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PIRATA data system upgrade Report

Bernard Bourles, Peter Brandt, Nathalie Lefevre & Johannes Hahn
AtlantOS Deliverable

Integration in GEOSS

Ketil Koop-Jakobsen & Christoph Waldmann
AtlantOS Deliverable

RV POSEIDON 516 [POS516] Cruise Report / Fahrtbericht, Ponta Delgada (Azores) 29.07.2017 - Ponta Delgada (Azores) 18.08.2017, POS516 – ENERGY TRANSFER

Maren Walter, Janna Köhler, Jonas Löb, Janna Köhler, Natalia Sukhikh, Wolfgang Böke, Florentina Münzner, Brenda Quinn, Jan Stiehler & Simon Rümmler

Atlantic Ocean Observing Networks: Cost and feasibility study

Kieran Reilly, Caroline Cusack, Vicente Fernandez, Erik Buch, Michael Ott, Moacyr Araujo, Bernard Bourles, Romain Cancouet, Kenneth Connell, Luisa Cristini, Shaun Dolk, Martin Edwards, Gilbert Emzivat, Albert Fischer, Deirdre Fitzhenry, Claire Gourcuff, Johannes Karstensen, Andrew King, Gerhard Kuska, Richard Lampitt, Rick Lumpkin, Niall McDonough, Mike McPhaden, Paulo Nobre, Diarmuid O'Conchubhair … & Fred Whoriskey
Results of a cost and feasibility study of the present and planned integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System, including assessing the readiness and feasibility of implementation of different observing technologies

Bathymetric Integration

Colin W. Devey & Anne-Cathrin Wölfl
Integration of High Seas bathymetry holdings of partner organisations into EuroMapApp which involves making an inventory of the data, determining freedom of access (quality controlling the data) and integration into a Multi-Resolution Topography

BIO EOV Report

Giorgio Dall'Olmo & Herve Claustre
Biogeochemical EOV assessment and impact of AtlantOS observations

2nd AtlantOS progress report plus International Scientific and Technical Advisory Board minutes and AtlantOS Legacy document

Anja Reitz, Brad DeYoung & Erik Buch
Prior to the 3rd annual meeting in month 32 a project progress report for the external project boards will be prepared to enable them to as good as possible prepared for the meeting and to ensure consequently that AtlantOS receives as constructive as possible recommendations from the board. The report together with the external summary board meeting report will be part of D11.6

Aquaculture operation Bulletin: Weather window nowcast/forecast Bulletin tool for offshore aquaculture operators

Trine Dale, Caroline Cusack, Manuel Ruiz Villarreal, Adam Leadbetter, Kieran Lyons, Nigel Burke, Damian Smyth, Tomasz Dabrowski, Eleanor O'Rourke & Gonzalo Gonzalez-Nuevo
Use Case Title: Offshore aquaculture siting Environmental matrix of interest (Air, Ice, Mar. Water, etc.): Marine Study Regions: Shelf Seas in Norway, Ireland and Spain Dissemination Method: Web We will develop a weather window tool to give developers real-time access to observations and model forecasts of seas state to plan day to day operations

South Atlantic tide gauge data management plan

Elizabeth Bradshaw & Lesley Rickards
Develop a harmonised data management plan [D4.2] [NERCNOC] for all South Atlantic tide gauge data building on current international data centre activities.

Poseidon Berichte - Paphsanias Volcano Cruise POS512, 25.04.2017 - 06.05.2017, Heraklion (Griechenland) - Heraklion (Griechenland)

Karsten Haase, Christoph Beier, Matthias Bodendorfer, Patrick Cuno, Hannes Huusmann, Danai Lampridou, Eustratios Karagiannakis, Torge Matthiessen, Martin Pieper, Betttina Storch & Dominic Wölki
Summary Cruise POS512 was scheduled for ten working days from 25.4. to 6.5.2017 in order to (1) produce a bathymetric map of the Epidavros Basin near the peninsula of Methana, (2) survey the volcanic structures of the Paphsanias Volcanic Field with the ROV PHOCA, and (3) sample the volcanic rocks. The Paphsanias Volcanic Field was found in 1987 but only one rock sample had been recovered and the size, age and composition of the lavas...

Report summarizing food web responses and interactions to changes in biodiversity and community species/trait composition

S. Neuenfeldt, B. V. Dewitz, Monika Winder & A. L. Middelboe
BIO-C3 Deliverable

Science-Policy Briefing Paper and Event 1

Jan-Stefan Fritz, S. Ketelhake, Martin Visbeck, A. Fischer, M. Ott, M. Mowlem & B. De Young
AtlantOS Deliverable

Audio‐visual document and popularisation publication for communicating the projects activities and main achievements to a non‐specialist audience

A. Schütz, Jan Dierking, Thorsten B. H. Reusch & Daniel Oesterwind
BIO-C3 Deliverable

Cruise Report POS520 RV POSEIDON Mindelo, Cape Verde (14/2/2018) - Mindelo Cape Verde (1/3/2018) Biological baseline studies in the pelagic deep seas of Cape Verde

Henk-Jan T. Hoving, Helena Hauss, Florian Schütte, Veronique Merten, Eduard Fabrizius, Karen Hissmann, Jürgen Schauer, Peter Striewski, Nuno Vereira, Bruce H. Robison & Karen Osborn

Surface Carbon EOV Report

Siv K. Lauvset, Are Olsen, Marion Gehlen & Anna Sommer
Surface carbon syntheses and impact of AtlantOS observations

Report on assessment of the performance of AtlantOS observing system

Michael Ott, Mathieu Belbeoch, Vicente Fernandez, Erik Buch & Antonio Novellino
A report providing an overall assessment of the performance of the AtlantOS observing system and recommendations to optimize AtlantOS and its European component

Scripts for: Inter-chromosomal coupling between vision and pigmentation genes during genomic divergence

Kosmas Hench, Marta Vargas, Marc P. Höppner, W. Owen McMillan & Oscar Puebla
This git repository contains all the scripts needed to reproduce our results from the study "Inter-chromosomal coupling between vision and pigmentation genes during genomic divergence" from raw data to figures. It contains all scripts referenced within the materials & methods section. Related datasets are deposited at ENA (raw sequencing data, acession nr. PRJEB27858) and dryad (genome annotation & genotypes, doi:10.5061/dryad.pg8q56g).

Cruise report SONNE cruise SO128 ARABWOCE Male - Muskat 8.-29. January 1998

Friedrich Schott
Untersuchung der Monsunzirkulation im Arabischen Meer Investigation of the monsoon circulation of the Arabian Sea

Interior Carbon EOV Report

Toste Tanhua & Nico Lange

Atlantic Ocean Data Integration

Ketil Koop-Jakobsen
AtlantOS Deliverable

Response of biodiversity indicators to management measures (test of indicators)

A. Zaiko, J. Calkiewicz, M. Eero, C. Von Dorrien, H. Kuosa, Riina Klais, M. Lehtiniemi, P. Margonski, Daniel Oesterwind, Henn Ojaveer, A. Rau, Thorsten B. H. Reusch, Anna Törnroos, J. Warzocha & Monika Winder
BIO-C3 Deliverable

Report on adaptive evolution linking trait and functional genetic variance for selected species

Thorsten H. Reusch, Jan Dierking, Jakob Hemmer-Hansen, Dorte Bekkevold, Konrad Karlsson, Monika Winder, Jörg Dutz, Anette M. Christensen, Cornelia Jaspers, Felix Mittermayer, Martina H. Stiasny & Catriona Clemmesen
BIO-C3 Deliverable

Report on evaluation framework for holistic management – summary of the concept, requirements and management implications

Piotr Margonski, H. Andersson, Burkhard Von Dewitz, M. Eero, Hans-Harald Hinrichsen, P. Jonsson, J. Kotta, F. Köster, M. Lehtiniemi, B. MacKenzie, A. L. Middelboe, Daniel Oesterwind, Henn Ojaveer, H. Orav-Kotta, Thorsten B. H. Reusch, H. Skov, Monika Winder, A. Zaiko & R. Zydelis
BIO-C3 Deliverable

Cruise Report R.V. Alkor Cruise No.: AL491

Jan Dierking

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