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A primer for interdisciplinary research on time and future concepts

Thomas Widlok
This document is a "primer". This means that it is meant to prepare projects in the CRC "Future Rural Africa" for discussions on the degree of universality and cultural relativity of future concepts. As a primer it does not provide a conclusion or closure of scholarly debates in the field but its function is to open up and to facilitate these debates. The document consists of two parts. The first, shorter, part is based on...

„In Technology we Trust“: Digital Visions and their Implications for Agricultural Development in Eastern Africa

Astrid Matejcek, Rupert Neuhöfer, Julian Rochlitz & Julia Verne
The rapid spread of mobile information and communication technologies in Africa has spurred new hopes for agricultural development. In contrast to earlier initiatives that focused on technological assistance in the context of the “green revolution”, projects today increasingly rely on mobile phone applications, the use of tablets and different sensor technologies to enhance agricultural productivity and resilience. In light of the long history of technological approaches to agricultural development, in this contribution, we follow the...

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