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E3 - Residual Stress Analysis and Texture Diffractometer

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Für Materialien Und Energie
The diffractometer is designed for strain and stress analysis for simple geometric samples as well as for industrial applications and heavy components of arbitrary shape. The diffractometer itself consists of two big omega circles (Ω and 2Θ) with a diameter of 800 mm and upon a translation table (xyz-direction) for sample positioning in vertical and horizontal direction. This set up is installed for handling heavy and/or large samples and components such as impellers or turbines...

HFM/EXED - High Magnetic Field Facility for Neutron Scattering

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Für Materialien Und Energie
High Magnetic Field Facility for Neutron Scattering consists of two main components: the High Field Magnet (HFM) and the Extreme Environment Diffractometer (EXED). The former is a dedicated 26 T hybrid magnet, built by the HZB in collaboration with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Florida, US). The latter is a time-of-flight instrument optimized for neutron scattering in restricted angular geometry of the magnet.

E11 - Fast Acquisition Laue Camera for Neutrons (FALCON)

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Für Materialien Und Energie
Neutron Laue diffraction is an important method of neutron scattering for measuring single crystals. Laue diffraction patterns are generated in a matter of seconds from very small crystals i.e. <1mm3. FALCON has two scintillating plate detectors coupled to four iCCD cameras each, to produce a 2D projection of a large volume of reciprocal space in a single Laue pattern. Such images can be used to index complex crystal structures, characterise features such as twinning or...

V2 - Cold Neutron 3-Axis Spectrometer (FLEXX)

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Für Materialien Und Energie
The instrument name is derived from the flexibility of the spectrometer parameters which permit non-standard experiments and its use in the development of novel methods. The instrument was upgraded in 2011 and rechristened FLEXX. Its new position at the end of the NL1B guide allows a large coverage in wavevector transfer. The guide itself has been upgraded with m=3 neutron supermirrors to allow more neutrons to be transported from the source to the instrument. In...

Local Structure of Al-based Amorphous Alloys after Microalloying by Element Substitution and after Ball Milling

Yao Liu
PhD thesis

Hydrogen Passivation of Polycrystalline Si Thin Film Solar Cells

Benjamin Gorka

Strukturelle Charakterisierung von Wasserstoff trennenden Gasseparationsmembranen auf Lantanoid-Wolframat-Basis

Tobias Scherb
PhD thesis

Technical Design Study BESSSY VSR

A. Jankowiak, J. Knobloch, P. Goslawski & N. Neumann
technical report

Design of electron beam evaporated Si thin films for solid phase crystallized solar cells on glass

Tobias Sontheimer
PhD thesis

Conceptual Design Report for a multi-turn Energy Recovery Linac-bases Synchrotron Light Facility (Femto-Science Factory)

T. Atkinson, A. Bondarenko, A. Matveenko & Y. Petenev
technical report

Clustering and Precipitation in Al-Mg-Si Alloys

Zeqin Liang
PhD thesis

Element-resolved Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Alloys and Multilayers

Andrea Eschenlohr
PhD thesis

Anomalous Small Angle X-ray Scattering (ASAXS) analysis of nanocrystals in glass ceramics: structure and composition

Vikram Singh Raghuwanshi
PhD thesis

In situ Spannungs- und Strukturanalyse von Molybdän- und CuInS2-Dünnschichten mittels Röntgendiffraktion

Diana Thomas
PhD thesis

Zweiter Jahresbericht

Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie

Einfluss von Strontium auf die Mikrostruktur von Aluminium-Silizium Legierungen

Melanie Timpel
PhD thesis

Interactions of Proteins with Soft Polymeric Surfaces: Driving Forces and Kinetics

Nicole Welsch
PhD thesis

The Surface Charge of Soft and Hard Sphere Colloidal Particles – Experimental Investigation and Comparison to Theory

Christian Schneider
PhD thesis

Ultrafast processes in molecules visualized with femtosecond pump-probe photoelectron spectroscopy

Torsten Leitner
PhD thesis

Supplement to: Machine learning classification for field distributions of photonic modes

Carlo Barth & Christiane Becker
Electromagnetic modes of photonic nanostructures can exhibit increased near-field energy densities which can be applied in many fields such as biosensing, quantum dot solar cells or photon upconversion. Optimizing such systems enforces to systematically analyze large amounts of numerically obtained three-dimensional field distribution data, as in the presented dataset. The simulated system is a silicon photonic crystal slab on glass (subspace) with a hexagonal lattice of cylindrical holes. The holes are filled with a medium...

Neutron study of the topological flux model of hydrogen ions in water ice

J.-U. Hoffmann, K. Siemensmeyer, S. Isakov, D. J. P. Morris, B. Klemke, I. Glavatskyi, K. Seiffert, D. A. Tennant, S. Sondhi & R. Moessner
The familiarity of water ice means we often overlook its non-trivial character illustrated, for example, by the many snowflake morphologies resulting from disordered combinations of covalent and hydrogen bonds between hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water ice’s most common phase (Ih) that keep the H_2 O molecular character. Using neutron diffraction on the flat-cone diffractometer E2 at BER-II, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, we probe the atomic scale configuration in the Ih phase of water ice to test...

A study of charge transfer kinetics in dye-sensitized surface conductivity solar cells

Dennis Friedrich

Summary and Conclusions of the Two Orbit / TRIBs User Test Week

R. Ovsyannikov, M. Roessle, K. Medjanik, H. J. Elmers, G. Schönhense, K. Holldack, G. Schiwietz, F. Trinter, U. Hergenhahn, E. Rienks, P. Guttmann, F. Kronast, M. Weigand, E. Schierle, V. Soltwisch, F. Scholz, M. Krumrey, P. Hoenicke, C. Zech & P. Goslawski

Investigation of structural changes in cathode materials for rechargeable Li-ion batteries by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Jatinkumar K. Rana
PhD thesis

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