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The control of the drugstore beetle, Stegobium paniceum (Coleoptera: Anobiidae) with high and low temperatures

A. Y. Abdelghany, S. S. Awadalla, N. F. Abdel-Baky, H. A. El-Syrafi & P. G. Fields
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 671-672

Repellent activity of two medicinal plant essential oils on Tribolium castaneum and Ephestia kuehniella

H. Akrami, S. Moharramipour & S. Imani
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 614-614

Efficiency comparison of three attractant products against webbing clothes moth Tineola bisselliella (Hummel) (Lepidoptera: Tineidae) using an adapted four arms olfactometer

I. Arnault, M. Decoux, D. De Reyer & J. Auger
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 77-78

The use of essential oils to protect rice from storage fungi

A. Magro, O. Matos, M. Bastos, M. Carolino, A. Lima & A. Mexia
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 542-547

Effect of oxygen reducing atmospheres on the quality and safety of stored shelled Brazil nut packs

V.M. Scussel, A.C. Tanello, B.N. Giordano, D. Manfio, S. Galvão & M.N.F. Rodrigues
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 560-565

Use of technology radiation as a method of reducing the microorganism and conservation postharvest of caja during storage

J.M. Silva, L.C.S.A. Correia, N.P. De Moura, M.I.S. Maciel & H.P. Villar
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 573--577

Potential of plant products as protectants of stored maize against Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera:Curculionidae)

C. Conceição, A. Barbosa, O. Matos & A. Mexia
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 615-621

Insecticidal properties of whole meal or protein extracts of the bean seeds Phaseolus vulgaris L. on juvenile stages of Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

F. Mouhouche, F. Karbache & F. Fleurat-Lessard
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 654-660

Heat treatment: A viable methyl bromide alternative for managing stored-product insects in food-processing facilities

R. Hulasare, B. Subramanyam, P.G. Fields & A.Y. Abdelghany
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 661-667

Suppression of the population of Lasioderma serricorne in stored tobacco by relocation of warehouses to cooler areas

T. Imai
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 668-670

Radio frequency treatments for insect disinfestation of dried legumes

J.A. Johnson, S. Wang & J. Tang
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 688-694

Progress in the development of a biopesticide for the structural treatment of grain stores

M.E. Wakefield, D. Moore, B. Luke, B. Taylor, C.G. Storm, D.A. Collins, P. Grammare & O. Potin
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 760-765

Mortality and suppression of progeny production of Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and Tribolium confusum Jacquelin du Val (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in seven different grains treated with an enhanced diatomaceous earth formulation

N.G. Kavallieratos, C.G. Athanassiou, B.J. Vayias & M. Boukouvala
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 923-929

Influence of sanitation on post-fumigation pest rebound

L. Mason, W. Tsai & K. Ileleji
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 983

Summary of commercially available pheromones of common stored-product moths

P. Swords & A. Van Ryckeghem
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 1008-1010

The use of hand-held computers (PDAs) to audit and validate eradication of a post-border detection of Khapra Beetle, Trogoderma granarium, in Western Australia

R.E. Emery, M. Chami, N. Garel, E. Kostas & D.C. Hardie
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 425; 1031-1037

Aktuelle Entwicklungen zum Aufbau der Deutschen Genbank Zierpflanzen beim Bundessortenamt

Burkhard Spellerberg
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 433; 12-14

Biotechnologische Methoden für die züchterische Verbesserung von Zierpflanzen

Heiko Mibus, Margrethe Serek & Traud Winkelmann
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 433; 18-29

Methodische Ansätze zur Verbesserung der Trockenstresstoleranz durch markergestützte Selektion

Frank Ordon, Sylvia Seddig, Anne Bartelmann & Christiane Balko
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 433; 29-32

Erstes Symposium Zierpflanzenzüchtung in Quedlinburg, 15.-16. November 2011 - Proceedings -

Günter Schumann, Christoph Stephan & Gabriele Harring
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 433; 2-64

Investigation of the current status of anticoagulant resistance in UK Norway rats by VKORC1 genotyping

D.J. Clarke & C.V. Prescott
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 432; 63

Antidotal potential of specific diets in Norway rats

J. Jacob & J.F. Freise
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 432; 65

Field trials to assess resistance to warfarin and difenacoum of house mice in relation to the occurrence of variants in the vkorc1-gene before and after the treatments

S. Endepols, N. Klemann, Y. Song & M.H. Kohn
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 432; 70-71

Distribution, abundance and damages caused by European beavers (Castor fiber) in Polish forests

Z. Borowski & J. Borkowski
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 432; 85

Behavioral responses of voles along fences patrolled by natural predators

O. Fuelling, E. Buehler, J.-P. Airoldi & W. Nentwig
Julius-Kühn-Archiv; 432; 86-87

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