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La piel de la tierra : donde la vida se encuentra con las rocas (Versión abreviada)

Friedhelm Von Blanckenburg, Wolfgang Dümcke & Kirstin Übernickel

Recommendations for guidelines at the Helmholtz centres on handling research data. Approved at the 109th General Assembly of the Helmholtz Association on 13-14 September 2017

Due to rapid digital developments and increasing volume of data, the way research data and its use are handled is changing fundamentally. For this reason, the Helmholtz Association, at its General Assembly in September 2016, approved the document: “Make information as a resource more easy to use! A position paper on handling research data in the Helmholtz Association” (below: “position paper”). In this paper, the General Assembly requests that the centres set up corresponding guidelines...

A new structure of the equation of state and its application in high-pressure physics and geophysics

W. Ullmann & V.L. Pan'kov
Evaluation of numerous data from different methods of measurement and theories applied in high-pressure physics shows that the strain energy of a monophase system, which represents the low- or a high-pressure phase of a hydrostatically compressed substance mostly relevant to planetary physics, approximates to a term proportional to the square of an auxiliary function of the volumetric contraction, the bulk modulus and its successive partial derivatives with respect to pressure at the initial state of...

Beiträge zur Untersuchung des Babelsberger Meridiankreises

Joachim Liebert
Zur Prüfung der Leistungsfähigkeit des Meridiankreises von Pistor und Martins (189/2640 mm) werden Zapfen, Teilkreis, Mikrometer und Libellen untersucht und umfangreiche Reihenbeobachtungen von Fundamentalsternen durchgeführt. Die Untersuchung der Zapfen erfolgt mit Fühlhebel und elektrischer Pendellibelle (Talyvel). Die Messung in zwei Positionswinkeln erweist sich als vorteilhaft. Zur Bestimmung der Zapfenfehler wird ein modifiziertes Berechnungsverfahren angewendet, das auf rationellem Wege zu einer strengen Problemlösung führt. Der Teilkreis wird im eingebauten Zustand nach der BRUNSschen Rosettenmethode unter Verwendung...

The Horizon 2020 Project SURE: Deliverable 5.1 - Report Jet Drilling at Ambient Conditions

Simon Hahn & Volker Wittig
The main objective of work and investigation at the International Geothermal Centre in Bochum (GZB) within WP5 is trying to achieve a most complete understanding of water jet and rock interaction for a large variety of sedimentary and crystalline rocks which are being found in Geothermal reservoirs around Europe. Scope of this work is to introduce a drilling and stimulation technology for geothermal application/EGS that is not limited to only one single geological setting, but...

Leicht mobilisierbare Ionenanteile in Gesteinen der KTB. Abschlußbericht des Forschungsvorhabens Mo 443/2 im Rahmen des DFG-Schwerpunktes Kontinentale Tiefbohrung

Peter Möller & U. Giese
Scientific Technical Report STR; 95/07

The skin of the earth : where life meets rocks (Short version)

Friedhelm Von Blanckenburg, Wolfgang Dümcke & Kirstin Übernickel

La piel de la tierra : donde la vida se encuentra con las rocas

Friedhelm Von Blanckenburg, Wolfgang Dümcke & Kirstin Übernickel

User manual for HYPOSAT 6 and HYPOMOD 2

Johannes Schweitzer
New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice 2 (NMSOP2)

ICDP Primer - Planning, managing, and executing continental scientific drilling projects. 4th ed.

Ulrich Harms
This brochure is designed for scientists and engineers of upcoming drilling projects and explains the key steps and important challenges in planning and executing continental scientific drilling.

SCOTER - Multiple-Earthquake Location by Using Static and Source-Specific Station COrrection TERms

Nima Nooshiri
Scientific Technical Report - Data ; 19/05

Manual of the Matlab Script Stress2Grid v1.1

Moritz Ziegler & Oliver Heidbach
WSM Technical Report; 19-02

Wenn Gesteine sich auflösen: Erdfallstrukturen in Deutschlands Untergrund

Charlotte M. Krawczyk, Samira Maghsoudi & Djamil Al-Halbouni
System Erde; 9

Nutzung des geologischen Untergrunds zur stofflichen Speicherung

Cornelia Schmidt-Hattenberger, Stefan Lüth, Dennis Rippe, Bernd Wiese, Peter Pilz, Johannes Hierold, Martin Zimmer & Michael Kühn
System Erde; 9

MT Repository. User manual

Oliver Ritter, Gerard Muñoz, Roxana Barth, Kristina Tietze, Paula Rulff & Sophie Stephan
Scientific Technical Report - Data ; 19/06

Recommendations on methods for controlling access to scientific information resources

European Microseismic Scale 1998. EMS-98

Gottfried Grünthal, Roger M. W. Musson, Jochen Schwarz & Massimiliano Stucchi
Cahiers du Centre Européen de Géodynamique et de Séismologie ; 15

Dealing with research software: Recommendations for best practices

Kaja Scheliga, Heinz Pampel, Uwe Konrad, Bernadette Fritzsch, Tobias Schlauch, Marco Nolden, Wolfgang Zu Castell, Ants Finke, Martin Hammitzsch, Oliver Bertuch & Michael Denker
In this paper we present general recommendations for dealing with research software. We discuss incentives and metrics, software development and documentation, accessibility, publication and transfer strategies, infrastructures, quality assurance, licensing and other legal topics, education and training, as well as policies and guidelines. We consider research software, alongside text and data, as an essential element of open science. We argue that research software should be treated and acknowledged as a discrete product of the research...

Es taut! Frozen-Ground Cartoons : Eine internationale Kooperation zwischen Künstlern und Permafrost-Wissenschaftlern

Heta Nääs, Noémie Ross, Frédéric Bouchard, Michelle Paquette, Audrey Veillette, Michael Fritz, Stefanie Weege, Julie Malenfant-Lepage, Bethany Deshpande, Alexander Nieuwendam, Ashley Rudy, Matthias Siewert, Ylva Sjöberg, Jon Harbor & J. Otto Habeck
This project started in October 2015 with a crazy idea : prepare and submit a funding application for an international, multidisciplinary and non-traditional scientific outreach project… within the next 48 hours. Well, it worked out. A group of highly motivated young researchers from Canada and Europe united to combine arts and science and produce a series of outreach comic strips about permafrost (frozen ground). The aim of the project is to present and explain scientific...

MED-SUV CUBE arrays 2014 - Report

Marco Pilz, Heiko Woith & Gaetano Festa
Scientific Technical Report - Data; 18/05; ISSN 1610-0956

Evaluation of pre-CHAMP gravity models GRIM5-S1 and GRIM5-C1 with Satellite Crossover Altimetry

Jaroslav Klokocnik, Christoph Reigber, Peter Schwintzer, Carl A. Wagner & Jan Kostelecký
Scientific Technical Report STR; 00/22

Erdbebengefährdung Deutschlands – neu bewertet für aktuelle Baunorm

Gottfried Grünthal, Dietrich Stromeyer, Christian Bosse, Fabrice Cotton & Dino Bindi
System Erde; 9

CHAMP: Overview of final ME products and format description

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