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Search for Dark Matter at CMS.

Kerstin Hoepfner
Contribution to Proceedings

Studies of B hadron rare decays and lifetimes at the TeVatron

Marj D. Corcoran
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.897-900, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Third Generation SUSY Searches at CMS.

Florent Lacroix
Contribution to Proceedings

Lambda(QCD) and alpha(s)(M**2(Z)) from DIS Structure Functions

Johannes Blumlein
A brief summary is given on recent determinations of $\Lambda_{\rm QCD}$ and $\alpha_s(M_Z^2)$ from deeply inelastic structure functions.

Progress on neural parton distributions

J. Rojo, R.D. Ball, L. Del Debbio, S. Forte, A. Guffanti, J.I. Latorre, A. Piccione & M. Ubiali
We give a status report on the determination of a set of parton distributions based on neural networks. In particular, we summarize the determination of the nonsinglet quark distribution up to NNLO, we compare it with results obtained using other approaches, and we discuss its use for a determination of $\alpha_s$.

Polarized physics with an electron-ion collider

Antje Bruell
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.1125-1128, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Proceedings of the GPU Computing in High-Energy Physics 2014 Conference (GPUHEP2014)

Claudio Bonati, Massimo D'Elia, Gianluca Lamanna & Marco Sozzi
Contribution to Proceedings

The EDELWEISS-III Dark Matter Search: Status and Perspectives.

Lukas Hehn
Contribution to Proceedings

Generalized Parton Distributions from Hadronic Observables

S. Ahmad, H. Honkanen, S. Liuti & S.K. Taneja
We propose a physically motivated parametrization for the unpolarized generalized parton distributions, H and E, valid at both zero and non-zero values of the skewness variable, \zeta. At \zeta=0, H and E are determined using constraints from simultaneous fits of experimental data on both the nucleon elastic form factors and the deep inelastic structure functions. Lattice calculations of the higher moments constrain the parametrization at \zeta > 0. Our method provides a step towards a...

Charmonium singlets, open charm and exotic hadrons

Jean-Marc Richard
Caution is suggested on the comparison of the spin-singlet charmonium P-state with the centre of gravity of triplet states, when the mass splitting is of the order of a few MeV. The physics of new hidden-charm states X and Y is briefly reviewed. Perspectives for producing double-charm baryons and double-charm exotic mesons are discussed.

Constraints on new phenomena through Higgs coupling measurements with the ATLAS detector.

Camilla Maiani
Contribution to Proceedings

Results on Heavy-Flavour Production in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb Collisions with ALICE at the LHC.

Grazia Luparello
Contribution to Proceedings

Perspective Study of Charmonium and Exotics above $D\bar D$ Threshold.

M.Yu. Barabanov & A.S. Vodopyanov
Contribution to Proceedings

Discovering Matter-Antimatter Asymmetries with GPUs.

Stefanie Reichert
Contribution to Proceedings

Diffractive open charm production at H1

Paul Thompson
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.923-926, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Ultracold Neutron Physics at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Leah Broussard
Contribution to Proceedings

Searches for dark matter and extra dimensions with the ATLAS detector.

Christophe Célment
Contribution to Proceedings

The effect of Quantum Gravity on astrophysical Neutrino flavor observables.

Jonathan Miller & Roman Pasechnik
Contribution to Proceedings

Measurements with electroweak bosons at LHCb.

Katharina Müller
Contribution to Proceedings

Fragmentation function measurements at Belle

Akio Ogawa, Matthias Grosse Perdekamp & Ralf Seidl
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.575-578, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

B and Upsilon cross section at HERA-B

Antonio Sbrizzi
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.869-874, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

How To Kill a Penguin

Ulrich Haisch
Within constrained minimal-flavor-violation the large destructive flavor-changing Z-penguin managed to survive eradication so far. We give a incisive description of how to kill it using the precision measurements of the Z -> b anti-b pseudo observables. The derived stringent range for the non-standard contribution to the universal Inami-Lim function C leads to tight two-sided limits for the branching ratios of all Z-penguin dominated flavor-changing K- and B-decays.

Search for New Physics with Top quarks in ATLAS at 8 TeV ($t\bar{b}$, $t\bar{t}$, vector-like quarks).

David Calvet
Contribution to Proceedings

On Parton Number Fluctuations.

Stéphane Munier
Contribution to Proceedings

Recent results on $B$ spectroscopy at the Tevatron

Martin Heck
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.853-856, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

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