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Investigation of the Influence of Perforation on the Water Transport in Gas Diffusion Layers of PEM Fuel Cells

Katja Dittmann
diploma thesis

Methodische Untersuchung von Alterungseffekten an Brennstoffzellen mittels Synchrotronradiografie und -tomographie

Tobias Arlt
PhD thesis

Electronic Properties of ALD Zinc Oxide Interfaces and its Implication for Chalcopyrite Absorber Materials

Eike Janocha
PhD thesis

Charakterisierung und Simulation von polykristallinen Silizium Dünnschichtsolarzellen

Ana-Maria Theodoreanu
master thesis

E2 - Flat-Cone Diffractometer

A 3-dimensional part of the reciprocal space can be scanned in less then five steps by combining the “off-plane Bragg-scattering” and the flat-cone layer concept while using a new computer-controlled tilting axis of the detector bank. Parasitic scattering from cryostat or furnace walls is reduced by an oscillating "radial" collimator. The datasets and all connected information is stored in one independent NeXus file format for each measurement and can be easily archived. The software package...

UE52_PGM Ion trap

UE52_PGM Ion trap is a soft x-ray beamline at BESSY II that delivers an unfocussed low-divergence beam of variable polarization. Its characteristics are ideally suited for ion trap studies of magnetic properties.

Ion Trap

The Ion Trap is designed for x-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) spectroscopy of cold gaseous ions in a magnetic field of up to 5 T. Size-selected cluster ions, molecular ions, and ionic complexes can be studies using a unique cryogenic linear quadrupole ion trap with 5 T superconducting solenoid. The radio-frequency ion trap is operated in the space-charge limit for high signal-to-noise ratio. Magnetron sputtering and gas aggregation is the standard ion source, but other...

V4 - Small Angle Scattering Instrument (SANS)

V4 allows for the measurement of density composition and magnetization fluctuations in materials on a length scale from 0.5 nm to 400 nm. At short distance the 2D-detector can be moved vertically by 0.17 m, extending the Q range to even higher values. A large sample chamber is connected to the vacuum system with the detector and collimator tubes. Automatic sample changers (both T and B controlled) are available.

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