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3D-city Flood Damage Module prototype implementation

Kai Schröter, Richard Redweik, Stefan Lüdtke, Jessica Meier, Mathias Bochow, Heidi Kreibich, Lutz Ross & Claus Nagel
Climate change manifests in terms of changing frequency and magnitude of extreme hydro-meteorological events and thus drives changes in urban flood hazard. Flood risk oriented urban planning is key to derive smart adaptation strategies, strengthen resilience and achieve sustainable development. 3D city models offer detailed spatial information which is useful to describe the exposure and to characterize the susceptibility of buildings at risk. This web-based application presents the 3d-city flood damage module (3DCFD) prototype which...

SEMISYS - Sensor Meta Information System

Markus Bradke
SEMISYS is the Sensor Meta Information System of the German Research Centre for Geosciences. The precise analysis of GNSS observation data is based upon a variety of metadata from different sources, including station and satellite metadata. A high evaluation quality must be ensured by the consistency and integrity of this metadata. The station and satellite metadata are currently maintained in ASCII based files that make the extraction of key information used for the data evaluation...

Interaktive Abfrage von Beschleunigungs-Antwortspektren für die Gefährdungsniveaus gemäß DIN19700 für beliebige Orte in Deutschland und von nationalen Karten der Erdbebengefährdung

Gottfried Grünthal, Christian Bosse & Dietrich Stromeyer

Relational database of conflict events in northern Kenya

Conrad Schetter, Elke Grawert, Rolf Alberth, Marie Müller-Koné & Lars Wirkus
This relational database brings together conflict data for the Kenyan Rift Valley from ACLED, SCAD and UCDP conflict databases. It was developed by BICC (www.bicc.de) in the framework of the research project B3 “Violent futures? Contestations along the frontier” in the collaborative research network CRC 228 “Future Rural Africa. Social-ecological transformation and future-making". The purpose of the database is to visualize patterns of conflict and violence in the Kenyan Rift Valley over time, integrating data...

Meteoroid studies on DAS and large-N networks: Trajectory Inversion Report

Marius Paul Isken, Sebastian Heimann, Torsten Dahm, Toni Kraft, Sin-Mei Wu & Ismael Vera Rodriguez
The interactive web page contains supplementary information to Acoustic signals of a meteoroid recorded on a large-N seismic network and fibre optic cables. It aggregates the probabilistic trajectory inversion results for the observed meteor explosion above south Iceland on July 2, 2022. These inversion results of a hypersonic moving source model (MSM) are based on travel time picks of the first arrival (A1) and the last arrival (LA), both, in homogeneous and layered atmospheric model....

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