Datenbank zum vereinheitlichten Erdbebenkatalog für Zentral-, Nord- und Nordwesteuropa (CENEC) - aktualisiert und erweitert für das letzte Jahrtausend

G. Grünthal, R. Wahlström & D. Stromeyer
New databases motivate improvements and extensions of the catalogue by Grünthal and Wahlström (J Seismol 7:507–531, 2003a) – G&W03 – of earthquakes in central, northern, and northwestern Europe with Mw ≥ 3.50. Data from over 30 regional catalogues, the International Seismological Centre and U.S. National Earthquake Information Center bulletins for the NE Atlantic Ocean, and many special studies were analysed, largely along the lines of the previous study. Non-tectonic, non-seismic, and non-existing as well as duplicate events...

Registration Year

  • 2009

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  • Dataset