23 Works

Structural trends in off stoichiometric chalcopyrite type compound semiconductors

Christiane Stephan
PhD thesis

Electrochemical and Photochemical Functionalization of Au and Si Surfaces by Grafting of Diazonium and Azide Compounds

Xin Zhang

Struktur und Gitterdynamik von Gruppe-V-Elementen in ZnO

Felice Friedrich

Microscopic properties of grain boundaries in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 and CuInS2 thin-film solar cells studied by transmission electron microscopy

Sebastian Simon Schmidt
PhD thesis

Strukturelle Charakterisierung von Wasserstoff trennenden Gasseparationsmembranen auf Lantanoid-Wolframat-Basis

Tobias Scherb
PhD thesis

Cd-freie Heterokontakte in Chalkopyrit-basierten Dünnschichtsolarzellen

David Kieven
PhD thesis

Neutron Scattering Investigations on 3d and 4f Frustrated Magnetic Insulators

Diana Lucía Quintero Castro
PhD thesis

Hydrogen Passivation of Polycrystalline Si Thin Film Solar Cells

Benjamin Gorka

The Surface Charge of Soft and Hard Sphere Colloidal Particles – Experimental Investigation and Comparison to Theory

Christian Schneider
PhD thesis

Structural, electronic and transport properties of amorphous/crystalline silicon heterojunctions

Tim Ferdinand Schulze
PhD thesis

The Role of Cd and Ga in the Cu(In,Ga)S2/CdS Heterojunction Studied with X-Ray Spectroscopic Methods

Benjamin E. Johnson

Transparente und leitfähige Oxide für Chalkopyrit-basierte Dünnschichtsolarzellen

Johanna Krammer

BER II Experimental Reports 2009

Andreas Rödig, Astrid Brandt & H.A. Graf

Herstellung und thermo-physikalische Charakterisierung von superionischen Gläsern basierend auf dem AgPO3-System

Sana Qayyum
diploma thesis

Optoelectronic properties of impurity-modified CuGaS2 solar cell absorber films

Sascha Klemz
diploma thesis

Untersuchung der Ladungstrennung in Halbleiter-Nanopartikelschichten mit Methoden der Oberflächenphotospannung

Steffen Fengler
diploma thesis

Einfluss der undotierten ZnO-Schicht auf die elektrischen Eigenschaften von ZnO/Cu(In,Ga)Se2-Solarzellen

Lorena Messmann-Vera

Benchmarking surface signals when growing GaP on Si in CVD ambients

Henning Döscher

A study of charge transfer kinetics in dye-sensitized surface conductivity solar cells

Dennis Friedrich

Investigation of the Influence of Perforation on the Water Transport in Gas Diffusion Layers of PEM Fuel Cells

Katja Dittmann
diploma thesis

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