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KTB Borehole Measurements of the German Continental Deep Drilling Program

Jochem Kueck, Ronald Conze, Kurt Bram, Hans Draxler, Gustav Zoth, Winfried Kessels & Ralph Hänel
KTB Borehole Measurements Data - Data collection This data collection compiles the KTB Borehole Measurements Data of the German Continental Deep Drilling Program operated by the GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences. Extensive borehole measurements were performed during the active drilling phase of the KTB pilot and main hole. All KTB borehole measurements are described in detail in the Scientific Technical Report - Data 21/03 "KTB Borehole Logging Data" (Kück et al. 2021). The...

A Thermo-Compositional Model of the Cratonic Lithosphere of South America: Models of the Upper Mantle, Crust and Sediment Density

Nils-Peter Finger, Mikhail K. Kaban, Magdala Tesauro, Carina Haeger, Walter D. Mooney & Maik Thomas
In Finger et al. (2021), we created consistent three dimensional models in terms of temperature, density and composition of the upper mantle of the cratonic South American Platform ("Upper MAntle Model") by combining seismic (Celli et al., 2020, Schaeffer & Lebedev, 2013) and gravity (Förste et al., 2014) data with mineral physics constraints in an iterative integrated inversion approach (Kaban et al., 2014; Tesauro et al., 2014). We further compiled a new crustal model ("Crustal...

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