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Early Latin – Morphology, Part 3

Giuseppe Pezzini
This lecture focuses on the verbal inflection and categories of Early Latin.

Early Latin – Morphosyntactic structures, Part 1

Wolfgang De Melo
General overview of grammatical relations, pragmatic functions, morphological constituents, case, adpositions, and predication.

Tocharian – Phonology, Part 3

Hannes A. Fellner
This lecture on phonology will focus on the syllables in Tocharian, especially with regard to meter.

Tocharian – Morphology, Part 3

Hannes A. Fellner
Introduction to the inflectional morphology of both verbs and nouns in Tocharian.

Aviation Village - The Long Haul The State of Aviation Policy

Andrea M. Matwyshyn, Stefan Savage, &
Andrea (@amatwyshyn and @PSUPILOTlab), the moderator, will provide an introduction to the law of air safety regulation using the case study of the Boeing 737 MAX. Stefan will discuss the state of aircraft avionics vulnerabilities, comparing and contrasting with other industries. (Savage, Stefan - A quick and dirty take on doing aviation security research) Pete will offer a pilot’s perspective, explaining how aviation prevents critical safety or security incidents through a layering of people, process...

Bio Hacking Village - Employ Cybersecurity Techniques against the Threat of Mediacal Misinformation

Eric D Perakslis
Medical misinformation has been labeled as one of the greatest public health threats of our time. Previously eradicated diseases, such as measles are occurring in clusters and causing deaths. The problem is complex with a mixture of private individuals and nation state actors all working to undermine the credibility of doctors and the US health system. In this piece, I will discuss our JAMA piece that calls for the use of an ethical cyber response...

Bio Hacking Village - DIY Medicine: Biohacking Pharma

Alex Pearlman
I will present two case studies of groups using biohacking methods to create generic versions of two of the most widely prescribed and most expensive pharmaceuticals in America. I will explain their methods and motivations in the context of the crisis of distributive justice in the US healthcare system. I question the ethics of the the delivery of pharmaceuticals to patients in the US and argue that biohackers are actually acting in a way that...

Bio Hacking Village - How to Level Up Experiential Learning

JC Vega
Want to learn how an epic clash between hackers turns into a battle of survival? How an intense, immersive experience builds critical cybersecurity skills? This talk highlights how storytelling, gamification and theater arts are used in a realistic environment to experience cybersecurity. The paradigm shift for cybersecurity crisis response training and preparation is here. Individuals, teams, and organizations can now prepare for a worst day with an intense, immersive experience that builds your critical cybersecurity...

Block Chain Village - Forcing a trustworthy notion of sequential time

Brian Vohaska &
Presentations from the DEF CON 27 Blockchain Village

Block Chain Village - Privacy Enabler or Hindrance to the Success of Blockchain

Presentations from the DEF CON 27 Blockchain Village

Block Chain Village - A Smart Contract Killchain

Rod Soto & Victor Fang
Presentations from the DEF CON 27 Blockchain Village

Blue Team Village - Memhunter

Carlos Garay & Marcos Oviedo
Memhunter is an endpoint sensor tool specialized in detecting memory-resident malware. The detection process is performed through a combination of endpoint data collection and memory inspection scanners. Memhunter automates the detection of memory resident malware at scale. The tool is a standalone binary that, upon execution, deploys itself as a windows service. Once running as a service, memhunter starts the collection of ETW events that might indicate code injection attacks. The live stream of collected...

Blue Team Village - The Cyber Threat Intelligence Mindset

What if I told you that it is possible for blue teamers to practice CTI everyday?! With minimal guidance and insight, blue teamers can learn how to see things through the eyes of a cyber threat intel analyst. We’ll step through multiple examples of how a CTI analyst would view data, intel, analysis, and situations so you can gain helpful perspectives when performing analysis for your organization. Learn about the cognitive biases and logical fallacies...

Crypto and Privacy Village - Black Mirror: You are your own privacy nightmare

Cat Murdock
So much of the adult population currently utilizes subscription services like Netflix, but there are hidden implications to users’ privacy inherent in the subscription process that cannot be aided by privacy policies. Users must be aware of the threat they present to themselves. This talk will be focused on the interesting vulnerabilities presented by privacy oversights of users between subscription services and the services used to pay for them. BIO Cat Murdock is a Security...

Crypto and Privacy Village - Stop Facebook From Buying Your Brain

Tiffany Li
You might have heard the saying, "Biometrics are usernames, not passwords." But outside the security world, most people have no idea of the scale of threats we’re all facing with biometric privacy. Governments worldwide are using facial recognition for surveillance, often leading to disastrous consequences in countries without strong human rights protections. Companies, too, are developing more uses for facial recognition, often with a “Move fast and break things” mindset. Voice data, movement data, and...

Crypto and Privacy Village - Towards Usable Dining Cryptographer Networks with Howl

Tyler Kell, Ian Miers, Deepak Maram & Phil Daian
Anonymous communication is important for dissidents, activists, whistleblowers, journalists, and any individuals that might be under surveillance by other parties. Dining Cryptographer Networks (DC-Nets) provide the strongest anonymity protections and the lowest possible latency of any current cryptographic solution. Unfortunately DC-Nets are faced with three fatal flaws that prevent their deployment in the real world: prohibitive bandwidth consumption, denial of service attacks (DoS) by participants, and low fault tolerance. In this talk, I will present...

Crypto and Privacy Village - Telegram - Snoop the messages

Vitor Ventura
Privacy is important for all kinds of people no matter what business or social status they are in. One of the cornerstones of privacy in our days is the secure messaging applications like Telegram, which deploy end-to-end encryption to protect the communications. At the same time these kind of applications have become so important that bug buying companies are now paying up to $500,000 for exploits on these platforms or just $15,000 for information disclosure...

Hack the Sea Village - NSC and Special Assistant for Cyber

Josh Steinman
Presentations from the DEF CON 27 Hack the Sea Village

Hack the Sea Village - C2 over Maritime Automatic Identification System (AIS) and commercial aggregation websites

Julian Blanco & Trey Maxam
Presentations from the DEF CON 27 Hack the Sea Village

Hack the Sea Village - Remote Yacht Hacking

Stephan Gerling
Presentations from the DEF CON 27 Hack the Sea Village

Red Team Offensive Village - Red Team Framework (RTF)

Adrian Sanabria & Joe Gray
Red Team Framework RTF

Social Engineering Village - The Voice Told Me To Do It

Daniel Isler
Corporate colors and logos characteristic of a brand are easily and freely accessed on the network. As consumers we have been advised to distrust an email with these identities. Instead, the voice gives us confidence. When we need help, the voice is there. It is the first thing we hear when we call, it tells us how wonderful and beneficial it is to be associated with that brand. A voice that will never harm us,...

Social Engineering Village - Leveraging the Insider Threat oh,

Marcus Liotta
Countless tactics exist in exploiting corporate infrastructure; stealing equipment, data, or committing rampant sabotage. In the aftermath these can decimate an enterprise in numerous ways.You cannot allow such disaster on your watch.“Leveraging the Insider Threat” goes into the psychology behind attacks, reasoning and psychological manipulation techniques; while also being an overview of common Social Engineering tactics, both remote and physical. These are meant to trick, coerce, and ensnare users without alerting anyone to suspicion.Learn how...

Social Engineering Village - The Aspies Guide to Social Engineering...

Perry Carpenter
Perry Carpenter is the author of, “Transformational Security Awareness: What Neuroscientists, Storytellers, and Marketers Can Teach Us About Driving Secure Behaviors” from Wiley Publishing, and he currently serves as Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer for KnowBe4, the world’s most popular security awareness and simulated phishing platform. Previously, Perry led security awareness, security culture management, and anti-phishing behavior management research at Gartner Research, in addition to covering areas of IAM strategy, CISO Program Management mentoring, and...

Social Engineering Village - OSINT in the Real World

Ryan MacDougall
Practical OSINT techniques are not just applicable in a day-to-day infosec job but can also benefit every aspect of your life. Expressed through personal stories and walk-throughs of real investigations I will show you how OSINT makes you more effective at any job and safer in the real world. Ryan MacDougall is a Senior Social Engineer Pentester for Social-Engineer LLC, who has over 20 years’ experience in the information technology world and 6 years in...

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