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Helmholtz Aliance Linear Collider Forum

Gudrid Moortgat-Pick, I. Fleck, S. Riemann, F. Simon, O.S. Adeyemi, G. Alexander, M.S. Amjad, V.V. Andreev, M. Arana-Catania, E. Avetisyan, H. Baer, M. Beneke, S. Berge, W. Bernreuther, F. Bezrukov, A. Bharucha, M. Boronat, J. Brau, K. Buesser, C. Calancha, C. Englert, L. Fiorini, T. Frisson, K. Fujii, W. Gai … & S. Yamashita
['The Linear Collider Forum is an initiative born within the Helmholtz-Alliance \xe2\x80\x9dPhysics at the Terascale\xe2\x80\x9d, a network of German Universities and Research Centers working in high-energy particle physics. Yearly dedicated meetings focus on the physics case and the technologies at a future linear collider, covering both the ILC and CLIC concepts. In February 2012 an extended meeting with significant international participation was dedicated to the discussion of physics scenarios to strengthen and update the case...

Technical Design Report: European XFEL DAQ and DM Computing – 2009 Public Version

S. Esenov, K. Wrona & Youngman
This document describes the proposed computing model for the initial phase of operation of the European XFEL (EuXFEL) facility. In recognition of the overlap and interdependence of online data acquisition (DAQ) and offline data management (DM), both online and offline handling will be reviewed. The DAQ scope covers the control and readout systems in the photon beam lines, experimental hutches, laser and computing rooms in the experimental hall, and interaction with the electron machine control...

Hard Exclusive $\phi$ meson leptoproduction at HERMES.

Mayya Golembiovskaya, Armine Rostomyan, Sergey Yaschenko & Denis Veretennikov
AThe HERMES experiment at DESY, Hamburg collected a set of data on hard exclusive vector meson ($\rho^{0}$, $\phi$ , $\omega$) leptoproduction using the 27.6 GeV self-polarized lepton beam of HERA accelerator and a longitudinally or transversely polarized or unpolarized gas target. The latest results for spin density matrix elements of exclusive $\phi$ meson production using the full statistics collected at HERMES are presented. Conclusions on the helicity amplitudes, which are related to spin density matrix...

Fragmentation Functions at Belle.

Martin Leitgab
Fragmentation functions (FFs) describe the formation of final state particles from a partonic initial state. Precise knowledge of these functions is a key ingredient in accessing quantities such as the nucleon spin structure in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering and proton proton collisions. However, fragmentation functions can currently not be determined from first principles Quantum Chromodynamics and have to be extracted from experimental data. The Belle experiment at KEK, Japan, provides a large data sample for high...

Constraining quark angular momentum with the Sivers function.

Alessandro Bacchetta & Marco Radici
Currently, the best way to determine quark total angular momentum requires the knowledge of the generalized parton distribution $E$ in the forward limit. We present the results of a recent work where we assumed a connection between this function and the Sivers transverse-momentum distribution. Using this assumption, we fitted at the same time nucleon anomalous magnetic moments and semi-inclusive single-spin asymmetries. This allowed us to give an estimate of the total angular momentum carried by...

Distribution of linearly polarized gluons inside a large nucleus.

Jian Zhou Andreas Metz
The distribution of linearly polarized gluons inside a large nucleus is studied in the framework of the color glass condensate. We find that the Weizs\"acker-Williams distribution saturates the positivity bound at large transverse momenta and is suppressed at small transverse momenta, whereas the dipole distribution saturates the bound for any value of the transverse momentum. We also discuss processes in which both distributions of linearly polarized gluons can be probed.

PHENIX Upgrade Plans for the Next Decade.

Kieran Boyle
Over its first twelve years, the PHENIX experiment has studied the spin structure of the proton, cold nuclear matter (CNM) in d+Au and discovered a strongly coupled quark gluon plasma in Au+Au collisions. We present the near- and long-term upgrades planned for PHENIX. The MPC-EX, a preshower for the forward calorimeter, is expected to be installed by 2014. A larger upgrade of PHENIX, envisions replacing the central arm with a compact jet detector, as well...

The STAR Experiment: The second decade and beyond.

Matthew A. C. Lamont
The STAR experiment at RHIC has been running successfully for over 10 years. Over this time, many upgrades have been made to the detector configuration, driven by the physics requirements. In this presentation, I will review the upgrades in the near term with respect to A+A and $p$+$p$ physics and review what STAR can contribute to an eRHIC era.

Medium-induced soft gluon radiation in DIS.

Nestor Armesto, Hao Ma, Mauricio Martinez, Yacine Mehtar-Tani & Carlos A. Salgado
We study color coherence effects on the medium-induced soft gluon radiation off an asymptotic quark hit by a virtual photon traversing a hot and dense QCD medium. The transverse momentum spectrum of the emitted gluon is computed at 1st order in opacity expansion. The interference effects between the initial and final state radiation modify the soft gluon spectrum when a finite angle between the incoming and outgoing quarks is considered, presenting a soft divergence. We...

Searching for New Physics in $b$-hadron decays.

Thomas Latham
Contribution to Proceedings

Why does black hole describe the deconfinement phase?

Masanori Hanada
Contribution to Proceedings

Search for electroweak supersymmetry production at CMS.

Mario Masciovecchio
Contribution to Proceedings

Monitoring of Cabling Activities during the LHC LS1.

Stefano Meroli, Simao Costa Machado, Fabio Formenti, Marten Frans, Jean-Claude Guillaume & Serge Oliger
Contribution to Proceedings

On Parton Number Fluctuations.

Stéphane Munier
Contribution to Proceedings

Neutrino Physics with the Precision IceCube Next Generation Upgrade (PINGU).

Tomasz Palczewski
Contribution to Proceedings

Search for exotics at $BABAR$.

Elisabetta Prencipe
Contribution to Proceedings

Polarised Drell-Yan measurement in the COMPASS experiment at CERN.

Márcia Quaresma
Contribution to Proceedings

Anisotropic flow from hard partons in ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions.

Boris Tomášik & Martin Schulc
Contribution to Proceedings

Studies of light Mesons at COMPASS.

Sebastian Uhl
Contribution to Proceedings

Soft Probes of the Quark-Gluon Plasma ATLAS.

Krzysztof W. Wozniak
Contribution to Proceedings

Detailed study of the $K_{e4}$ decay mode properties from the NA48/2 experiment at CERN.

Patrizia Cenci
Contribution to Proceedings

Hadroproduction of electroweak gauge boson plusjets and TMD parton density functions

Samantha Katherine Dooling
20th Particle & Nuclei International Conference, PANIC2014, Hamburg, Germany, 25 Aug 2014 - 29 Aug 2014 ; 681-682(2014). doi:DOI:10.3204/DESY-PROC-2014-04/282

Deeply pseudoscalar meson electroproduction with CLAS and Generalized Parton Distributions.

Michel Guidal & Valery Kubarovsky
Contribution to Proceedings

$1/N_c$ corrections to the baryon axial vector current in large-$N_c$ chiral perturbation theory.

María A. Hernández-Ruiz
Contribution to Proceedings

Search for Dark Matter at CMS.

Kerstin Hoepfner
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