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New insights into the tectonic evolution of the Amerasia Basin, Arctic Ocean

Wilfried Jokat

Characterization of Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Dynamics Based on Seismic Interpretation and Basin Modeling: an Integrated Study of the Orange Basin, South Africa

Alexander Hartwig, Donna Boyd, Gesa Kuhlmann, Selwyn Adams, Curnell Campher, Anka Zahie, Rolando Di Primio, Tony Albrecht & Varsha Singh

Plio-Quaternary kinematics and geometry of the Calama-Olacapato-El Toro fault zone across the Puna Plateau, Argentina

Claudia Corazzato, Alessandro Tibaldi, Alessandro Cavallo, FABIO LUCA BONALI, Federica Lanza & A. Nardin

Deformation at Llaima volcano, southern Andes

Hannes Bathke, Thomas Walter & Manoochehr Shirzaei

Colorado Basin Structure and Rifting, Argentine passive margin

Julia Autin, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Markus Lögering, Zahie Anka, E. Vallejo, J. F. Rodriguez, D. Marchal, C. Reichert & Rolando di Primio

An Overview of Structure and Evolution of the Lithosphere in the NorthAtlantic Region

Irina Artemieva & Hans Thybo

Defining the LAB: semantics versus physics

Irina Artemieva

Age and textural anisotropy of the SCLM derived from studies on xenolithsof the Central European Cenozoic Igneous Province (CECIP)

Michael Abratis, Gerd Brey & Lothar Viereck-Goette

Noble gases in brines from the St-Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec: tracing the origin of brines and associated hydrocarbons

C. Béland Otis, D. L. Pinti, A. Tremblay, M. C. Castro, Hall C. M., V. Lavoie & Marcil J. S.

Preliminary results of a helium / tritium monitoring of a shallow crystalline rock aquifer in Brittany : influence of pumping for drinking water supply

Elodie Fourré, L. Aquilina, Anne-Catherine Pierson-Wickmann, Philippe Jean-Baptiste, D. Baumier, T. Labasque & V. Ayraud

Noble gases in the crater lakes Nyos and Monoun, Cameroon

K. Nagao K., M. Kusakabe , Y. Yoshida & G. Tanyileke

Method for extraction of dissolved gases from groundwater for radiokrypton analysis

P. C. Probst, R. Yokochi & N. C. Sturchio

Precise measurement of atmospheric helium isotopes

Y. Sano, T. Tokutake & N. Takahata

Noble gas geochemistry applied to CO2 geological storage: examples from French natural analogues

A. Battani , E. Jeandel, E. Deville & Ph. Sarda

Lessons learned from two thousand tritium-helium groundwater ages in California, USA

Jean E. Moran, G. Bryant Hudson, Bradley D. Cey & Michael J. Singleton

Isotopically light meltwater from Scandinavian Ice Sheet in the Cambrian-Vendian aquifer system in northern Estonia: further study prospects

R. Vaikmäe, A. Marandi & V. Raidla

The GFZ noble gas lab: Equipment and recent research

Samuel Niedermann, Nicole Alexandra Stroncik, Johanna Lippmann-Pipke, Cassandra Fenton, Mirjam Goethals, T. Krüsmann, T. Wiersberg, Enzio Schnabel & J. Erzinger

Data Analysis and Seismogram Interpretation

Peter Bormann, Klaus Klinge & Siegfried Wendt

Intensity and Intensity Scales

Roger M. W. Musson


Erhard Wielandt


Erhard Wielandt

Die Beule von Lazufre : Aufwölbung eines Vulkanfelds in Chile

Thomas R. Walter, Joel Ruch, Andrea Manconi, Manoochehr Shirzaei, Mahdi Motagh & Jan Anderssohn
How fast can volcanoes grow and what is the importance of volcano-tectonic interaction? Using three European satellites we generated an InSAR time series to investigate the spatio-temporal characteristics of volcano deformation in the Plate Boundary Observatory Chile. At the Lazufre volcanic complex, central Andes, two scales of uplift initiating during the observation time were observed: (1) a large-scale uplift showing an increase of the mean deformation rate and now affecting several eruptive centres, covering an...

Seismische Risikoanalysen in Zentralasien

Stefano Parolai, Angelo Strollo, Dino Bindi, Claus Milkereit, Matteo Picozzi, Domenico DiGiacomo, Marc Wieland, Massimiliano Pittore, Morgan Mayfield, Huyan Liu, Marco Pilz & Jochen Zschau
System Erde; 1

Geologische Übersichtskarte Rheinisches Schiefergebirge SW-Teil (mit Abbaustellen der Steine-Erden-Rohstoffe) : Hochschulumgebungskarte Trier 1:100 000 ; mit Korrekturen 2000

W. Wagner, Jörg F. W. Negendank, G. Fuchs, H. G. Mittmeyer & E. Lutz
Beilage zu: Trier und Umgebung / Jörg F. W. Negendank. - (Sammlung geologischer Führer ; 60). - Kartographisch überarb. Neuaufl. 2000 durch J. F. W. Negendank ; T. Sommer

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