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Migration of Steeply Dipping Reflectors at the KTB Site: Depth Errors Caused by Inaccurate velocity Models

C. Hanitzsch, P. Hubral, T. Rühl & W. Söllner
A depth migration is very sensitive to tl1e velocity model especially in the case of steeply dipping reflectors like the so-called SE reflectors at the KTB site. Velocity models derived from first breaks in vertical seismic profiling (YSP) experiments were used and compared with velocity data at the top of the crystalline refractor derived by short range measurements. Because of high picking errors, the possibility to compare seismic events with information of the upper part...

Fluid/Gas Indications in 8 km Depth beneath the KTB and Rock Anisotropy From Shear-Wave Reflection Surveys

E. Lüschen & U. Werner
KTB-Reports; 92-5

On the Character of ‘Steep Event SE-1’ - Reflected Energy, Reflected Refraction, Diffraction or Any Artifact?

M. Körbe & C. Reichert
KTB-Reports ; 92-5

VSP - A Link between Reflection Seismic profiling and Lithology

W. Söllner, E. Lüschen, X.-P. Li, P. Hubral, T. W. Gut & M. Widmaier
KTB-Reports; 92-5

Application of a Simplified Horizon Migration to the Data of the 3D-Seismics ISO'89 Process

M. Stiller & M. Tormann
KTB-Reports; 92-5

Shear-Wave Splitting Observed by Wide-Angle Measurement

M. Bopp
The recordings of the wide-angle shots by 3-component geophones in the KTB pilot hole exhibit the effect of shear-wave splitting, that is the most diagnostic evidence of seismic anisotropy (Crampin, 1989). The possible reasons for seismic anisotropy will be discussed and the lateral extension of the anisotropic region will be estimated.

On the Geological Interpretation of the 3D-Seismic Data with Special Regard to the Information from the KTB Boreholes

G. Hirschmann
A preliminary interpretation of the major 3-D reflectors is given by correlation with the surface geology and the drilled sections of the KTB Vorbohrung and the Hauptbohrung. Possible explanations for the reflections are discussed: lithological boundaries, cataclastic fault zones (partly filled with fluids) and other structural properties (e.g. foliation). Flat reflectors near the surface (MFl - 4) can be correlated with Permocarboniferous and Mesozoic sediments of the South German Platform. Special attention is drawn to...

3-D Wide-Angle Investigations in the KTB Surroundings as part of the \"Integrated Seismics Oberpfalz 1989 (IS089)\"

H. Gebrande, M. Bopp, M. Meichelböck & P. Neurieder
KTB-Reports; 90-6b

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