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Maximum shielding stress intensity factors in silica

K. G. Schell, C. Bucharsky, G. Rizzi & T. Fett
When water penetrates into silica surfaces near a crack tip, it reacts with the SiO$_{2}$ network and generates hydroxyl $\equiv$SiOH. Due to the hydroxyl generation, silica expands and gives rise for swelling stresses. The consequence is a fracture mechanics shielding stress intensity factor K$_{sh}$<0. The fracture mechanical treatment of swelling in the crack-tip region is significantly complicated by the occurrence of damage due to the production of hydroxyls. A maximum possible shielding effect is obtained...

Interpretable Instance-Based Text Classification for Social Science Research Projects

Helena Löfström, Tuwe Löfström & Ulf Johansson
In this study, two groups of respondents have evaluated explanations generated from an instance-based explanation method called WITE (Weighted Instance-based Text Explanations). One group consisted of 24 non-experts who answered a web survey about the words characterising the concepts of the classes and the other group consisted of three senior researchers and three respondents from a media house in Sweden who answered a questionnaire with open questions. The data used originates from one of the...

How to handle the risks of oxygen

Peter Nick

Automated Active Learning with a Robot

Kristina Scharei, Marek Herde, Maarten Bieshaar, Adrian Calma, Daniel Kottke & Bernhard Sick
In the field of automated processes in industry, a major goal is for robots to solve new tasks without costly adaptions. Therefore, it is of advantage if the robot can perform new tasks independently while the learning process is intuitively understandable for humans. In this article, we present a highly automated and intuitive active learning algorithm for robots. It learns new classification tasks by asking questions to a human teacher and automatically decides when to...

A Cloud-Based Framework for Machine Learning Workloads and Applications

Alvaro Lopez Garcia, Viet Tran, Andy S. Alic, Miguel Caballer, Isabel Campos Plasencia, Alessandro Costantini, Stefan Dlugolinsky, Doina Cristina Duma, Giacinto Donvito, Jorge Gomes, Ignacio Heredia Cacha, Jesus Marco De Lucas, Keiichi Ito, Valentin Y. Kozlov, Giang Nguyen, Pablo Orviz Fernandez, Zdenek Sustr, Pawel Wolniewicz, Marica Antonacci, Wolfgang Zu Castell, Mario David, Marcus Hardt, Lara Lloret Iglesias, Germen Molto & Marcin Plociennik
In this paper we propose a distributed architecture to provide machine learning practitioners with a set of tools and cloud services that cover the whole machine learning development cycle: ranging from the models creation, training, validation and testing to the models serving as a service, sharing and publication. In such respect, the DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud framework allows transparent access to existing e-Infrastructures, effectively exploiting distributed resources for the most compute-intensive tasks coming from the machine learning development...

User-Centric Active Learning for Outlier Detection

Holger Trittenbach
Outlier detection searches for unusual, rare observations in large, often high-dimensional data sets. One of the fundamental challenges of outlier detection is that ``unusual'' typically depends on the perception of a user, the recipient of the detection result. This makes finding a formal definition of ``unusual'' that matches with user expectations difficult. One way to deal with this issue is active learning, i.e., methods that ask users to provide auxiliary information, such as class label...

Optimized meter placement in low voltage grids based on asymmetric state estimation

Sebastian Hubschneider, Martin Uhrig, Michael Suriyah & Thomas Leibfried
Meters State estimation Low voltage Measurement errors Optimization Measurement uncertainty

Search for a heavy pseudoscalar Higgs boson decaying into a 125 GeV Higgs boson and a Z boson in final states with two tau and two light leptons at $ \sqrt{s} $ = 13 TeV

A. M. Sirunyan, A. Tumasyan, W. Adam, F. Ambrogi, T. Bergauer, J. Brandstetter, M. Dragicevic, J. Erö, A. Escalante Del Valle, M. Flechl, R. Frühwirth, M. Jeitler, N. Krammer, I. Krätschmer, D. Liko, T. Madlener, I. Mikulec, N. Rad, J. Schieck, R. Schöfbeck, M. Spanring, D. Spitzbart, W. Waltenberger, C.-E. Wulz, M. Zarucki … & N. Woods
A search is performed for a pseudoscalar Higgs boson, A, decaying into a 125 GeV Higgs boson h and a Z boson. The h boson is specifically targeted in its decay into a pair of tau leptons, while the Z boson decays into a pair of electrons or muons. A data sample of proton-proton collisions collected by the CMS experiment at the LHC at s √ s = 13 TeV is used, corresponding to an...

Tailoring the Charge/Discharge Potentials and Electrochemical Performance of SnO₂ Lithium‐Ion Anodes by Transition Metal Co‐Doping

Adele Birrozzi, Jakob Asenbauer, Thomas E. Ashton, Alexandra R. Groves, Dorin Geiger, Ute Kaiser, Jawwad A. Darr & Dominic Bresser
It has been shown that the introduction of several transition metal (TM) dopants into SnO2 lithium‐ion battery anodes can overcome the issues associated with the irreversible capacity loss from the conversion reaction of SnO2 and the aggregation of the metallic Sn particles formed upon lithiation. As the choice of the single dopant, however, plays a decisive role for the achievable energy density – precisely its redox potential – we investigate herein TM co‐doped SnO2, prepared...

Highly Concentrated KTFSI : Glyme Electrolytes for K/Bilayered‐V₂O₅ Batteries

Xu Liu, Giuseppe Antonio Elia, Xinpei Gao, Bingsheng Qin, Huang Zhang & Stefano Passerini
Highly concentrated glyme‐based electrolytes are friendly to a series of negative electrodes for potassium‐based batteries, including potassium metal. However, their compatibility with positive electrodes has been rarely explored. In this work, the influence of the molar fraction of potassium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide dissolved in glyme on the cycling ability of K/bilayered‐V2O5 batteries has been investigated. At high salt concentration, the interaction between K+ ions with the glyme is strengthened, leading to a limited number of free glyme...

The emergence of small-scale self-affine surface roughness from deformation

Adam R. Hinkle, Wolfram G. Nöhring, Richard Leute, Till Junge & Lars Pastewka

Search for physics beyond the standard model in multilepton final states in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s} $ = 13 TeV

A. M. Sirunyan, A. Tumasyan, W. Adam, F. Ambrogi, T. Bergauer, M. Dragicevic, J. Erö, A. Escalante Del Valle, M. Flechl, R. Frühwirth, M. Jeitler, N. Krammer, I. Krätschmer, D. Liko, T. Madlener, I. Mikulec, N. Rad, J. Schieck, R. Schöfbeck, M. Spanring, D. Spitzbart, W. Waltenberger, C.-E. Wulz, M. Zarucki, V. Drugakov … & S. Trembath-Reichert
A search for physics beyond the standard model in events with at least three charged leptons (electrons or muons) is presented. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 137 fb−1 of proton-proton collisions at s √ s = 13 TeV, collected with the CMS detector at the LHC in 2016–2018. The two targeted signal processes are pair production of type-III seesaw heavy fermions and production of a light scalar or pseudoscalar boson in...

Current and State of Charge Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery Packs Using Distributed Fractional Extended Kalman Filters

Martin Kupper, Andreas Creutz, Oliver Stark, Stefan Krebs & Sören Hohmann
In this paper, a method for current and state of charge estimation of lithium-ion battery packs is proposed. On the basis of a fractional 1-RQ equivalent circuit cell model, a string model containing cells in serial connection, and a pack model containing strings in parallel connection is built up. In order to reduce computational costs, the model is distributed string-wise into subsystems. An algorithm using distributed fractional extended Kalman filters is applied to estimate the...

Mit Sport gegen negative Körpergefühle - Sportwissenschaftler des KIT erforschen den Zusammenhang zwischen Ess- und Sportsucht - Campusreport am 21.04.2020

Stefan Fuchs &
Wir alle kennen sie: Menschen, die regelmäßig bis zur Erschöpfung Fahrrad fahren, laufen oder schwimmen. Oder jede freie Minute an den Maschinen im Fitnessstudio verbringen. Sport kann zur Sucht werden. Wie eine Studie am Sportinstitut des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie jetzt zeigt, sind Frauen mit Essstörungen besonders gefährdet. Wer an Bulimie oder Magersucht leidet, versucht mit Sport sein negatives Körpergefühl zu bekämpfen. Und gerät dann nur allzu leicht in einen Teufelskreis.

First operation of the KATRIN experiment with tritium

Max Aker, Konrad Altenmüller, Marius Arenz, Woo-Jeong Baek, John Barrett, Armen Beglarian, Jan Behrens, Anatoly Berlev, Uwe Besserer, Klaus Blaum, Fabian Block, Steffen Bobien, Beate Bornschein, Lutz Bornschein, Heiko Bouquet, Tim Brunst, Thomas S. Caldwell, Suren Chilingaryan, Wonqook Choi, Karol Debowski, Marco Deffert, Martin Descher, Deseada Díaz Barrero, Peter J. Doe, Otokar Dragoun … & Genrich Zeller
The determination of the neutrino mass is one of the major challenges in astroparticle physics today. Direct neutrino mass experiments, based solely on the kinematics of β β -decay, provide a largely model-independent probe to the neutrino mass scale. The Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino (KATRIN) experiment is designed to directly measure the effective electron antineutrino mass with a sensitivity of 0.2 eV 0.2 eV (90% 90% CL). In this work we report on the first operation...

Aragonite-calcite veins of the ‘Erzberg’ iron ore deposit (Austria): Environmental implications from young fractures

Ronny Boch, Xianfeng Wang, Tobias Kluge, Albrecht Leis, Ke Lin, Hannes Pluch, Florian Mittermayr, Andre Baldermann, Michael E. Böttcher, Martin Dietzel &

Use of ogygenate blends as inflammation aid in diluted mixtures [in press]

Moritz Grüninger, Olaf Toedter & Thomas Koch

An archaebacterial topoisomerase homologue not present in other eukaryotes is indispensable for cell proliferation of plants

Frank Hartung, Karel Angelis, Armin Meister, Ingo Schubert, Michael Melzer & Holger Puchta

Towards developing a model for the evaluation of hospital disaster resilience: A systematic review

S. Fallah-Aliabadi, A. Ostadtaghizadeh, A. Ardalan, F. Fatemi, B. Khazai & M. R. Mirjalili

Veränderung des weichmagnetischen Verhaltens von Fe-Si Elektroblech unter mechanisch-zyklischer Langzeitbeanspruchung

Rafael Zuber
In den letzten Jahren hat die Entwicklung von Elektrofahrzeugen stark zugenommen. Bei zukünftigen Antriebskonzepten spielen Elektromotoren eine entscheidende Rolle, da von Ihnen die Effizienz des Antriebs abhängt. Der aktuelle Trend geht zu immer kleiner werdenden Elektromotoren mit höheren Drehgeschwindigkeiten, in welchen das Material besonders in den Fokus rückt. Bei den einge-setzten Elektroblechen treten durch stetige Drehzahlwechsel hohe Flieh- und Magnetkräfte auf die zu lokalen Spannungen führen und damit die lokalen magnetischen Eigenschaften beeinträchtigen. In dieser...

Integrated constraints on explosive eruption intensification at Santiaguito dome complex, Guatemala

Paul A. Wallace, Oliver D. Lamb, Silvio De Angelis, Jackie E. Kendrick, Adrian J. Hornby, Alejandro Díaz-Moreno, Pablo J. González, Felix W. Von Aulock, Anthony Lamur, James E.P. Utley, Andreas Rietbrock, Gustavo Chigna & Yan Lavallée
Protracted volcanic eruptions may exhibit unanticipated intensifications in explosive behaviour and attendant hazards. Santiaguito dome complex, Guatemala, has been characterised by century-long effusion interspersed with frequent, small-to-moderate (<2 km high plumes) gas-and-ash explosions. During 2015–2016, explosions intensified generating hazardous ash-rich plumes (up to 7 km high) and pyroclastic flows. Here, we integrate petrological, geochemical and geophysical evidence to evaluate the causes of explosion intensification. Seismic and infrasound signals reveal progressively longer repose intervals between explosions...

Revierbildung in Oligopolen - Eine experimentelle Untersuchung zur Bildung und Wirkung von Revieren

Alexander Kundorf
Thema dieser Arbeit ist die Bildung von Revieren, d.h. die Aufteilung von homogenen Kunden auf die Anbieter in einem experimentellen Oligopol-Kontraktmarkt. Es wird ein Revierindikator auf Basis der Kaufhistorie und fehlender Anbietergebote definiert. Untersucht wird, inwiefern Revierbildung durch die Zeit, fehlende Kommunikationsmöglichkeit oder fehlende Angebotstransparenz beeinflusst wird sowie die Wirkung von Revieren auf die Transaktionspreise.

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