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Ship routing hazard maps

Gianandrea Mannarini, Nadia Pinardi, Matteo Scuro & Lorenzo Carelli
This task will use outputs from the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) to develop a system for ship routing hazard mapping. Starting from knowledge of the environmental fields affecting vessel seakeeping, the system will estimate hazard and cost associated to known routes in the Atlantic Ocean. The system will employ model analysis or reanalysis of sea state (wave height, period, and direction), hydrodynamics (near surface ocean currents), and meteorological (wind) models. The system will...

Model guidance for the evolution of the IAOOS

Pierre Yves Traon, Richard Wood, David Ford, Florent Gasparin, Matthew Palmer, Elisabeth Remy, Adam Blaker, Jean-Michel Brankart, Pierre Brasseur, Freya Garry, Marion Gehlen, Cyril Germinaud, Rohit Ghosh, Stephanie Guinehut, Johann Jungclaus, Robert King, Katja Lohmann, Chongyuan Mao, Matthew Martin, Simona Masina, Vrac Mathieu, Michael Mayer, Isabelle Mirouze, Adrian New, Anna Sommer … & Hao Zuo

RV MARIA S. MERIAN Fahrtbericht / Cruise Report MSM78 - PERMO 2, Edinburgh - Edinburgh (U.K.), 16.10. - 25.10.2018

Jens Karstens, Christoph Böttner, Mike Edwards, Ismael Falcon-Suarez, Anita Flohr, Rachael James, Anna Lichtschlag, Doris Maicher, Iain Pheasant, Ben Roche, Bettina Schramm & Michael Wilson

R/V ALKOR Cruise Report 512 [AL512] - North Sea Blowouts, 15th July - 26th July, 2018, Cuxhaven - Kiel (Germany)

Jens Karstens, Jens Schneider Deimling, Christoph Böttner, Judith Elger, Helene-Sophie Hilbert, Michel Kühn, Rebecca Kühn, Philipp Müller, Benedict Reinardy & Bettina Schramm

F.S. Alkor Cruise Report, Cruise AL516

Dennis Booge
12.09.2018 ? 22.09.2018

Cruise Report R.V. ALKOR Cruise No.: AL507

Jan Dierking
Dates of Cruise: 16.04. - 29.04.2018 Areas of Research: Physical, chemical, biological and fishery oceanography Port Calls: Visby, Sweden, 21. - 22.04.2018

Validation of sensor and instrumentation innovations

Matt Mowlem, Eric P. Achterberg, Daniel Alcaraz, Martin Arundell, Steffen Aßmann, Eric Delory, Einar E. G. Nielsen, Peer Fietzek, Tobias Hahn, Kevin Harrington, Felix Janssen, Brian Kiltgaard Hansen, Arne Körtzinger, Katja Metfies, Sam Monk, Eoin Murray, Münevver Nehir, Julie Robidart, Allison Schaap, Philippa Simpson, Pim Sprong & Christian Wolf
Validated prototypes of new and enhanced biogeochemical and biological sensors and instruments. Validation will be undertaken in the laboratory, in test scenarios, and by deployment in operational conditions

SOOP Data System Upgrades

Are Olsen & Henning Wehde
Report on data and connectivity upgrading, documenting system improvements to integrate observing systems, improve network infrastructure, near-real-time delivery of data and best practice for integrated observations to provide data useful for Marine Services and other users

Cruise report Alkor 506 SEDINO III - Fehmarnbelt/Pomeranian Bight 28.03-10.04.2018

Peter Richter

Biodiversity changes and their functional consequences in the pelagic ecosystems of the central Baltic Sea Cruise No. AL521 April 16th - May 2nd 2019 Kiel (Germany) - Kiel (Germany) BALTIC APRIL

Jan Dierking
This multidisciplinary cruise extended a long-term data series on ecosystem composition and functioning of the deeper basins of the Baltic Sea that has been collected in similar form since 1987. The key characteristic of the cruise was the integration of oceanographic and biological information to enhance understanding of environmental, plankton dynamics and fish population fluctuations, and ultimately, evolutionary processes in this system. The spatial focus lay on the Bornholm Basin as most important spawning area...

European Strategy for Atlantic Ocean Observing

Eric Buch, Sandra Ketelhake, Kate Larkin, Michael Ott, Martin Visbeck, Brad DeYoung, Pierre-Yves Le Traon, Isabel Sousa Pinto, Rafael Gonzalez-Yuiros, Victor Turpin, Artur Palacz, Toste Tanhua, Sylvie Pouliquen, Michele Barbier, Angelika Brandt, Jose Joaquin Hernandez Brito, Anne-Cathrin Wölfl, Peter Brandt, Dina Eparkhina, Vicente Fernandez, Glenn Nolan & Nadia Pinardi
A report on sustainability issues and long-term implementation plan for IAOOS. National and European plans for long-term implementation (organization, funding, role of the different nations, EU, role and international partners) of the Atlantic observing system will be prepared.

Visual and interactive legacy outputs

Kathryn Keeble, Simon Keeble, Jan-Stefan Fritz, Laura Verbeek, Anja Reitz & Sandra Ketelhake
Development and dissemination of up to 6 visual / interactive outputs aimed at stakeholder groups

Towards Sustainable Software Engineering and Citable Software Publications at GEOMAR

Claas Faber, Markus Scheinert & Barbara Schmidt

POS522 Cruise report

Armin Freundt
R.V. Poseidon cruise no. 522 Dates, Ports: 10.04.2018 (Catania, Italy) - 29.04.2018 (Malaga, Spain) Research subject: Tephrostratigraphy of tsunami-related deposits at Stromboli Chief Scientist: Dr. Armin Freundt, GEOMAR, Kiel Number of Scientists: 11 Project: Stromboli tsunamis

ETN Database

Jan Reubens & Pedro Afonso
D3.21 ETN Database: Development of a European Tracking Network component of researchers and database, sharing common standards and protocols, data formats and platforms, and interlinked to other existing or developing Atlantic Ocean networks in Canada, the USA, Africa, and South America (starting in Brazil) to provide a global Atlantic tracking network. PM45

Policy Brief and Event \"The slowing Gulf Stream? What we know and potential impacts\"

Steffen Olsen, Jan-Stefan Fritz, Marius Arthun, Tor Eldevik, Karin Larsen, Raeanne Miller & Marilena Oltmanns

Best practice summary Report

Jay Pearlman, Francoise Pearlman, Pauline Simpson, Mark Bushnell, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Cyndy Chandler, Eric Delory, Juliet Hermes, Emma Heslop, Johannes Karstensen, Frank Muller-Karger, Cristian Munoz-Mas, Peter Pissierssens & Nick Roden
Report summarizing the relevant best practices available in the GEOSS (AtlantOS) best practices registry

Report AtlantOS fitness to Oil spill products

Antonio Augusto Sepp Neves, Nadia Pinardi, Claudia Cesarini, Joao Janeiro & Flavio Martins
Assessment of the observing system fitness for purpose for the hazard mapping

Report on the performance of AtlantOS observing system

Sandra Ketelhake, Martin Visbeck, Mathieu Belbeoch, Caroline Cusack, Laura Ebeler, Vicente Fernandez, Albert Fischer, Jan-Stefan Fritz, Felix Janssen, Rafael Gonzalez-Quiros, Johannes Karstensen, Pierre-Yves Le Traon, Antonio Novellino, Michael Ott, Sylvie Pouliquen, Kieran Reilly, Toste Tanhua & Christoph Waldmann
A report providing an assessment of the adequacy of the cur-rent observing and information system (with results from five pilot countries) will be determined and properly documented. Key findings, experiences and recommendations will be for-mulated to evolve the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System (AtlantOS).

Sustainability of the new Argo mission

S. Pouliquen, Virginie Thierry & H. Claustre
Report on the progress made on the sustainability of the new Argo mission

Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System Shared Infrastructure Report

Eric Delory
Best practice document and review / inventory of current methods for sharing components of the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System, such as ships, fixed and mobile observing systems, calibration facilities and support the use of the infrastructure for innovation testing, validation, or demonstration

3rd AtlantOS progress report plus summary of external board meetings

Anja Reitz & Brad deYoung
Prior to the 4th annual AtlantOS meeting in month 48 a project progress report for the external project boards (EB and ISTAB) will be prepared to enable them to be as good as possible prepared for the meeting and to ensure consequently that AtlantOS receives as constructive as possible recommendations from the boards. This report, together with the two external summary board meeting reports, which will be requested from the EB and ISTAB, will represent...

CPR Add-on variables

M. Edwards, R. Stern, G. Graham, R. Camp, A. Walne, C. Walker, J. Clarke, C. Martins, C. Marshall, A. Fischer, G. Tarran, K. Picard & L. Rewrie
A report on additional and add-on enhancements for the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey programme including add-on variables and molecular analysis

Status of regional climate and ecosystems observing Report

Sabrina Speich, Johannes Karstensen & Elaine McDonagh
Report on the current observing status in the North Atlantic subpolar gyre and the South Atlantic subtropical gyre, containing the results of the investigation on regional observing activities, systems, and connectivity in relation to climate and ecosystems

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