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Incident Command at the Edge

Lisa Phillips
As a content delivery network, Fastly operates a large internetwork and a global application environment. Fastly developed its Incident Command protocol, which it uses to deal with large-scale events. Lisa will cover in detail the typical struggles a company Fastly's size runs into when building around-the-clock incident operations and the things Fastly has put in place to make dealing with incidents easier and more effective. She will also cover common mistakes and lessons learned as...

Howdy, Chef Partner Cookbook!

Anthony Eden & Aaron Kalin
Did you know the public Chef Supermarket has recommended cookbooks from Chef Partners? Last year DNSimple was approached by Chef to be part of their Chef Partner Cookbook program. You'll hear their side of the story from Anthony Eden, DNSimple's founder, and Aaron Kalin, one of the developers and system administrators at DNSimple. Anthony will talk about the business side of joining the program and considerations he took before joining the partner program. After, Aaron...

Habitat in Production

Fletcher Nichol
The Habitat Supervisor is responsible for deploying, managing, and choreographing running Habitat services. This session will explore a number of the operational concerns that the supervisor enables. See how to manage secrets, store configuration changes in version control systems, update running applications, and choreograph application upgrades. This is the talk for anyone who is ready to run Habitat services in a production environment.

Practical Management of the new Shape of Applications With Chef Automate

George Miranda
DevOps transformation works in seemingly mysterious ways: some organizations thrive like unicorns while others spin their wheels and make little progress. Why do some companies manage to nail it while others struggle to make it past finding the right hammer? There's plenty of conjecture at any conference, so instead let's drop some science. In this talk, we'll look at a wide set of data sources that tell us objectively what works by the numbers. We'll...

Kick Starting our DevOps Transition with Chef Compliance

Gary Bright
We set out to solve the following business problems; reduce the time on task for audit work within the regulatory space, reduce unplanned work, project rework and unplanned outages. In this session I will cover why we kick started our DevOps transition using Chef Compliance and InSpec rather than diving straight into automate.

Keynotes - Arbuckle and Oliver

Justin Arbuckle & Dawie Oliver
Dawie Olivier, CIO, WestPac NZC and Justin Arbuckle, VP of Transformation, Chef

Keynote - Cheney

Ken Cheney

Integrating all Your Tools With Chef - And How we Did it at HPE

Bikramjeet Bajwa & Vivek Bhatia
Have you integrated Chef with all the tools in your IT environment? Or putting it a different way… have you integrated your device managers, automated your firmware upgrades, and simplified the provisioning of your bare metal servers and storage with Chef? At Hewlett Packard Enterprise we have a wide array of different products; each with their own unique configurations. We were able to simplify and automate the use of our products by integrating them with...

How we adapted our DevOps Pipeline for Chef Delivery

Wyatt Chaffee & Jimmy Pham
This session provides a look into Chef Delivery and how the pipeline is used and adapted across development teams. The shape of your delivery pipeline is critical as it controls your DevOps workflow. In this session we will demonstrate how Booz Allen leverages Chef Delivery and our lessons learned in capturing, developing, and deploying software for a federal government agency that drove us to adopt Chef Delivery. We will also discuss various Microservices design and...

Habitat 101: An Introduction to Habitat

Joshua Timberman
Habitat is an open-source framework that gives modern application teams an application-centric automation platform. Build, deploy, and manage modern and legacy applications with Habitat. In this talk we will explore: Introduction to Habitat The problems Habitat solves Getting started with Habitat Plans Using Habitat in your Chef workflow.

Don't Mind the Gap: How to Deploy Chef in Offline or \"Airgapped\" Network

Galen Emery
In high security environments, we are often behind proxies, firewalls or obnoxious corporate policies that disallow access to Github or RubyGems. What gives?! In this session, I will show exactly what it takes to set up your Chef environment in the offline world. I'll demonstrate how to download Chef packages, how to stand up the various Chef servers (Delivery, Insights, Compliance, Chef, Supermarket) and, most importantly, how to bootstrap systems in a way that they...

DevOps for Networks, NetDevOps, NetOps or Whatever: Get Your Network Cooking With Chef

Jere Julian
The cloud players get it (often with custom automation by a huge development team), and the people that do everything on AWS don't care. But what about the rest of us who manage real networks everyday? What does DevOps mean to us? Is it just the latest fad? Where do I start? Come see why there's never been a better time to start taking advantage of DevOps practices and tooling to make it easier to...

Chef Journey on Google Cloud - July 12, 2016

J. J. Asghar, Brandon Jung, Nelson Araujo, Michael Norring & Jay Marshall
Learn how customers are using chef and chef delivery to run, deploy, and manage workloads across Google Cloud on PaaS, IaaS and container environments.

Keynote - Chef Automate Demo

Seth Falcon & Oliver Ferrigni

Build Cookbooks and The Service Delivery Canvas

Christopher Webber
So you have Chef Delivery, now what? This talk is a practical introduction to build cookbooks and how to figure out what should run in each stage. Have you ever found yourself wondering: "What is a build cookbook?" "Where should I put performance tests?" "How does this work with Docker?" If you have, this talk is for you. Come join us as we plan out a few projects in Delivery. We will start by using...

Enterprise Chef: Bringing Technology and Teams Together

Pauly Comtois & Aaron Blythe
Generating excitement and interest around a DevOps transformation can be difficult in any organization. When you are trying to do it across ten, the complexities are at an all-new level. One method to bring people together is to rally them behind a central cause and tool. We chose automation and Chef as that starting point. Like any complex and highly effective tool, Chef can only prove its value through training, proper use, collaboration and support....

Balancing Velocity and Compliance

Roberto Ortiz, Cheerag Patel & J. P. Robinson
At SAP NS2, our business is focused on delivering a full suite of applications, analytics, database, cybersecurity, and cloud software solutions. with specialized levels of security and support for our U.S. national security and critical infrastructure customers. We have the same needs for development velocity as many other organizations but we must operate under stringent compliance and security protocols that present barriers to collaboration and fast, small batch releases. Our presentation will examine how you...

A Conversation with Intel

Nick Weaver & Ken Cheney
Nicholas Weaver, Director, SDI, Intel and Ken Cheney, VP of Business Development, Chef

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Robert Haller-Dintelmann

Understanding Blackbody Radiation

Joachim Enders

Uncertainty Relations

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Probabilistic interpretation

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Particle physics and the standard model

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Nuclei And Particles

Joachim Enders

Laser resonators and modes

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