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Seismic Velocity Model of Crust and Upper Mantle beneath the Central Andes

Yajian Gao & Frederik Tilmann
We present a new seismic tomography model for the crust and upper-mantle beneath the Central Andes based on multi-scale full seismic waveform inversion, proceeding from long periods (40–80 s) over several steps down to 12–60 s. The spatial resolution and trade- offs among inversion parameters are estimated through the multi-parameter point-spread functions. P and S wave velocity structures with a spatial resolution of 30–40 km for the upper mantle and 20 km for the crust...

R-script notebook for Hierarchical Bayesian logistic regression for predicting landslides in north Patagonia, Chile

Oliver Korup
The file corresponds to a code written using the R software version 4.0.5 (R Core Team, 2021). We used a Bayesian robust regression to predict the posterior probability P(L) at which a given location yi in our study areas (north Patagonia, Chile) is classified as part of a landslide source, transport, or deposition area. We used the NUTS sampling scheme implemented in the STAN probabilistic programming language (Carpenter et al., 2017) to draw samples from...

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