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The factorization bias in the Van der Meer method: Run 2 experiences at the CMS experiment

Joscha Knolle
LHC Lumi Days 2019, Prevessin, France, 4 Jun 2019 - 5 Jun 2019

Structural insights into synthetic ligands targeting A–A pairs in disease-related CAG RNA repeats

Sanjukta Mukherjee, Leszek Błaszczyk, Wojciech Rypniewski, Christoph Falschlunger, Ronald Micura, Asako Murata, Chikara Dohno, Kazuhiko Nakatani & Agnieszka Kiliszek
Nucleic acids symposium series 47(20), 10906 - 10913 (2019). doi:10.1093/nar/gkz832

Crystal Structure and Directed Evolution of Specificity of NlaIV Restriction Endonuclease

Honorata Czapinska, Wojciech Siwek, Roman H. Szczepanowski, Janusz M. Bujnicki, Matthias Bochtler & Krzysztof J. Skowronek
Journal of molecular biology 431(11), 2082 - 2094 (2019). doi:10.1016/j.jmb.2019.04.010

Integrating Gauge Fields in the $\zeta$-formulation of Feynman's path integral

Tobias Hartung & Karl Jansen
In recent work by the authors, a connection between Feynman's path integral and Fourier integral operator $\zeta$-functions has been established as a means of regularizing the vacuum expectation values in quantum field theories. However, most explicit examples using this regularization technique to date, do not consider gauge fields in detail. Here, we address this gap by looking at some well-known physical examples of quantum fields from the Fourier integral operator $\zeta$-function point of view.

Electroweak pseudo-observables and Z-boson form factors at two-loop accuracy

Ievgen Dubovyk, Ayres Freitas, Janusz Gluza, Tord Riemann & Johann Usovitsch
We present Standard Model predictions for the complete set of phenomenologically relevant electroweak precision pseudo-observables related to the Z-boson: the leptonic and bottom-quark effective weak mixing angles $\sin^2\theta_{\rm eff}^\ell$, $\sin^2\theta_{\rm eff}^b$, the Z-boson partial decay widths $\Gamma_f$, where $f$ indicates any charged lepton, neutrino and quark flavor (except for the top quark), as well as the total Z decay width $\Gamma_Z$, the branching ratios $R_\ell$, $R_c$, $R_b$, and the hadronic cross section $\sigma_{\rm had}^0$. The...

Longitudinal double-spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering of electrons and positrons by protons and deuterons

Gunar Schnell &
Proceedings of XXVII International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects — PoS(DIS2019) - Sissa Medialab Trieste, Italy, 2019. - ISBN - doi:10.22323/1.352.0202 XXVII International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects, DIS 2019, Torino, Italy, 8 Apr 2019 - 12 Apr 2019; Sissa Medialab Trieste, Italy 1-5 (2019). doi:10.22323/1.352.0202

Two-particle azimuthal correlations as a probe of collective behaviour in deep inelastic $\textit{ep}$ scattering at HERA

Two-particle azimuthal correlations have been measured in neutral current deep inelasticep scattering with virtuality Q2 > 5GeV2 at a centre-of-mass energy √s = 318GeVrecorded with the ZEUS detector at HERA. The correlations of charged particles havebeen measured in the range of laboratory pseudorapidity −1.5 < < 2 and transversemomentum 0.1 < pT < 5GeV and event multiplicities Nch up to six times larger thanthe average hNchi ≈ 5. The two-particle correlations have been measured in...

Tension-compression asymmetry of extruded Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloy with a bimodal microstructure studied by in-situ synchrotron diffraction

Yuanqing Chi, Xiaohua Zhou, X. G. Qiao, Heinz-Guenter Brokmeier & Mingyi Zheng
Seminar, 中国; Materials and design 170, 107705 (2019).

Tetramer orbital ordering and lattice chirality in $MnTi_{2}O_{4}$

A. Rahaman, M. Chakraborty, T. Paramanik, R. K. Maurya, S. Mahana, R. Bindu, D. Topwal, P. Mahadevan & D. Choudhury
Physical review / B covering condensed matter and materials physics 100(11), 115162 (2019). doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.100.115162

Evidence of structural modifications in the region around the broad dielectric maxima in the 30% Sn-doped barium titanate relaxor

Akash Surampalli, Irene Schiesaro, Pietro Corsi, Carlo Meneghini, V. G. Sathe, Archna Sagdeo, A. K. Sinha, Giuliana Aquilanti, Edmund Welter & V. Raghavendra Reddy
Physical review / B covering condensed matter and materials physics 100(13), 134104 (2019). doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.100.134104

JOIN² : A Publication Database and Repository based on Invenio

Laura Baracci, Alexander Wagner &
XXVII International Symposium on Nuclear Electronics & Computing, NEC'2019, Budva Becici, Montenegro, 30 Sep 2019 - 4 Oct 2019; 51 - 57 (2019).

High pressure phase transitions of paracelsian $BaAl_{2}Si_{2}O_{8}$

Liudmila A. Gorelova, Anna S. Pakhomova, Sergey V. Krivovichev, Leonid S. Dubrovinsky & Anatoly V. Kasatkin
Scientific reports 9(1), 12652 (2019). doi:10.1038/s41598-019-49112-1

New Developments in DD4hep

Marko Petricˇ, Markus Frank, Frank Gaede & André Sailer
The 23rd International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria, 9 Jul 2018 - 13 Jul 2018; The European physical journal / Web of Conferences Web of Conferences : proceedings proceedings 214, 02037 - (2019). doi:10.1051/epjconf/201921402037

Flavour Violating Axions

Luca Di Luzio
I review the physics case for flavour violating axions. In particular, I argue that relaxing the assumption of the universality of the Peccei-Quinn current opens up new pathways, including: the relaxation of the Supernova bound on the axion mass, a possible connection with the Standard Model flavour puzzle and the experimental opportunity of discovering the axion via flavoured axion searches.

A highly granular SiPM-on-tile calorimeter prototype

Felix Sefkow & Frank Simon
18th International Conference on Calorimetry in Particle Physics (CALOR 2018), Eugene, OR, USA, 21 May 2018 - 25 May 2018; Journal of physics / Conference series Conference series [...] 1162, 012012 - (2019). doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1162/1/012012

The ILC as a natural SUSY discovery machine and precision microscope: from light higgsinos to tests of unification

Howard Baer, Mikael Berggren, Keisuke Fujii, Jenny List, Suvi-Leena Lehtinen, Tomohiko Tanabe & Jacqueline Yan
The requirement of electroweak naturalness in simple supersymmetric models implies the existence of a cluster of four light higgsinos with mass $\sim 100-300$\,GeV, the lighter the better. While such light compressed spectra may be challenging to observe at LHC, the International Linear $e^+e^-$ Collider (ILC) with $\sqrt{s}>2m_{\rm higgsino}$ would serve as both a SUSY discovery machine and a precision microscope. We study higgsino pair production signatures at the ILC based on full, \texttt{Geant4-}based simulation of...

Top-quark physics at the CLIC electron-positron linear collider

H. Abramowicz, N. Alipour Tehrani, D. Arominski, Y. Benhammou, M. Benoit, J.-J. Blaising, M. Boronat, Oleksandr Borysov, R. R. Bosley, I. Božović Jelisavčić, I. Boyko, S. Brass, E. Brondolin, P. Bruckman De Renstrom, M. Buckland, P. N. Burrows, M. Chefdeville, S. Chekanov, T. Coates, D. Dannheim, M. Demarteau, H. Denizli, G. Durieux, G. Eigen, K. Elsener … & A. Zhemchugov
Journal of high energy physics 2019(11), 3 (2019). doi:10.1007/JHEP11(2019)003

Beyond the Standard Model searches at HERA

Oleksii Turkot
XXIX International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interactions at High Energies, LP2019, Toronto, Canada, 5 Aug 2019 - 10 Aug 2019; Trieste : SISSA, Proceedings of Science 367, 367/077 (2019). doi:https://doi.org/10.22323/1.367.0077

Invisible and displaced dark matter signatures at Belle II

Michael Duerr, Torben Ferber, Christopher Hearty, Felix Kahlhoefer, Kai Schmidt-Hoberg & Patrick Tunney
Many dark matter models generically predict invisible and displaced signatures at Belle II, but even striking events may be missed by the currently implemented search programme because of inefficient trigger algorithms. Of particular interest are final states with a single photon accompanied by missing energy and a displaced pair of electrons, muons, or hadrons. We argue that a displaced vertex trigger will be essential to achieve optimal sensitivity at Belle II. To illustrate this point,...

Tunka-Rex: A radio antenna array for the Tunka experiment

F. G. Schröder, D. Besson, N. M. Budnev, O. A. Gress, A. Haungs, R. Hiller, Y. Kazarina, M. Kleifges, A. Konstantinov, E. E. Korosteleva, D. Kostunin, O. Krömer, L. A. Kuzmichev, R. R. Mirgazov, A. Pankov, V. V. Prosin, G. I. Rubtsov, C. Rühle, V. Savinov, J. Stockham, M. Stockham, E. Svetnitsky, R. Wischnewski & A. Zagorodnikov
5TH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ACOUSTIC AND RADIO EEV NEUTRINO DETECTION ACTIVITIES: ARENA 2012, Erlangen, Germany; AIP conference proceedings 1535, 111 (2013). doi:10.1063/1.4807531

Spatial separation of pyrrole and pyrrole-water clusters

Melby Johny, Jolijn Onvlee, Thomas Kierspel, Helen Bieker, Sebastian Trippel & Jochen Küpper
Chemical physics letters 721, 149 - 152 (2019). doi:10.1016/j.cplett.2019.01.052

Current status and future prospects of the singlet-doublet dark matter model with CP-violation

Tomohiro Abe & Ryosuke Sato
We discuss the singlet-doublet fermion dark matter model with CP-violation. In this model, the CP-violation generates a pseudo-scalar interaction of dark matter with the SM-Higgs boson. Thanks to the pseudo-scalar interaction, the model can evade the strong constraint from the dark matter direct detection experiments while keeping the success of the thermal relic scenario. The CP-violation also predicts signals in dark matter indirect detection experiments and electric dipole moments (EDM) that can be as large...

Bibliometrie – Über den Versuch, Wissenschaft zu messen

Martin Köhler
Science Cafe, Hamburg, DESY, Germany, 16 Jan 2019 - 16 Jan 2019

Revealing the Dimeric Crystal and Solution Structure of β-Lactoglobulin at pH 4 and Its pH and Salt Dependent Monomer–Dimer Equilibrium

Sanaullah Khan, Richard Ipsen, Kristoffer Almdal, Birte Svensson & Pernille Harris
Biomacromolecules 19(7), 2905 - 2912 (2018). doi:10.1021/acs.biomac.8b00471

H.E.S.S. observations of RX J1713.7−3946 with improved angular and spectral resolution: Evidence for gamma-ray emission extending beyond the X-ray emitting shell

H. Abdalla, A. Abramowski, F. Aharonian, F. Ait Benkhali, A. G. Akhperjanian, T. Andersson, E. O. Angüner, M. Arrieta, P. Aubert, M. Backes, A. Balzer, M. Barnard, Y. Becherini, J. Becker Tjus, D. Berge, S. Bernhard, K. Bernlöhr, R. Blackwell, M. Böttcher, C. Boisson, J. Bolmont, P. Bordas, J. Bregeon, F. Brun, P. Brun … & N. Żywucka
Astronomy and astrophysics 612, A6 (2018). doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201629790

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