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The BonaRes Data Guideline

Nikolai Svoboda & Uwe Heinrich
This data guideline provides rules for the handling, digital storage and free re-use of research data generated in the BonaRes program, while respecting the Intellectual Property Right of the owner of the research data and respecting his or her right to the first scientific use, in accordance with the requirements arising from the BonaRes program allocation of funds. The Data Guideline aims at a) a timely submission of quality approved soil research data to the...

The BonaRes Metadata Schema

Philipp Gärtner, Nikolai Svoboda, Thomas Kühnert, Muqit M. A. Zoarder & Uwe Heinrich
The BonaRes metadata schema provides a description for each metadata element available in the schema. Each element contains information such as its unique ID, a clear definition, an obligation and multiplicity statement as well as the data type and its data domain. The metadata schema combines international recognized standards for the description of geospatial data (INSPIRE Directive) and research data (DataCite 4.0). The compliance with DataCite 4.0 permits the assignment of a Digital Object Identifier...

Overview of relevant standards for the BonaRes-Program

Carsten Hoffmann, Sina Schulz, Einar Eberhardt, Meike Grosse, Katrin Daedlow, David J. Russell, Thomas Kühnert, Susanne Stein, Muqit M.A. Zoarder, Xenia Specka, Philipp Gärtner, Nikolai Svoboda & Uwe Heinrich
Major task of the BonaRes Data Centre is to create a user-friendly data repository to upload, manage and provide soil and soil-related research data in standardized and citable formats for continued use. To meet these requirements, the application of standards for the different stages of research data life is necessary. Such standards concern e.g. the classification and description of soils, field and lab methods, agricultural technology, plant varieties, fertilizers, farming and agricultural business data, data...

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