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Regeneration of β-Cyclodextrin Based Membrane by Photodynamic Disulfide Exchange — Steroid Hormone Removal from Water

Zheqin Dong, Matteo Tagliavini, Jason Darmadi, Vanessa Trouillet, Andrea I. Schäfer & Pavel A. Levkin
The occurrence of steroid hormones in water and their serious impact on human and ecosystem demand high performance materials for efficient removal of such micropollutants. Here, an affinity membrane is developed for hormone removal with regenerable binding sites. By using photodynamic disulfides as a linker, UV induced detachment of β‐CD ligands from the membrane surface is demonstrated. The macroporous base membrane is first fabricated via a polymerization induced phase separation method using 2‐hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA)...

Record-High in-device electro-optic coefficient of 359 pm/V in a Silicon-Organic Hybrid (SOH) modulator

C. Kieninger, Y. Kutuvantavida, H. Zwickel, S. Wolf, M. Lauermann, D. L. Elder, L. R. Dalton, W. Freude, S. Randel & C. Koos

Die größte Hoffnung wäre, die Dystopien zu verhindern. Im Gespräch mit Joachim Weinhardt

Karsten Wendland &
Der Theologe Prof. Dr. Joachim Weinhardt, PH Karlsruhe, ordnet Fragen zu Künstlicher Intelligenz und Bewusstsein auch in naturwissenschaftliche und in ethische Kontexte ein. Aus biblischer Perspektive sei es nicht vorgesehen, dass der Mensch andere Geschöpfe erschafft. Grundsätzlich hält er es aber für möglich, dass Bewusstsein auch auf anderen materiellen Voraussetzungen basieren könnte als bei uns Menschen. Wie aber könnte man garantieren, dass ein künstlich geschaffenes Bewusstsein kein unglückliches Bewusstsein würde? Perspektivisch sollte man bereits Vorstufen...

Aestipascuomyces dupliciliberans gen. nov, sp. nov., the First Cultured Representative of the Uncultured SK4 Clade from Aoudad Sheep and Alpaca

Marcus Stabel, Radwa A. Hanafy, Tabea Schweitzer, Meike Greif, Habibu Aliyu, Veronika Flad, Diana Young, Michael Lebuhn, Mostafa S. Elshahed, Katrin Ochsenreither & Noha H. Youssef
We report on the isolation of the previously-uncultured Neocallimastigomycota SK4 lineage, by two independent research groups, from a wild aoudad sheep rumen sample (Texas, USA) and an alpaca fecal sample (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). Isolates from both locations showed near-identical morphological and microscopic features, forming medium-sized (2–5 mm) white filamentous colonies with a white center of sporangia, on agar roll tubes and a heavy biofilm in liquid media. Microscopic analysis revealed monocentric thalli, and spherical polyflagellated zoospores...

An All-Weather Land Surface Temperature Product Based on MSG/SEVIRI Observations

João P. A. Martins, Isabel F. Trigo, Nicolas Ghilain, Carlos Jimenez, Frank-M. Göttsche, Sofia L. Ermida, Folke-S. Olesen, Françoise Gellens-Meulenberghs & Alirio Arboleda
A new all-weather land surface temperature (LST) product derived at the Satellite Application Facility on Land Surface Analysis (LSA-SAF) is presented. It is the first all-weather LST product based on visible and infrared observations combining clear-sky LST retrieved from the Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager on Meteosat Second Generation (MSG/SEVIRI) infrared (IR) measurements with LST estimated with a land surface energy balance (EB) model to fill gaps caused by clouds. The EB model solves...

Multiphase-field modelling of crack propagation in geological materials and porous media with Drucker-Prager plasticity

Michael Späth, Christoph Herrmann, Nishant Prajapati, Daniel Schneider, Felix Schwab, Michael Selzer & Britta Nestler
A multiphase-field approach for elasto-plastic and anisotropic brittle crack propagation in geological systems consisting of different regions of brittle and ductile materials is presented and employed to computationally study crack propagation. Plastic deformation in elasto-plastic materials such as frictional, granular or porous materials is modelled with the pressure-sensitive Drucker-Prager plasticity model. This plasticity model is combined with a multiphase-field model fulfilling the mechanical jump conditions in diffuse solid-solid interfaces. The validity of the plasticity model...

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