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Old Lithuanian – Text sample

Saverio Dalpedri

Open Educational Resources and Library & Information Science: towards a common framework for methodological approaches and technical solutions

Roberto Puccinelli, Lisa Reggiani, Massimiliano Saccone & Luciana Trufelli

Going Green – Publishing Academic Grey Literature in Laboratory Collections on HAL

Joachim Schöpfel, El Hadji Ibrahima Ndiaye & Hélène Prost

An Open Platform for FAIR Conference Metadata

Stephanie Hagemann-Wilholt

The Foundation of IT Infrastructure culture

Julie Burlingame Percival
From http://www.bsdcan.org/2017/schedule/events/865.en.html


Andrew Turner
During a talk at EuroBSDCon 2016 it was mentioned FreeBSD had no GENERIC kernel for armv6. While this was true at the time the claim was made a GENERIC kernel configuration was committed before the talk finished. This talk will provide a history of how this kernel configuration, common on other architectures, was added to armv6. FreeBSD added support for the ARMv6 and ARMv7 architectures in 2012. At this time each System on Chip required...

FreeBSD as a Service

Rodney W. Grimes
The members of the BSD Unix lineage of operating systems, notably the original U.C. Berkeley CSRG BSD, BSDi, NetBSD, FreeBSD and OpenBSD have reliably provided infrastructure for a myriad of enterprise-level tasks and services with a distinct emphasis on Internet services. As open source operating systems, the BSDs have relied heavily on frequent individual contributions and less-frequent, but potentially-larger vendor contributions such as the OpenZFS file system and bhyve hypervisor. In some cases, vendors have...


Ken Moore
What can you accomplish with a full, remotely-accessible API for performing system administration tasks? The new SysAdm project for TrueOS and FreeBSD systems is here to help answer this question. It provides a fully-documented and simple API to transparently perform a multitude of tasks on FreeBSD systems, without the use of a separate system database. Instead, it automatically performs the same system-level changes to configuration files, services, and more. Generally, FreeBSD administrators typically conduct these...

Panel II: The G20 and Global Economic Governance

Zhu Jiejin

Panel II: The G20 and Global Economic Governance

Park Sunghoon

Panel I: Global Governance, De-globalization and the Role of the the EU and East Asia

Chen Yugang

Panel I: Global Governance, De-globalization and the Role of the the EU and East Asia

Shada Islam

Panel I: Global Governance, De-globalization and the Role of the the EU and East Asia

Sebastian Bersick

Animation S1

David Nagy

ModularIT: a software libre project for sysadmins

Augustin Benito

MediaWiki's big code & usability push

Brion Vibber
I'll be going over some of the particular UI and workflow issues in editing, media uploading, and other areas that we intend to tackle, summarize some of the existing work toward those ends, and give a preview our upcoming Wikipedia Usability Initiative. MediaWiki was born in 2002, when Wikipedia's editing activity outgrew the concurrency limits of its original wiki engine. The first 6 years of this open-source wiki platform's development were largely devoted to scaling...

Introduction to GnuTLS

Simon Josefsson

A Behind the Scenes Look at Large Scale Community Management

Leslie Hawthorn
Ever wondered what it takes to make a community of more than 180 F/LOSS projects and 5,000+ geeks create great software? In this talk, Leslie Hawthorn will explore the successes and setbacks of Google Summer of Code, the first global program designed to introduce University students to Free and Open Source software development practices and methodologies. Leslie will discuss the program's inception, history, and impact, and the evolving requirements for managing a large scale global...

FOSDEM 2009: Bug

Ken Gilmer
FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Development European Meeting) is a European event centered around Free and Open Source software development. It is aimed at developers and all interested in the Free and Open Source news in the world. Its goals are to enable developers to meet and to promote the awareness and use of free and open source software.

10 cool things about Exherbo

Bryan Østergaard
This talk will focus on 10 important features that makes it easier for users and developers alike to work with Exherbo. While the talk will focus on the current state of Exherbo and the short-term future the ideas being presented should be equally interesting for other distribution developers and users. FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Development European Meeting) is a European event centered around Free and Open Source software development. It is aimed at developers...

Metabolic control analysis meets systems biology

Athel Cornish-Bowden & Carsten Kettner
Athel Cornish-Bowden talks about the characteristics of metabolic regulation and metabolic control, and differentiates between the two of them. He also talks about the relationship between metabolic control analysis and systems biology. Athel Cornish-Bowden is a Directeur de Recherche (Émérite) at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Marseilles, France. Although he started his career in a department of organic chemistry, virtually all of his current research is carried out in the realm...

Estudio de guacamayos como herramienta para la conservación

Donald Brightsmith & Gabriela Vigo
Conferencia Virtual: Biodiversidad y Conservación en la Reserva Nacional Tambopata Utilizamos nuestros hallazgos de 20 años de estudio de psitacidos en la zona de Madre de Dios para implementar acciones de manejo en post de la conservación de guacamayos en la Reserva Nacional Tambopata. Encontramos que la zona alberga la mayor concentración de colpas a nivel mundial. La distribución de las colpas varia en el paisaje, siendo menos abundantes en la zona oeste (ríos Amigos:...

Corrosion Experiments in Gel

Oliver Weichold
In this video, the corrosion process of iron is shown. Phenolphthalein indicator turns violet and shows the presence of hydroxide ions, while Prussian blue indicator turns blue and shows the presence of iron ions." This is part of the Open Educational Resources Initiative by the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the RWTH Aachen University.

The Rest of ReST

Dylan Beattie
So you've built a ReSTful API. You've had lengthy debates with your team about exactly what HTTP POST means, you know your GET from your PUT and you understand why HTTP methods aren't really the same as CRUD operations. So far, so good. But now you're dealing with a whole new set of problems. Do you really need to PUT the entire Customer just to change someone's email address? Why does it take you 25...

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