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Verfahren zur Charakterisierung und Modellierung von Lithium-Ionen Zellen

Jan Philipp Schmidt

Abfallwirtschaft und Ressourcenmanagement im Dritten Reich

Dorothee Neumaier

Learning Dynamic Systems for Intention Recognition in Human-Robot-Cooperation

Peter Krauthausen

Investigation of Fretting Wear of Cladding Materials in Liquid Lead

Mattia Del Giacco

Zur Grenzflächenanisotropie von SrTiO3

Wolfgang Rheinheimer

Flexible Application-Layer Multicast in Heterogeneous Networks

Christian Hübsch

Datenflut und Recht - Informationsrecht als Deich, Kanal, Wasserhahn oder Rettungsring?

Kai Von Lewinski

Development of Microactuators Based on the Magnetic Shape Memory Effect

Srinivasa Reddy Yeduru

Silizium-Nanokristalle für optoelektronische Anwendungen

Florian Maier-Flaig

Haptische Objekterkennung mit einer humanoiden Roboterhand

Nicolas Gorges

Design and Analysis of Robust Kanban System in an Uncertain Environment

Zhe Li

Proceedings. 23. Workshop Computational Intelligence, Dortmund, 5. - 6. Dezember 2013

Hoffmann, Frank [Hrsg.] & Hüllermeier, E. [Hrsg.]

Performance of new GNSS satellite clocks

Francisco Javier Gonzalez Martinez

State Estimation for Distributed Systems with Stochastic and Set-membership Uncertainties

Benjamin Noack

Orbital Effects in Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry

Hermann Bähr

Magnetoelectric coupling at metal surfaces

Lukas Leander Gerhard

On the structure-property correlation and the evolution of Nanofeatures in 12-13.5% Cr oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic steels

Pei He
Main objective of this work is to develop, by systematic variation of the chemical composition, and TMP, 14% Cr nano-structured ferritic alloys with significantly improved high-temperature properties compared to currently available ODS alloys. Application of state-of-the-art characterization tools shall lead to an integrated understanding of structure-property correlation and the formation mechanism of nanoparticles.

Superconducting Multilayer Technology for Josephson Devices : Technology, Engineering, Physics, Applications

Johannes Maximilian Meckbach

Intraoperative Modellierung und Registrierung für ein laparoskopisches Assistenzsystem

Sebastian Röhl

Avoiding Unintended Flows of Personally Identifiable Information : Enterprise Identity Management and Online Social Networks

Sebastian Labitzke
This work addresses potentially occurring unintended flows of personally identifiable information (PII) within two fields of research, i.e., enterprise identity management and online social networks. For that, we investigate which pieces of PII can how often be gathered, correlated, or even be inferred by third parties that are not intended to get access to the specific pieces of PII. Furthermore, we introduce technical measures and concepts to avoid unintended flows of PII.

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