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The RTR complex as caretaker of genome stability and its unique meiotic function in plants

A. Knoll, S. Schröpfer & H. Puchta

BRCC36A is epistatic to BRCA1 in DNA crosslink repair and homologous recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana

A. Block-Schmidt, S. Dukowic-Schulze, K. Wanieck, W. Reidt & H. Puchta
BRCA1 is a well-known tumor suppressor protein in mammals, involved in multiple cellular processes such as DNA repair, chromosome segregation and chromatin remodeling. Interestingly, homologs of BRCA1 and several of its complex partners are also found in plants. As the respective mutants are viable, in contrast to mammalian mutants, detailed analyses of their biological role is possible. Here we demonstrate that the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana harbors two homologs of the mammalian BRCA1 interaction partner...

Knocking out consumer concerns and regulator's rules: Efficient use of CRISPR/Cas ribonucleoprotein complexes for genome editing in cereals

F. Wolter & H. Puchta
Selection-free genome editing using Cas9 ribonucleoprotein embryo bombardment has been achieved for maize and wheat. This is a breakthrough that should make new breeding technologies more acceptable for worldwide use.

Interactions between Thermal and Visual (Dis-)Comfort and Related Adaptive Actions through Cluster Analyses

Marcel Schweiker & Andreas Wagner
The objectives of this study are to analyze interactions between thermal and visual influences on comfort and behaviors and to present a clustering method based on the results of mixed-effect regression analyses for simulation and control purposes. Results show a) interactions between thermal and visual influences on comfort and behavior, b) the advantage of this method in creating independent and distinct patterns related to thermal comfort, visual comfort, and occupant behavior, and c) that the...

Ethik des Essens: In-vitro-Fleisch und „verbesserte Tiere“

Arianna Ferrari

Mobiles, selbstbestimmtes Leben von Menschen mit Demenz im Quartier - Methodik und Ergebnisse (KIT Scientific Reports ; 7748)

Weinberger, Nora [Hrsg.], Krings, Bettina-Johanna [Hrsg.], Hirsch, Johannes [Hrsg.] & Decker, Michael [Hrsg.]
Die Rede von „technischen Assistenten“ in vielseitigen Arbeits- und Lebensbereichen hat derzeit Konjunktur in wissenschaftlichen und öffentlichen Debatten über Visionen zukünftiger Pflegesettings Von einem wirkungsvollen Einsatz dieser Technologien aber nicht gesprochen werden. Vor diesen Problemstellungen schlagen die Autoren den Ansatz der bedarfsorientierten Technikentwicklung vor, der in der vorgelegten Studie exemplarisch an der Pflege von Menschen mit Demenz entwickelt wird.

Evaluation of simulated ozone effects in forest ecosystems against biomass damage estimates from fumigation experiments

Martina Franz, Rocio Alonso, Almut Arneth, Patrick Büker, Susana Elvira, Giacomo Gerosa, Lisa Emberson, Zhaozhong Feng, Didier Le Thiec, Riccardo Marzuoli, Elina Oksanen, Johan Uddling, Matthew Wilkinson & Sönke Zaehle
Regional estimates of the effects of ozone pollution on forest growth depend on the availability of reliable injury functions that estimate a representative ecosystem response to ozone exposure. A number of such injury functions for forest tree species and forest functional types have recently been published and subsequently applied in terrestrial biosphere models to estimate regional or global effects of ozone on forest tree productivity and carbon storage in the living plant biomass. The resulting...

Try Before You Buy : How to Design Information Systems to Enhance Consumer Willingness to Test Sustainable Innovations

Carola Stryja & Gerhard Satzger
More and more business organizations recognize the relevance of sustainable innovations as driving factor for their corporate strategies, products and processes. But while the concept of sustainability is generally ratified by employees and consumers, their willingness to actually use or buy such innovations can be low. One of the most important facilitators for the adoption of innovations is self-experience generated by testing the innovation. This paper provides insight on how sustainable innovation testing affects consumer...

The topoisomerase 3α zinc-finger domain T1 of Arabidopsis thaliana is required for targeting the enzyme activity to Holliday junction-like DNA repair intermediates

Annika Dorn, Sarah Röhrig, Kristin Papp, Susan Schröpfer, Frank Hartung, Alexander Knoll & Holger Puchta
Topoisomerase 3α, a class I topoisomerase, consists of a TOPRIM domain, an active centre and a variable number of zinc-finger domains (ZFDs) at the C-terminus, in multicellular organisms. Whereas the functions of the TOPRIM domain and the active centre are known, the specific role of the ZFDs is still obscure. In contrast to mammals where a knockout of TOP3α leads to lethality, we found that CRISPR/Cas induced mutants in Arabidopsis are viable but show growth...

Open Codes machen noch keine offene Gesellschaft. „Kollektivität und Macht im Internet“

Maximilian Roßmann

Beitrag der Abfallverbrennung zur Energieversorgung in Deutschland

Ulf Richers
In Deutschland verändert sich die Energieversorgung im Rahmen der Energiewende entscheidend. In diesem Zusammenhang wird über die thermische Abfallbehandlung diskutiert, denn die entsprechenden Anlagen stellen elektrische Energie oder Wärme zur Verfügung. Es werden die Anteile der Abfallverbrennungsanlagen am deutschen Primärenergieverbrauch und die Potenziale zur Strombereitstellung und Wärmeversorgung bestimmt. Dabei werden mögliche Verbesserungen bei der Energieeffizienz berücksichtigt.

Attitudes towards big data practices and the institutional framework of privacy and data protection - A population survey (KIT Scientific Reports ; 7753)

Carsten Orwat & Andrea Schankin
A survey of the German population addressed attitudes towards scenarios of big data practices, i.e. price discrimination in retail, credit scoring, differentiations in health insurance and in employment, with features of using internet data, automated decision-making, and selling of data. The study analysed behavioural adaptations, protection measures, relations to demographics, personal value orientations, knowledge about computers, and attitudes about privacy and data protection.

Geometrie und Topologie von Trajektorienoptimierung für vollautomatisches Fahren

Miriam Ruf
Zur Erschließung allgemeiner Prinzipien für das Themenfeld der Bewegungsplanung für vollautomatisches Fahren wird eine intuitive Problemformulierung als Euler-Lagrange-Modell aufgestellt und zur globalen Optimierung in ein korrespondierendes Hidden-Markov-Modell umgewandelt. Geometrische und topologische Betrachtungen führen zu einer probabilistischen Umgebungsmodellierung in Kombination mit dem C²-Modell und resultieren in universellen Schlussfolgerungen über die Struktur von Verkehrsgeschehen.

A Microfluidic Device for the Investigation of Rapid Gold Nanoparticle Formation in Continuous Turbulent Flow

G Hofmann, G Tofighi, G Rinke, S Baier, A Ewinger, A Urban, A Wenka, S Heideker, A Jahn, R Dittmeyer & J-D Grunwaldt
A new setup with an integrated microfluidic chip with small dead time, high time resolution and compatibility with in situ X-ray absorption (XAS) measurements is presented. It can also be combined with a free liquid jet. By using the microfluidic chip the short reaction times from 2 to 20 milliseconds can be observed, beyond that an external cyclone mixer for extended observation times was applied. The reduction of gold ions with tetrakis(hydroxy-methyl)phosphonium (THPC) has been...

Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Safer Lithium Batteries – I. Investigation around Optimal Formulation

M. Moreno, E. Simonetti, G. B. Appetecchi, M. Carewska, M. Montanino, G.-T. Kim, N. Loeffler & S. Passerini
In this paper we report on the investigation of ionic liquid-based electrolytes with enhanced characteristics. In particular, we have studied ternary mixtures based on the lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (LiTFSI) salt and two ionic liquids sharing the same cation (N-methyl-N-propyl pyrrolidinium, PYR13), but different anions, bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (TFSI) and bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide (FSI). The LiTFSI-PYR13TFSI-PYR13FSI mixtures, found to be ionically dissociated, exhibit better ion transport properties (about 10−3 S cm−1 at −20°C) with respect to similar ionic liquid electrolytes till...

(De)Lithiation Mechanism of Hierarchically Layered LiNi$_{1/3}$Co$_{1/3}$Mn$_{1/3}$O$_{2}$ Cathodes during High-Voltage Cycling

Weibo Hua, Björn Schwarz, Michael Knapp, Anatoliy Senyshyn, Alkesandr Missiul, Xiaoke Mu, Suning Wang, Christian Kübel, Joachim R. Binder, Sylvio Indris & Helmut Ehrenberg
In view of the requirements for high-energy lithium ion batteries (LIBs), hierarchically layered LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 (NCM111) cathode materials have been prepared using a hydroxide coprecipitation method and subsequent high-temperature solid-state reaction. The diffraction results show that the synthesized NCM111 has a well-defined layered hexagonal structure. The initial specific discharge capacity of a Li/NCM111 cell is 204.5 mAh g−1 at a current density of 28 mA g−1 between 2.7 and 4.8 V. However, the cell suffers from...

Empirical Fuel Consumption and CO₂ Emissions of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Patrick Plötz, Simon Árpád Funke & Patrick E.P. Jochem

Stochastische Simulation großflächiger, hochwasserrelevanter Niederschlagsereignisse

Florian Tim Ehmele
Die Bestimmung von Wahrscheinlichkeiten für Niederschlagsereignisse mit hoher Wiederkehrperiode ist wegen der kurzen Zeitspanne, in der Messdaten verfügbar sind, schwierig. Auch eine homogene Abdeckung durch Messstationen insbesondere in Gebirgen ist nur schwer realisierbar. In dieser Arbeit wird ein räumlich hoch aufgelöstes, analytisches Modell zur stochastischen Simulation von Starkniederschlägen in Verbindung mit großräumigen Flusshochwassern entwickelt, evaluiert und angewendet.

Improved limit to the diffuse flux of ultrahigh energy neutrinos from the Pierre Auger observatory

A. Aab, P. Abreu, M. Aglietta, E.J. Ahn, I. Al Samarai, I.F.M. Albuquerque, I. Allekotte, P. Allison, A. Almela, J. Alvarez Castillo, J. Alvarez-Muñiz, R. Alves Batista, M. Ambrosio, A. Aminaei, L. Anchordoqui, S. Andringa, C. Aramo, V.M. Aranda, F. Arqueros, N. Arsene, H. Asorey, P. Assis, J. Aublin, M. Ave, M. Avenier … & F. Zuccarello

The KATRIN superconducting magnets: Overview and first performance results

M. Arenz, W.-J. Baek, M. Beck, A. Beglarian, J. Behrens, T. Bergmann, A. Berlev, U. Besserer, K. Blaum, T. Bode, B. Bornschein, L. Bornschein, T. Brunst, N. Buzinsky, S. Chilingaryan, W. Q. Choi, M. Deffert, P. J. Doe, O. Dragoun, G. Drexlin, S. Dyba, F. Edzards, K. Eitel, E. Ellinger, R. Engel … & S. Zadoroghny

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) sources for lithography based on synchrotron radiation

G. Dattoli, A. Doria, G.P. Gallerano, L. Giannessi, K. Hesch, H.O. Moser, P.L. Ottaviani, E. Pellegrin, R. Rossmanith, R. Steininger, V. Saile & J. Wüst
Extreme Ultraviolett (EUV) Strahlungsquellen für die Lithographie basierend auf Synchrotron Strahlung Die vorliegende Studie beschreibt Überlegungen, Synchrotron Strahlung als Quelle für die Lithographie der nächsten Generation (Next Generation Lithography: NGL) basierend auf EUV Strahlungzu verwenden (EUV bedeutet hier Strahlung mit einer Wellenlänge von 13.5 oder 11.3 nm). Die Anforderungen an die Quelle sind: 50 W, 2% Bandbreite und geringe Leistung außerhalb dieser Bandbreite.Es wurden drei Möglichkeiten untersucht. Die ersten beiden beziehen sich auf die Strahlung,...

Selective photodissociation of tailored molecular tags as a tool for quantum optics

U. Sezer, P. Geyer, M. Kriegleder, M. Debiossac, A. Shayeghi, M. Arndt, L. Felix & M. Mayor
Recent progress in synthetic chemistry and molecular quantum optics has enabled demonstrations of the quantum mechanical wave–particle duality for complex particles, with masses exceeding 10 kDa. Future experiments with even larger objects will require new optical preparation and manipulation methods that shall profit from the possibility to cleave a well-defined molecular tag from a larger parent molecule. Here we present the design and synthesis of two model compounds as well as evidence for the photoinduced...

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