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Probabilistic Maneuver Recognition in Traffic Scenarios

Jonas Firl

Entwicklung eines Röntgenmikroskops für Photonenenergien von 15 keV bis 30 keV

Felix Marschall

Konzeption von Verfahren zur kamerabasierten Analyse und Optimierung von Drehrohrofenprozessen

Patrick Waibel

Configurable Software Performance Completions through Higher-Order Model Transformations

Lucia Happe

Personalised body counter calibration using anthropometric parameters

Stefan Pölz

Constructing a Symbolic Desert: Place and Identity in Contemporary Israel

Ze'ev Shavit
The paper focuses on images of the Negev desert in Israel among the Jewish population of Israel, presented in marketing websites of tourism and leisure resorts. The analysis of the data, focused on verbal and visual images of desert, shows a significant change in the symbolic construction of the desert compared to the first decades of Israeli statehood: from a desert conceived in light of national ideology and its imperatives, to one who’s images highlight...

Towards a rigorous fusion of GNSS and InSAR observations for the purpose of water vapor retrieval

Marion Heublein, Fadwa Alshawaf, Michael Mayer, Stefan Hinz & Bernhard Heck

Radar Forward Operator for Verification of Cloud Resolving Simulations within the COSMO Model

Dorit Jerger
In this work, various simulation methods of the effective radar reflectivity factor and its attenuation by atmospheric particles from the variables of the COSMO model have been implemented within a so-called radar forward operator, and its output was compared to measurements from the German radar network. To perform a statistically reliable model verification, contoured frequency by altitude diagrams (CFADs) were used and refined.

Millimeter-Precision Laser Rangefinder Using a Low-Cost Photon Counter

Andreas Eisele
In this book we successfully demonstrate a millimeter-precision laser rangefinder using a low-cost photon counter. An application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) comprises timing circuitry and single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) as the photodetectors. For the timing circuitry, a novel binning architecture for sampling the received signal is proposed which mitigates non-idealities that are inherent to a system with SPADs and timing circuitry in one chip.

Investigations on Joule heating applications by multiphysical continuum simulations in nanoscale systems

Manuel Klaus Ludwig Feuchter

Entwicklung und Optimierung des Diffusionsschweißens von ODS Legierungen

Wiebke Sittel
Die Anforderungen an Strukturmaterialien in Generation IV Kernreaktoren steigen durch die Bestrebungen effiziente und umweltverträgliche Reaktoren zu bauen. Oxiddispersionsverfestigte (ODS) Stähle weisen sowohl eine ausgezeichnete Hochtemperaturfestigkeit als auch Bestrahlungsbeständigkeit auf. In dieser Arbeit wird ein Modell zur Vorhersage optimaler Schweißparameter des Festkörperschweißverfahrens Diffusionsschweißen entwickelt und durch eine experimentelle Evaluation optimiert.

Grain growth behavior and efficient large scale simulations of recrystallization with the phase-field method

Alexander Vondrous
This book summarizes the found insights of grain growth behavior, of multidimensional decomposition for regular grids to efficiently parallelize computing and how to simulate recrystallization by coupling the finite element method with the phase-field method for microstructure texture analysis. The frame of the book is created by the phase-field method, which is the tool used in this work, to investigate microstructure phenomena.

Investigation of coherent microscopic defects inside the tunneling barrier of a Josephson junction

Grigorij Jur'evic Grabovskij

Precipitation statistics from regional climate model at resolutions relevant for soil erosion

Giorgia Fosser
A major source of uncertainty in regional climate model simulations arises from the convection parameterisation. Increasing spatial resolution to the so-called convection-permitting scale allows switching off most of the convective parameterisations. Several studies prove the benefits of this spatial scale, but none of them is based on climatological time-scale (i.e. 30 years) as this research.

Efficient Radar Forward Operator for Operational Data Assimilation within the COSMO-model

Yuefei Zeng
Doppler radars provide unique 3D information about precipitating clouds in high spatial and temporal resolutions. However, the observed quantities (reflectivity, Doppler velocity and polarization properties) are not directly comparable to the variables of numerical prediction models. In order to enable radar data assimilation, a comprehensive modular radar forward operator has been developed.

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