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Tabebuia Bulletin, Issue: 8

Tabebuia Bulletin, Issue 6

Landscape Restoration, Sustainable Land Use and Cross-scale Monitoring of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions. A Science-directed Approach for South Ecuador

Erwin Beck, Thomas Knoke, Nina Farwig, Lutz Breuer, David Siddons & Jörg Bendix
In 201 3, the “Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem
Monitoring and Research in South Ecuador”
(www.TropicalMountainForest.org) was launched as a
knowledge transfer program in the biodiversity
hotspot of the southern Ecuadorian Andes, jointly
funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
and Ecuadorian non-university partners. One of the
overall aims of the transdisciplinary program is to
design science-directed recommendations for an
ecologically sustainable, economically profitable and
socially compatible use of the mainly rural land. The

Tabebuia Bulletin, Issue 7

MRp|SE Newsletter, Issue: 1

The first MRp|SE Newsletter offers research and knowledge transfer results: The test of models for small scale plant distributions shows the advantages of ensemble approaches. This result as well as a new method to analyze canopy evapotranspriation and leaf photosynthesis were awarded with poster prizes. A medical technique helps to study wood anatomy. In contrast to previous data the analysis of fertilized phosphorus revealed that it is not only retained in above-ground biomass and the...

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