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The Future of Midlatitude Cyclones

Jennifer L. Catto, Duncan Ackerley, James F. Booth, Adrian J. Champion, Brian A. Colle, Stephan Pfahl, Joaquim G. Pinto, Julian F. Quinting & Christian Seiler
Purpose of Review: This review brings together recent research on the structure, characteristics, dynamics, and impacts of extratropical cyclones in the future. It draws on research using idealized models and complex climate simulations, to evaluate what is known and unknown about these future changes. Recent Findings: There are interacting processes that contribute to the uncertainties in future extratropical cyclone changes, e.g., changes in the horizontal and vertical structure of the atmosphere and increasing moisture content...

Direct imaging of the induced‐fit effect in molecular self‐assembly

Zechao Yang, Christian Lotze, Martina Corso, Sebastian Baum, Katharina J. Franke & José I. Pascual
Molecular recognition is a crucial driving force for molecular self‐assembly. In many cases molecules arrange in the lowest energy configuration following a lock‐and‐key principle. When molecular flexibility comes into play, the induced‐fit effect may govern the self‐assembly. Here, the self‐assembly of dicyanovinyl‐hexathiophene (DCV6T) molecules, a prototype specie for highly efficient organic solar cells, on Au(111) by using low‐temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy is investigated. DCV6T molecules assemble on the surface forming either...

Localization of dexamethasone within dendritic core-multishell (CMS) nanoparticles and skin penetration properties studied by multi-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy

S. Saeidpour, S.B. Lohan, M. Anske, M. Unbehauen, E. Fleige, R. Haag, M.C. Meinke, R. Bittl & C. Teutloff
The skin and especially the stratum corneum (SC) act as a barrier and protect epidermal cells and thus the whole body against xenobiotica of the external environment. Topical skin treatment requires an efficient drug delivery system (DDS). Polymer-based nanocarriers represent novel transport vehicles for dermal application of drugs. In this study dendritic core-multishell (CMS) nanoparticles were investigated as promising candidates. CMS nanoparticles were loaded with a drug (analogue) and were applied to penetration studies of...

Disentangling electron- and electric-field-induced ring-closing reactions in a diarylethene derivative on Ag(1 1 1)

Gaël Reecht, Christian Lotze, Dmytro Sysoiev, Thomas Huhn & Katharina J. Franke
Using scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy we investigate the adsorption properties and ring-closing reaction of a diarylethene derivative (C5F-4Py) on a Ag(1 1 1) surface. We identify an electron-induced reaction mechanism, with a quantum yield varying from 10−14–10−9 per electron upon variation of the bias voltage from 1–2 V. We ascribe the drastic increase in switching efficiency to a resonant enhancement upon tunneling through molecular orbitals. Additionally, we resolve the ring-closing reaction even in the...

Electronic structure of an iron porphyrin derivative on Au(1 1 1)

Arnulf Stein, Daniela Rolf, Christian Lotze, Constantin Czekelius, Katharina J. Franke & Petra Tegeder
Surface-bound porphyrins are promising candidates for molecular switches, electronics and spintronics. Here, we studied the structural and the electronic properties of Fe-tetra-pyridil-porphyrin adsorbed on Au(1 1 1) in the monolayer regime. We combined scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy, ultraviolet photoemission, and two-photon photoemission to determine the energy levels of the frontier molecular orbitals. We also resolved an excitonic state with a binding energy of 420 meV, which allowed us to compare the electronic transport gap with the...

Laser‐driven strong‐field Terahertz sources

József András Fülöp, Stelios Tzortzakis & Tobias Kampfrath
A review on the recent development of intense laser‐driven terahertz (THz) sources is provided here. The technologies discussed include various types of sources based on optical rectification (OR), spintronic emitters, and laser‐filament‐induced plasma. The emphasis is on OR using pump pulses with tilted intensity front. Illustrative examples of newly emerging applications are briefly discussed, in particular strong‐field THz control of materials and acceleration and manipulation of charged particles.

Electronic correlations in twisted bilayer graphene near the magic angle

Youngjoon Choi, Felix Von Oppen, Jeannette Kemmer, Yang Peng, Alex Thomson, Harpreet Arora, Robert Polski, Yiran Zhang, Hechen Ren &
Twisted bilayer graphene with a twist angle of around 1.1° features a pair of isolated flat electronic bands and forms a platform for investigating strongly correlated electrons. Here, we use scanning tunnelling microscopy to probe the local properties of highly tunable twisted bilayer graphene devices and show that the flat bands deform when aligned with the Fermi level. When the bands are half-filled, we observe the development of gaps originating from correlated insulating states. Near...


Christina Grabbe
This comparative research project looks at the co-operation between state and social organizations (SOs) in China and Germany. It focusses on social service delivery in the area of integration of migrating populations with special attention to the fields of education, employment, vulnerable groups and social assistance (incl. legal aid) as a crosscutting issue to all of the fields. Within this subject area, the project wants to identify different models of state-SO co-operation and analyze which...

Edge mode locality in perturbed symmetry protected topological order

Marcel Goihl, Christian Krumnow, Marek Gluza, Jens Eisert & Nicolas Tarantino
Spin chains with symmetry-protected edge zero modes can be seen as prototypical systems for exploring topological signatures in quantum systems. These are useful for robustly encoding quantum information. However in an experimental realization of such a system, spurious interactions may cause the edge zero modes to delocalize. To stabilize against this influence beyond simply increasing the bulk gap, it has been proposed to harness suitable notions of disorder. Equipped with numerical tools for constructing locally...

Data Repository \"Deep strong light-matter coupling in nanoparticle crystals\"

Stephanie Reich, Niclas S. Mueller, Yu Okamura, Sabrina Juergensen, Bruno G. M. Vieira, Holger Lange, Eduardo B. Barros & Florian Schulz
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Characterization of the subduction zone seismic cycle of the Northern Chile-Southern Peru seismic gap region: analysing and modelling GPS and InSAR data of the 2014 Mw 8.1 Iquique-Pisagua earthquake

Felix Hoffmann
Modern geodetic measurements have extraordinarily broadened our knowledge about plate tectonic kinematics by providing spatially and temporally dense crustal deformation constraints. Those measurements are particularily important for understanding tectonic processes at the Earth´s subduction zones that have been generating most devastating seismic events and tsunamis since the beginning of historical records. The hazard assessment of an active convergent margin mostly relies on geologic archive data as input for the earthquake recurrence concept that can be...

Mit fremder Zunge

Jessica Schulz
Was bedeutet Fremdheit? Wie äußert sie sich? Was bedeutet Fremdheit im Hinblick auf Literatur und Kultur? Diese Fragen werden in dieser Arbeit mittels einer verflechtenden Analyse von Theorie und Literatur untersucht. Das deutschsprachige Werk der Autorin Tawada Yoko bildet dabei Ort und Ausgangspunkt der theoretischen Analyse, sowie auch der praktischen Umsetzung. Es wird das fachliche Anliegen verfolgt, in der didaktischen Aufarbeitung von Literatur im Unterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache nicht die inhaltliche und ästhetische Analyse, sondern...

Visualizing intramolecular distortions as the origin of transverse magnetic anisotropy

Daniela Rolf, Christian Lotze, Constantin Czekelius, Benjamin W. Heinrich & Katharina J. Franke
The magnetic properties of metal–organic complexes are strongly influenced by conformational changes in the ligand. The flexibility of Fe-tetra-pyridyl-porphyrin molecules leads to different adsorption configurations on a Au(111) surface. By combining low-temperature scanning tunneling spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy, we resolve a correlation of the molecular configuration with different spin states and magnitudes of magnetic anisotropy. When the macrocycle exhibits a laterally undistorted saddle shape, the molecules lie in a S = 1 state with...

Scaling behavior of diffusion on binary Archimedean electrical lattices and layers

J.-M. Teissier & S. Russ
We investigate the diffusion and conductance behavior of binary Archimedean lattices and binary layer systems (with bonds of conductances G A and G B between the sites) close to the percolation threshold (of the G A -lattice) by numerical simulations and by scaling theories. We are interested in possible influence factors of geometry, defects and thickness on the conductivity and in particular on the critical exponents of the phase transition between insulating and conducting phases....

The end of social Europe? Understanding EU social policy change

Paolo Graziano & Miriam Hartlapp
The financial and economic crisis has increased attention on EU social policy, yet little policy change has been realized. Drawing on Easton’s political system approach, we differentiate demand emanating from the difficult situation following the crisis and support in form of the 2004, 2009 and 2014 European elections. On the output side, we show how social policy has been substantially removed from the priorities of the EU political agenda already prior to the crisis. We...

Magnon-photon coupling in the noncollinear magnetic insulator Cu 2 OSeO 3

L. V. Abdurakhimov, S. Khan, N. A. Panjwani, J. D. Breeze, M. Mochizuki, S. Seki, Y. Tokura, J. J. L. Morton & H. Kurebayashi
Anticrossing behavior between magnons in the noncollinear chiral magnet Cu2OSeO3 and a two-mode X-band microwave resonator was studied in the temperature range 5–100 K. In the field-induced ferrimagnetic phase, we observed a strong-coupling regime between magnons and two microwave cavity modes with a cooperativity reaching 3600. In the conical phase, cavity modes are dispersively coupled to a fundamental helimagnon mode, and we demonstrate that the magnetic phase diagram of Cu2OSeO3 can be reconstructed from the...

Methods of ultra-fast laser contrast diagnostics and optimization

Nikita Khodakovskiy
The temporal contrast of optical pulses produced by high-peak power laser systems is important for laser-matter applications, such as table-top particle accelerators and sources of attosecond pulses in the extreme ultraviolet and X-ray ranges. Currently available laser technologies cannot provide a temporal shape of an ultra-short pulse at high energy which is absolutely pre-pulse free. This work is dedicated to issues of the temporal shape of light pulses generated by Chirped Pulse Amplifcation (CPA) lasers...

Limits of life and the habitability of Mars: The ESA space experiment BIOMEX on the ISS

Jean-Pierre De Vera, Andreas Elsaesser, Mashal Alawi, Theresa Backhaus, Mickael Baqué, Daniela Billi, Ute Böttger, Thomas Berger, Maria Bohmeier &
BIOMEX (BIOlogy and Mars EXperiment) is an ESA/Roscosmos space exposure experiment housed within the exposure facility EXPOSE-R2 outside the Zvezda module on the International Space Station (ISS). The design of the multiuser facility supports—among others—the BIOMEX investigations into the stability and level of degradation of space-exposed biosignatures such as pigments, secondary metabolites, and cell surfaces in contact with a terrestrial and Mars analog mineral environment. In parallel, analysis on the viability of the investigated organisms...

A silent cry for leadership: Organizing for leading (in) clusters

Jörg Sydow, Frank Lerch, Chris Huxham & Paul Hibbert
Leadership research so far has neglected regional clusters as a particular context, while research on networks and clusters has hardly studied leadership issues. This paper fills this dual gap in the abundant research on leadership on the one hand and on networks/clusters on the other by investigating leadership in four prominent photonics clusters in England, Scotland, Germany and the United States. Apart from giving an insight into the variety and patterns of leadership practices observed...

Review Essay: Verstehen von Sinn und Wahn: Was kann qualitative Forschung in der Sozialpsychiatrie?

Karina Korecky
Die HerausgeberInnen des Sammelbandes "Qualitative Forschung in der Sozialpsychiatrie" gehen von einer inhaltlichen Nähe von qualitativer Forschung und Sozialpsychiatrie aus, für die beide der Begriff des Sinns zentral sei: als Rekonstruktion von sinnvollem sozialen Handeln und narrativer Identität für die Sozialwissenschaften und als Sinnverstehen für die Sozialpsychiatrie, das vom Verstehen subjektiver Erfahrungen mit psychiatrischen Einrichtungen bis zum Verstehen psychotischen Erlebens reiche. Sechs konzeptuelle Beiträge und vierzehn Beispiele aus der sozialpsychiatrischen Forschungspraxis zeigen, wie und was...

Babel at 35,000 Feet: Banality and Ineffability in Qualitative Research

Sandro R. Barros
In this article, I explore the banalities of qualitative work flirting with some of the premises of non-representation theories' (NRT) thinking style. More specifically, I interrogate the usefulness of thinking with the mundane to explore the kinds of opportunities that could be afforded to language and transcultural communication if we repositioned qualitative work as a more-than-human affair. Drawing from experiences while conducting fieldwork onboard transatlantic flights, I discuss the implications of accounting for banalities and...

Narrative and Frame Analysis: Disentangling and Refining Two Close Relatives by Means of a Large Infrastructural Technology Case

Ewert Johannes Aukes, Lotte E. Bontje & Jill H. Slinger
Social science literature frequently conflates the concepts "narrative" and "frame." We argue not only that using the terms interchangeably is conceptually imprecise but also that analyses based on them actually produce different kinds of knowledge. A systematic disentanglement, contrast and refinement of both concepts benefits from a comparative framework applied to the same case. We provide both. The illustrative case is a large infrastructural coastal management project. The key difference between narratives and frames turns...

Grundlage einer soziologischen Theorie der Zeitlichkeit? Bourdieus theoretische Denkwerkzeuge als Erkenntnispotenzial für qualitativ-empirische Forschung

Maja Suderland
Dem Aspekt der Zeitlichkeit des Sozialen in BOURDIEUs Soziologie wird bislang nur gelegentlich systematisch Beachtung geschenkt. Als vergessene Geschichte und Vorwegnahme der Zukunft wohnt diese Zeitlichkeit insbesondere BOURDIEUs Habitus-Konzept inne und ist dadurch fest mit sozialen Praktiken handelnder Akteur*innen in der Gegenwart verknüpft. Aber auch alle anderen theoretischen Konzepte BOURDIEUs enthalten im Kern zeitliche Aspekte, sodass Temporalität als Ligatur betrachtet werden kann, die seine theoretischen Denkwerkzeuge miteinander verbindet und zugleich Grundlage einer soziologischen Theorie der...

Capturing Meanings of Place, Time and Social Interaction when Analyzing Human (Im)mobilities: Strengths and Challenges of the Application of (Im)mobility Biography

Julia Kieslinger, Stefan Kordel & Tobias Weidinger
In this article, we suggest (im)mobility biography as a method for reconstructing human (im)mobilities and related negotiations of meanings of place, time and social interaction. Based on biographical-narrative approaches and participatory ideals the combination of life history interviewing with a participatory timeline tool is the best fit for capturing individuals' life-worlds over time. After presenting theoretical presuppositions on relational meanings of place, time and social interaction, we provide an overview of biographical and participatory research...

Giant localised spin-Peltier effect due to ultrafast domain wall motion in antiferromagnetic metals

R. M. Otxoa, U. Atxitia, P. E. Roy & O. Chubykalo-Fesenko
Spin thermo-electric phenomena have attracted wide attention recently, e.g., the spin Peltier effect—heat generation by magnonic spin currents. Here, we find that the spin Peltier effect also manifests as a heat wave accompanying fast moving magnetic textures. High speed and extreme magnetic excitation localisation are paramount for efficient transfer of energy from the spin-degrees of freedom to electrons and lattice. While satisfying both conditions is subject to severe restrictions in ferromagnets, we find that domain...

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