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'eseis' - a comprehensive R software toolbox for environmental seismology

Michael Dietze
Environmental seismoloy is a scientific field that studies the seismic signals, emitted by Earth surface processes. This R package eseis provides all relevant functions to read/write seismic data files, prepare, analyse and visualise seismic data, and generate reports of the processing history. eseis contains a growing set of function to handle the complete workflow of environmental seismology, i.e., the scientific field that studies the seismic signals that are emitted by Earth surface processes. The package...

DESTRESS - Demonstration of soft stimulation treatments of geothermal reservoirs

M. Pittore, T. Boxberger, K. Fleming, K. Megalooikonomou, S. Parolai & M. Pilz
DESTRESS is a Horizon-2020 supported project (Topic: Demonstration of renewable electricity and heating/cooling technologies) that is concerned with creating EGS (enhanced geothermal systems) for the more economical, sustainable and environmentally responsible exploitation of underground heat. The international consortium, representing academic, geothermal sites and industry, will utilize the latest developments in the use of hydraulic, chemical and thermal treatments for enhancing the productivity of geothermal reservoirs, with considerable interaction with various interests groups and the thorough...

Building Monitoring and Decentralized on-site Earthquake Early Warning network, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)

J. Lauterjung, M. Pittore, D. Bindi, T. Boxberger, K. Fleming, M. Haas, B. Moldobekov, S. Orunbaev, S. Parolai, B. Petrovic, M. Pilz & A. Zubovich
Building monitoring and decentralized, on-site Earthquake Early Warning system for the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek. Several low cost sensors equipped with MEMS accelerometers have been installed in eleven buildings within the urban area of the city. The different sensing units communicate with each other via wireless links and the seismic data are streamed in real-time to data centres at GFZ and the Central Asian Institute for Applied Geoscience (CAIAG) using internet. Since each sensing unit has...

Orthophoto and digital elevation model of zebra stripe area PP1, Paposo Fault, Chile

Dirk Hoffmeister
This dataset of an orthophoto and digital elevation model is derived from imagery captured by an unmanned aerial vehicle (type: DJI Phantom 4) of the zebra stripe area PP1, Paposo Fault, Chile. Imagery was captured on a cloud-free day in March 2018 in a manual flight pattern. The imagery was processed by Agisoft Photoscan Professional (vers. 1.4.2) and projected to WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_19S (EPSG: 32719).

Data supplement to: Laser ablation in situ silicon stable isotope analysis of phytoliths

Daniel A. Frick, Jan A. Schuessler, Michael Sommer & Friedhelm von Blanckenburg
Silicon is a beneficial element for many plants, and is deposited in plant tissue as amorphous bio-opal (phytoliths). The biochemical processes of uptake and precipitation induce isotope fractionation: the mass-dependent shift in the relative abundances of the stable isotopes of silicon. At the bulk scale, the silicon isotope composition reported as δ30Si span from -2 to +6 ‰. To further constrain these variations, at the scale of individual phytolith fragments we applied in situ femtosecond...

Land use classification of 2018 for the CRC/TR32 measurement region Selhausen/Merken/Merzenhausen, preliminary results

Ulrike Lussem
This data set contains the preliminary land use classification of 2018 for the measurement region Selhausen/Merken/Merzenhausen of the study area of the CRC/Transregio 32: "Patterns in Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Systems: monitoring, modelling and data assimilation", which corresponds to the catchment of the river Rur. The study area is mainly situated in the western part of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) and parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. The classification is provided in GeoTIFF and in ASCII format. Spatial resolution:...

TIPTIMON (Tien Shan-Pamir Monitoring Program) AFGHANISTAN 2

Sofia-Katerina Kufner, Najibullah Kakar, Shokhruhk Murodkulov, Bernd Schurr, Xiaohui Yuan, Taher Rezai & Shekeb Shamal
The Pamir-Hindu Kush region of Tajikistan and NE Afghanistan stands out due to its worldwide unique zone of intense intermediate depth seismicity, accommodating frequent Mw 7+ earthquakes with hypocenters reaching down to 250 km depth. With this network we aim to collect data allowing to characterize the active deformation within the Hindu Kush mountains and the Tajik-Afghan basin at the northwestern tip of the India-Asia collision zone. The network consists 15 sites (14 stations in...

Preliminary minute means Geomagnetic Observatory Tatuoca (TTB), 2008 to 2017

Gabriel B. Soares, Jürgen Matzka & Katia Pinheiro
This dataset comprises preliminary minute means of the XYZ (X=geographic north, Y=geographic east, Z=downward) magnetic field components measured at the geomagnetic observatory Tatuoca (IAGA code TTB) for the period June 1st, 2008 to December 31st, 2017. TTB is located in northern Brazil and operates under the administration of Observatório Nacional (ON) since 1957. Since 2015 it is operated in cooperation between ON and GFZ. Since the early years of the 2000 decade, the magnetic equator...

TERENO (Northeast), Climate stations of the German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Erik Borg, Holger Maass, Frank Renke, Dirk Jahncke, Vivien Stender, Christian Hohmann, Matthias Berg, Sibylle Itzerott, Daniel Spengler & Christopher Conrad
This data collection compiles the climate stations of the DEMMIN test site operated by the National Ground Segment Neustrelitz (Remote Sensing Data Center, German Aerospace Center DLR) in cooperation with GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ). The site was originally installed by the DLR in 2000 and has become part of the TERENO Northeastern German Lowland Observatory in 2011. This data collection only comprises the DLR climate stations. Climate and soil moisture stations operated...

A global gridded data set on tillage

Vera Porwollik, Susanne Rolinski & Christoph Müller
Tillage is a central element in agricultural soil management and has direct and indirect effects on processes in the biosphere. Effects of agricultural soil management can be assessed by soil, crop, and ecosystem models but global assessments are hampered by lack of information on type and spatial distribution. This dataset is the result of a study on global classification of tillage practices and the spatially explicit mapping of crop-specific tillage systems for around the year...

GRACE Geopotential GAA Coefficients GFZ RL06

Henryk Dobslaw, Robert Dill & Christoph Dahle
Spherical harmonic coefficients that represent anomalous contributions of the non-tidal atmosphere to the Earth's mean gravity field during the specified timespan. This includes the contribution of atmospheric surface pressure over the continents, the static contribution of atmospheric pressure to ocean bottom pressure elsewhere, and the contribution of upper-air density anomalies above both the continents and the oceans. The anomalous signals are relative to the mean field from 2003-2014.

Enhanced Graph File for Processing Sentinel-1 Images using SNAP

Christoph Hütt
The file is an XML Graph file, which can be used to process Sentinel-1 satellite images in the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP). Using this file enables batch processing of Sentinel-1 (IW, GRDH) images. The preprocessing is optimized for land use classification. The following tools are executed: Read Subset (TR32) Apply Orbit File Calibration Terrain Flattening (using DGM1) Speckle Filter (Gamma Map 3x3) Range-Doppler Terrain Correction using DGM1 Conversion to dB Conversion of datatype

LSMOD.1 - Global paleomagnetic field model for 50 -- 30 ka BP

Monika Korte, Maxwell Brown & Sydney Gunnarson
Global spherical harmonic paleomagnetic field model LSMOD.1 describes the magnetic field evolution from 50 to 30 ka BP based on published paleomagnetic sediment records and volcanic data. The time interval includes the Laschamp (~41 ka BP) and Mono Lake (~34 ka BP) excursions. The model is given with Fortran source code to obtain spherical harmonic magnetic field coefficients for individual epochs and to obtain time series of magnetic declination, inclination and field intensity from 49.95...

Supporting Information to: Resolving geophysical signals by terrestrial gravimetry: a time domain assessment of the correction-induced uncertainty

Michal Mikolaj, Marvin Reich & Andreas Güntner
This publication contains the supplementary data set to Mikolaj et al. "Resolving geophysical signals by terrestrial gravimetry: a time domain assessment of the correction-induced uncertainty" (2019, JGR-Solid Earth). The aim of the article is to estimate the uncertainty of terrestrial gravity corrections applied to resolve small-scale gravity effects. The uncertainty of the gravity corrections is assessed using various models of the tidal effect, large-scale hydrology, non-tidal ocean loading, and atmosphere. Taken into account are widely...

ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from Water (global) Sector (V. 1.1)

Simon Gosling, Hannes Müller Schmied, Richard Betts, Jinfeng Chang, Philippe Ciais, Rutger Dankers, Petra Döll, Stephanie Eisner, Martina Flörke, Dieter Gerten, Manolis Grillakis, Naota Hanasaki, Stefan Hagemann, Maoyi Huang, Zhongwei Huang, Sonia Jerez, Hyungjun Kim, Aristeidis Koutroulis, Guoyong Leng, Xingcai Liu, Yoshimitsu Masaki, Pedro Montavez, Catherine Morfopoulos, Taikan Oki, Lamprini Papadimitriou … & Fang Zhao
VERSION HISTORY:-On October 18, 2018 we republished all simulation data for all water (global) sector impact models to get the data sets into the new ESGF search facet structure. There were no changes to the simulation data.- On November 27, 2018 we republished simulation data for monthly variables swe, soilmoist and rootmoist for impact model PCR-GLOBWB due to an error in the units. Instead of reporting mass per area (kg/m2), values corresponded to mass flux...

ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from Biomes Sector (V. 1.1)

Christopher Reyer, Gassem Asrar, Richard Betts, Jinfeng Chang, Min Chen, Philippe Ciais, Marie Dury, Louis Francois, Alexandra Henrot, Thomas Hickler, Akihiko Ito, Ingrid Jacquemin, Kazuya Nishina, Mikhail Mishurov, Catherine Morfopoulos, Guy Munhoven, Sebastian Ostberg, Shufen Pan, Rashid Rafique, Sibyll Schaphoff, Jörg Steinkamp, Hanqin Tian, Wei Ren, Jia Yang, Ning Zeng … & Matthias Büchner
VERSION HISTORY:- On April 10, 2018 we renamed some simulation files of impact models LPJ-GUESS, ORCHIDEE, JULES-UoE and VISIT, due to the correction of social scenario label “nosoc” for “varsoc”. For impact model VISIT, “nosoc” was relabeled to “pressoc”. These data caveats were documented in the ISIMIP website (ISIMIP2a Biomes: correction of scenario names in file names).- On October 17, 2018, we republished all simulation data for all biomes sector impact models to get the...

Supplement to “Synchronization of great subduction megathrust earthquakes: Insights from scale model analysis”

Matthias Rosenau, Illia Horenko, Fabio Corbi, Michael Rudolf, Ralf Kornhuber & Onno Oncken
This data set provides data from subduction zone earthquake experiments and analysis described in Rosenau et al. (2019). In the experiments analogue seismotectonic scale models of subduction zones characterized by two seismogenic asperities are used to study the interaction of asperities over multiple seismic cycles by means of static (Coulomb failure) stress transfer. Various asperity geometries (lateral/along-strike of the subduction zone distance and vertical/across-strike of the subduction zone offset) are tested on their effect on...

GEOFON event gfz2010xlqo (South Indian Ocean; Magnitude 5.5)

Earthquake, 2010-11-30 21:19:46, South Indian Ocean

GEOFON event gfz2010yhdq (Bali Sea; Magnitude 5.5)

Earthquake, 2010-12-12 15:59:19, Bali Sea

GEOFON event gfz2010zdef (Bonin Islands, Japan Region; Magnitude 5.5)

Earthquake, 2010-12-24 17:27:38, Bonin Islands, Japan Region

GEOFON event gfz2011bjoy (Ryukyu Islands, Japan; Magnitude 5.5)

Earthquake, 2011-01-20 11:36:39, Ryukyu Islands, Japan

GEOFON event gfz2011blul (Mariana Islands Region; Magnitude 5.5)

Earthquake, 2011-01-21 16:40:44, Mariana Islands Region

GEOFON event gfz2011csju (Northern Chile; Magnitude 5.5)

Earthquake, 2011-02-08 13:03:27, Northern Chile

GEOFON event gfz2011dhus (Ryukyu Islands, Japan; Magnitude 5.6)

Earthquake, 2011-02-16 23:45:13, Ryukyu Islands, Japan

GEOFON event gfz2011eijh (Talaud Islands, Indonesia; Magnitude 5.5)

Earthquake, 2011-03-03 12:52:10, Talaud Islands, Indonesia

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