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Arctiidae 1999-2005 (species-site matrix)

Konrad Fiedler
Data from PHD-theses of Dirk Süßenbach and Nadine Hilt and diploma thesis of Manuela Zimmermann. For further information see references cited with the main dataset (list of specimens).

Tabebuia Bulletin, Issue: 5

DFG PAK 823-825

Monthly ground fog frequency maps for Taiwan (2003-2014).

Martin Schulz
Ground fog masks were created from MODIS data from 2003 to 2014 using the method DOGMA. From those masks the ground fog frequency was calculated for each month separately.

Presence and absence of montane cloud forest in Taiwan

Ching-Feng Li
Presence and absence of montane cloud forest in Taiwan. Compiled from the National Vegetation Database of Taiwan.

Yearly low stratus and ground fog frequency maps of Taiwan (2003-2012)

Alexander Groos, Boris Thies & Martin Schulz
The relationship between satellite-derived low cloud frequency and the occurrence of tropical montane cloud forest (TMCF) in Taiwan was investigated. From daily MODIS cloud mask products between 2003 and 2012 the low cloud class was extracted and mean low cloud frequency was calculated for Taiwan. This low cloud frequency map was blended with an existing plot-based vegetation classification for Taiwan to analyze the relationship between low cloud frequency and TMCF occurrence. Receiver operating characteristics curves...

Canopy soil CO2, CH4 and N2O flux NUMEX

Amanda Matson
Measurements of gas flux (CO2, CH4, N2O) in canopy soils of NUMEX plots on four dates (Sept/Nov 2011 and Jan/April 2012). Measurements were taken in 3 of the 4 NUMEX blocks at each elevation; treatments measured included C, N, NP and P.

Map of montane cloud forest in Taiwan

Martin Schulz
Map of montane cloud forest in Taiwan derived from MODIS based ground fog frequency data, ASTER GDEM 2 and Landsat 7 data.

Resolution: 250 m per pixel

The map was created as described in
Schulz, H.M., Li, C.F., Chang, S.C., Thies, B., and Bendix J.: Mapping the montane cloud forest of Taiwan using 12 year MODIS-derived ground fog frequency data, PLOS ONE, manuscript submitted for publication.

ECSF Climate station best estimate Ver. 2

Ruetger Rollenbeck, Thorsten Peters, Paul Emck & Michael Richter
Quality assessment ECSF climate station hourly data: Version 2; Dataset supersedes ver. 1 which is left for reference. Please be aware, that aggregated values may be wrong, due to the data gaps. This is especcially critical for precipitation. Variables: Ta2m =Air Temperature at 2 m (T) PCP = Precipitation at 1 m (P) Huma_2m = relative humidity at 2m (rH) Irradiation = global radiation at 2 m (gRad), widspeed. Emitted radiation, wind direction and soil-temperatures...

Pyraloidea 1999-2000 (species-site matrix)

Konrad Fiedler
Data from PHD-thesis of Dirk Süßenbach. For further information see references cited with the main dataset (list of specimens)

Cloud frequency on the Tibetan Plateau from 1999 to 2012

Frank Rüthrich
see article in method step

Ant species abundance at C2 Plots

Christine Wallis
Abundance of ant species were collected during the wet and the dry season 2014 on the core plots and intermediate elevation levels (1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000) on disturbed and undisturbed forest plots.

Geometridae 1999-2003 (species-site matrix)

Gunnar Brehm & Konrad Fiedler
Data from PHD-Theses of Gunnar Brehm and Nadine Hilt. For further Information see references cited with the main dataset (list of specimens).

Bird species abundance in the San Francisco Valley

Christine Wallis & Detlev Paulsch
Bird species (elevational gradient: 1800-2530m) occurrence and abundance has been collected by a trained observer in 30 forest sites in the study area under favorable weather conditions at 6:00–10:00 and 16:00–18:00 (UTC ?5:00) between 2000 and 2002 (Paulsch and Müller-Hohenstein, 2008). Standardized point counts (30 min) were repeated 12 times per site and combined with mist-netting data to comprehensively assess the bird assemblages.

Longterm time series of the Giessen Free Air Carbon Enrichment experiment (GiFACE) experiment

Wolfgang Obermeier
Within the experiment, a permanent temperate grassland is treated with elevated CO2 (~20% during daylight hours). In three rings the air is enriched with CO2 while other three rings act under atmospheric CO2 (control). This dataset contains the ring-wise late-summer yields as well as the ring-wise CO2 concentrations (averaged in the three months before harvest) and other variables describing the environmental conditions (likewise aggregated to their average in the three months preceding harvest; respectively sum...

DTM 1m (derived from LiDAR survey)

Brenner Silva, Joerg Zeilinger & Thomas Lotz
This Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is created using linear interpolation applied on ground-class points of the LiDAR data. The helicopter-based survey of the Rio San Francisco catchment has been conducted in the periods of March 7-17, 2012 and November 12-19, 2012. Coordinate System UTM, Datum WGS84, Zone 17S, and Geoid EGM96 - for orthometric height - are used. The horizontal accuracy is within 5cm (based on control landmark of the IGM geodetic network). Quality assurance...

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