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Conductive textiles of hard matter by electrospinning

Bernd M. Smarsly, Pascal Vöpel & Christoph Seitz
This video should give an insight into the basics of synthesizing nanostructured hybrid materials composed of two different classes of materials, in this case carbon and functional inorganic nanoparticles. These materials are of high interest for current research as they combine the benefits of both material classes. It is usually quite challenging to achieve intimate contact of different materials on the nanometer scale. Non-wovens containing carbon fibers and inorganic nanoparticles can be promising materials for...

Design and synthesis of a molecular photoswitch

Stefan Hecht, Peter H. Seeberger, Alexander G. O’Brian, Farhan R. Bou-Hamdan & François Lévesque
In this video clip, the creative process of developing a chemical concept, translating it into a molecular target structure, and realizing its synthesis is described. Specifically, the implementation of light-control over a thermal chemical equilibrium is explained first on a conceptual level, followed by discussing molecular design considerations and preparation of a desired target structure. Particular emphasis is put on explaining how the molecular target structure is being assembled from small molecular building blocks by...

A Ru-catalysis based rechargeable H2-battery

Bernd Plietker & Shih-Fan Hsu
A Ru-catalyst drives a mobile device for the reversible H2-storage and release. Carbon dioxide and diazabicycloundecene (DBU) are the stoichiometric storage media. The formic acid which is formed within the charging process is a non-toxic and stable liquid that can be stored in bottles or tanks without special precautions.

Chemoenzymatic synthesis of oxygen heterocycles

Frank Hahn, Gesche Berkhan & Franziska Hemmerling
The video shows the setup and analysis of a chemoenzymatic reaction with the AmbDH3 domain on the semipreparative scale. The synthesis of the enzyme precursor as well as a typical procedure for the production of the catalyst are described. The last two decades have seen a tremendous progress in the understanding of secondary metabolite biosynthesis on the genetic, the enzymatic as well as on the structural level. Such biosynthetic pathways contain a plethora of enzymes...

Democratising Knowledge across the Enterprise

Tom Wickham-Jones
Modern businesses and organisations have access to an increasing amount of information. This includes private internal information such as product usage, user profiles, and sales history, as well as public external information such as data on demographics, economic growth, and weather patterns. Despite this opportunity, traditional technologies and approaches often restrict access to only a small number of specialists. To reach out to a broad set of users and democratise this knowledge requires fresh thinking...

Stereoscopic multi-perspective capture and display in the performing art

Volker Kuchelmeister

Novel view synthesis for dynamic scene using moving multi-camera array

Takanori Yokoi, Tomohiro Yendo, Mehrdad Panahpour Tehrani, Toshiaki Fujii & Masayuki Tanimoto

Geometric and subjective analysis of stereoscopic I3A cluster images

Mikko Kytö, Jussi Hakala & Pirkko Oittinen

Factors impacting quality of experience in stereoscopic images

Liyuan Xing, Junyong You, Touradj Ebrahimi & Andrew Perkis

Examination of 3D visual attention in stereoscopic video content

Huynh-Thu Quan & Luca Schiatti

Effects of stereoscopic presentation on visually induced motion sicknes

Hiroyasu Ujike & Hiroshi Watanabe

Discussion Forum 2 -The Screen Size Factor in 3D Content Production: Myths and Realities

, David Broberg, John Merrit, Jukka Häkkinen & Frédéric Devernay

Comparison of relative (mouse-like) and absolute (tablet-like) interaction with a large stereoscopic work-space

Melinos Averkiou & Neil A. Dodgson

A simple method for measuring crosstalk in stereoscopic displays

Michael A. Weissman & Andrew J. Woods

A modular cross-platform GPU-based approach for flexible 3D video playback

Roger Olsson, Håkan Andersson & Mårten Sjöström

Short Tube, Free Pipeline Distributed animation Production using Blender and Helga

Bassam Kurdali


Dave Crossland

Made with Floss

Cedric Gémy

LTSP and graphics applications

Benoit St-André

Libre/open font community: The challenges

Nicolas Spalinger

Kinematic Templates

Richard Fung & Michael Terry

Keeping in touch with Ubuntu

Stéphane Graber

How to Inflict Trauma on your Audience

Jean-François Fortin Tam

What is the color of chocolate? Extracting color values of semantic expressions

Albrecht Lindner, Nicolas Bonnier & Sabine Süsstrunk
We present a statistical framework to automatically determine an associated color for a given arbitrary semantic expression. The expression can not only be a color name but any word or character string. In addition to the color value, we are also able to compute the result’s significance, which determines how meaningful defining the color is for the expression. To demonstrate the framework’s strength we apply it to two well known tasks: assessing memory colors and...

Towards a multivariate probabilistic morphologyfor colour images

Alexandru Caliman, Mihai Ivanovici, Noël Richard & Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
The mathematical morphology for colour images faces the delicate issue of defining a total order in a vectorial space. There are various approaches based on partial or total orders defined for color images. We propose a probabilistic approach, that uses principal component analysis (PCA), for the computation of the convergence colours, i.e. the extrema of a set. Then we define two pseudo-morphological operations, the dilation and the erosion, applying the Chebyshev’s inequality on the first...

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