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Best Kappa Classification Python Script

Christoph Huett
This dataset contains a python script that can be used to automatically find the best combination of raster bands for a land use classification. The zip-file contains two python scripts, one for Python version 2.7 and ArcGIS 10.3 and one for Python version 3.4 and ArcGIS Pro.

Supplement to: Curating the web’s deep past - Migration strategies for the German Continental Deep Drilling Program web content

Damian Ulbricht, Jens Klump & Ronald Conze
These files generate data catalogue pages from ISO19139, GMCD-DIF and Datacite metadata by using XSLT stylesheet transformation on XML metadata. This supplement contains four files: * The file "datasetoverview.xslt" is the conversion stylesheet in XSLT 1.0. It is a minified version of the stylesheet we use at GFZ to produce Hypertext Markup Language for presentation in internet browsers.* The file "datasetoverview.css" is the cascading style sheet with the layout definitions.* The file "10.1594.GFZ.SDDB.1409.xml" contains example...

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