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TMF Newsletter, Issue: 17

DFG Research Unit 816
The Newsletter presents a summary of five years of research (Speakers’ Corner) and provides insight in latest results of the nutrient addition experiments, the competition between bracken and pasture grass, mycorrhization, climate change research and recent modelings, the advances of the data warehouse and the Laser Scanning Mission as well as achievements in afforestation experiments (Science News). This issue also informs about recent progress of the foundation NCI, the status of the two transfer projects...

TMF Newsletter, Issue: 18

DFG Research Unit 816
The speakers give a glimpse on the complex on-site review procedure of the projects which constitute the German part of the new Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Monitoring and Research in South Ecuador. They also report about the Status Symposium which enjoyed a numerous audience. NCI reports about the application to the UNESCO for the first biosphere reserve in the Ecuadorian Western Cordillera comprising the entire ecological gradient from the Paramo to the Pacific. The...

TMF Newsletter, Issue: 16

DFG Research Unit 816
Newsletter of the DFG Research Unit 816 "Biodiversity and Sustainable Management of a Megadiverse Mountain Ecosystem in Southern Ecuador", www.tropicalmountainforest.org

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