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Does Land-Use Policy Moderate Impacts of Climate Anomalies on LULC Change in Dry-Lands? An Empirical Enquiry into Drivers and Moderators of LULC Change in Southern Ethiopia

Misginaw Arficho & Andreas Thiel
The study set out to understand drivers of Land-Use Land Cover (LULC) changes in dry-land areas and investigate factors helping mitigate the adverse impacts of climate anomalies on LULC changes. By employing a mixed-methods design, it combined LULC data with socioeconomic and climatic data, to analyze the pattern of LULC changes and its socioeconomic and climatic driving forces along with moderating factors. It was found that rangeland decreased by 764 km2 (13% of total area)...

Chinese Money Matters – So why Does it Have Such a Low Profile?

Helen Wang

Expectation dispersion, uncertainty, and the reaction to news

Benjamin Born, Jonas Dovern & Zeno Enders
Releases of key macroeconomic indicators are closely watched by financial markets. We investigate the role of expectation dispersion and economic uncertainty for the stock-market reaction to indicator releases. We find that the strength of the financial market response to news decreases with the preceding dispersion in expectations about the indicator value. Uncertainty, in contrast, increases the response. We rationalize our findings in a model of imperfect information. In the model, dispersion results from a perceived...

Explicit Art Historical Image Referencing on a Big Scale

Martin Warnke
Referencing of image details has its difficulties in the internet. A technology for doing this is proposed along with a short analysis of rhetoric forms and social implications.

Welche Institutionen betreiben Open-Access-Repositorien in Deutschland?

Paul Vierkant & Maxi Kindling

Das Hybride als Normalität

Andreas Hartsch
Diskursanalytisch untersucht werden konzeptionelle Verunsicherungen bei der Medienausrichtung von Bibliotheken, die von einer unsteten, auf Durchsetzungserfolge bauenden Orientierung an unbewiesenem Gleichzeitigen oder Zukünftigen herzurühren scheinen. Dabei gerät Bewiesenes unter Begründungszwänge und Verdrängungsdruck. Paradigmatisch dafür wird der Satz ausgemacht: 'Das Neue ist das Gute', von dem eine Steigerungsform, nun unter gänzlichem Verzicht auf Qualitätsurteile existiert: 'Das Neue ist das Selbstverständliche'. Das wird hier hinterfragt mit transdisziplinärem Blick auf Diskussionsbeiträge hauptsächlich aus 2014 bis 2016. Herausgearbeitet wird...

Physicochemical Determinations of Glucose in vivo

J. D. Kruse-Jarres

Petersen plane arrangements and a surface with multiple 7-secants

Hirotachi Abo, Holger P. Kley & Chris Peterson
We study configurations of 2-planes in that are combinatorially described by the Petersen graph. We discuss conditions for configurations to be locally Cohen–Macaulay and describe the Hilbert scheme of such arrangements. An analysis of the homogeneous ideals of these configurations leads, via linkage, to a class of smooth, general type surfaces in . We compute their numerical invariants and show that they have the unusual property that they admit (multiple) 7-secants. Finally, we demonstrate that...

Fibred Kähler and quasi-projective groups

Fabrizio Catanese

Multicenter evaluation of the hemolysis index in automated clinical chemistry systems

Giuseppe Lippi, Gian Luca Salvagno, Norbert Blanckaert, Davide Giavarina, Sol Green, Steve Kitchen, Vladimir Palicka, Anne J. Vassault & Mario Plebani
Background: In vitro hemolysis, the prevailing cause of preanalytical error in routine laboratory diagnostics, might influence the reliability of several tests, affect the quality of the total testing process and jeopardize patient safety. Although laboratory instrumentation is now routinely equipped with systems capable of automatically testing and eventually correcting for hemolysis interference, to our knowledge there are no reports that have compared the efficiency of different analytical platforms for identifying and classifying specimens with hemolysis....

Quantitative Histochemie der Enzyme (Eine Übersicht)


The Public Sphere in South Asia

Maria-Magdalena Fuchs

Literaturnotizen aus Südasien

Hannelore Lötzke

An experiment in access

Sally MacDonald
The Petrie Museum has conducted significant quantitative and qualitative research with academic audiences and with the general public, and is experimenting with new ways of presenting its collections to address a broader audience. 'Ancient Egypt: Digging for Dreams' is one such experiment - a travelling exhibition of objects from the collection showing at public galleries in London and Glasgow. This paper looks at public and academic responses to the exhibition and some of the issues...

The current state of Higher Education Museums, Galleries and Collections in the UK

Nick Merriman
The paper will summarise the current state of the UK's higher education museums, galleries and collections (HEMGCs) by drawing on recent surveys of collections and management issues. In particular the paper will highlight some of the innovative ways in which HEMGCs have been working in partnership with others and broadening their audiences.

Indigenous perspective on the collection of traditional Bongainville culture and art; past, present and future

Moses Havini
In this paper issues of ownership and protection of intellectual property of traditional art and culture are scrutinised. In particular, it addresses issues surrounding the historical lifting and acquisition of huge volumes of traditional art and treasures within the last 200 years by various collectors, including traders, colonial officials, missionaries and private collectors. Access to traditional art and artifacts now preserved in western museums is of critical concern to indigenous peoples. Today, many cultures that...

New forms of cooperation between the Helsinki University Museum and university students

Kati Heinàmies
The small museum collections of the University of Helsinki will be transferred to excellent new facilities right in the city centre. Some of these collections specialise in the more than 360-year history of the University and in the history of Finnish science, while others are concerned with the history of medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, geology, and textiles, clothing and craft design. Previously, the collections were open only by appointment, but from autumn 2003 onwards, they...

The challenge: to convince potential funders and legislators of the value of research collections in a university museum

Aldona Jonaitis
One of the greatest challenges for university museums is to convince the public, the government, and private donors of the value of scientific collections. Too many visitors experience museum collections as simply vast quantities of nearly identical bird skins, mammal bones, pressed plants, without understanding why they are there and what larger function they serve. To communicate the importance of collections requires an ability to connect museum research with the interests of the public, government...

The 'Dutch approach', or how to achieve a second life for abandoned geological collections

Steven W. G. De Clercq
The 'life-cycle' of geological collections from Dutch universities is described against the background of developments in education and research. The shift from the field to the laboratory in both education and research, combined with massive reorganisations, led to many orphaned collections, totalling some two million objects. Sponsored by the government, the five oldest Dutch universities engaged in a collaborative action to tackle this problem with the aim to improve the overall quality and accessibility of...

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