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Lehrvideo: Thermische Windsysteme - Land-See Wind

Oliver Reitz & Jörg Bendix
This video explains the formation of thermal lows and highs based on a sea breeze example. It was created with Adobe Animate CC and is provided as teaching material for courses.

Tabebuia Bulletin, Issue 6


El Bosque Tropical de Montaña - Hotspot de Biodiversidad

Franz Bogner, Jörg Bendix & Erwin Beck

Map of research areas and micro catchments of the PAK phase

Rütger Rollenbeck

Landscape Restoration, Sustainable Land Use and Cross-scale Monitoring of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions. A Science-directed Approach for South Ecuador

Erwin Beck, Thomas Knoke, Nina Farwig, Lutz Breuer, David Siddons & Jörg Bendix
In 201 3, the “Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem
Monitoring and Research in South Ecuador”
(www.TropicalMountainForest.org) was launched as a
knowledge transfer program in the biodiversity
hotspot of the southern Ecuadorian Andes, jointly
funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
and Ecuadorian non-university partners. One of the
overall aims of the transdisciplinary program is to
design science-directed recommendations for an
ecologically sustainable, economically profitable and
socially compatible use of the mainly rural land. The

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  • 2019

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