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HySpex - Level 2 Hyperspectral Images - Bohemian Forest

This collection contains airborne hyperspectral imagery acquired by the EOC user service OpAiRS. The data was recorded with the airborne DLR EnMAP simulator, which contains two HySpex cameras manufactured by the Norwegian Company NEO. The survey has been conducted within the scope of the “Data Pool Initiative for the Bohemian Forest Ecosystem”. It covers parts of the Bohemian forest, mainly the Bavarian Forest National Park. The data are made available as orthorectified ground reflectance. For...

DESIS - Hyperspectral Images - Global

The hyperspectral instrument DESIS (DLR Earth Sensing Imaging Spectrometer) is one of four possible payloads of MUSES (Multi-User System for Earth Sensing), which is mounted on the International Space Station (ISS). DLR developed and delivered a Visual/Near-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer to Teledyne Brown Engineering, which was responsible for integrating the instrument. Teledyne Brown designed and constructed, integrated and tested the platform before delivered to NASA. Teledyne Brown collaborates with DLR in several areas, including basic and...

Sentinel-2 MSI - Level 2A (MAJA Tiles) - Germany

This collection contains Sentinel-2 Level 2A surface reflectances, which are computed for the country of Germany using the time-series based MAJA processor. During the Level 2A processing, the data are corrected for atmospheric effects and clouds and their shadows are detected. The MAJA L2A product is available online for the last 12 months. Further data are kept in the archive and are available upon request. Please see https://logiciels.cnes.fr/en/content/maja for additional information on the MAJA product....

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