article from Good Systems from January 2021

Made to measure : the tape measure and the construction of the ideal American, 1800-1939

Kristen Marie Wilson
Today, most Americans use the tape measure to track children’s height or to find measurements for clothing. In this report, I trace the history of the tape measure from its invention by English tailors in the early 1800s through its uses by racial scientists, bodybuilders, performers, and average Americans attempting to validate their racial and gender-coded identities. I argue that the tape measure is an incredibly important artifact of the push for standardization of the...

Designing Human-AI Partnerships to Combat Misinfomation

Matt Lease

Planning for autonomous vehicles : ridesharing and traffic control

Prashanth Venkatraman
This report address two problems that could drive the adoption of autonomous vehicles (AV) – shared autonomous vehicle routing (SAV) problem and the autonomous intersection management system (AIM) location problem. The SAV routing problem is finding the optimal SAV to passenger matching as well as the SAV route choice. Since widespread use of SAVs would have significant effects on traffic congestion, we develop a new tabu search heuristic for the SAV routing problem under the...

Limited feedback scheme using tensor decompositions for FDD massive MIMO systems

Kevin Jinho Joe
We propose a novel limited feedback scheme for massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems in frequency-division duplexing (FDD) wideband system. We assume that the user (UE) has knowledge of a downlink (DL) channel estimate. In order for massive MIMO systems to achieve high capacity, the base station (BS) must have the DL channel state information. Traditional feedback methods cannot work because channels for massive MIMO systems are usually too large to feedback within the coherence time....

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