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New interoperability, i18n and LibreLogo improvements of LibreOffice

László Németh
by At: FOSDEM 2019 https://video.fosdem.org/2019/UA2.114/new_interoperability_i18n_and_librelogo_improvements_of_libreoffice.webm 3 lightning talks about news and the most important experiences of the various LibreOffice developments made for migration projects in public administration and education, based on my recent presentations of LiboCon, Tirana, and our newer results. Building a LibreOffice development team: We have found and filed more than three hundred bugs during the biggest LibreOffice migration project of Hungary. Our help desk service couldn't handle these efficiently using half measures...

Grafana Loki: Like Prometheus, but for logs

Tom Wilkie
Imagine if you had Prometheus for log files. We will talk about Tempo, our attempt at creating just that.

Let's use centralized log collection to make incident response teams happy

Hannah Suarez
The OWASP top 10 most critical web application security risks report published that insufficient logging is one of the top risks security teams face today. In this talk, we will go through issues with incident response teams without centralized logging as well as other reasons to do centralized logging (if you need more!), brief intro about structured data as well as configuration and output examples using NXLog Community Edition. This talk is aimed at administrators...

Lesson learned from Retro-uC and search for ideal HDL for open source silicon

Staf Verhaegen
The Retro-uC was a crowdfunding campaign for an open source silicon project. One of the reasons the campaign did not attract enough people was a lack of enough attractive features. The feature set was kept minimal to allow a first time right chip production. The choice of HDL is important to allow to implement more features with enough productivity and without increasing the risk of having buggy silicon. As will be presented, the venerable VHDL...

Java and Containers

Adam Farley
Ever tried developing Java applications in containers? Of course not. You're a sensible person. From a small footprint to a super-fast spin-up time, the reality of containers is a far cry from the reality of an OpenJDK binary execution. So how do we bring these two disparate visions closer together? Simple! We jlink the required JDK modules to generate a smaller footprint, then leverage alternate JVMs for performant startup! I promise, the reality is simpler...

Checkpoint Restore

Christine H. Flood
Java has evolved significantly in the past 20+ years. Users still want to run highly scalable monolithic applications, but now they also want to run in the cloud with fast startup and small footprint. Checkpointing will solve at least half of that problem. I'll show you how to checkpoint your java application and then restore it on a different machine, or several different machines. An application that might take minutes to warm up, can be...

Serre weight conjectures for unitary groups

Karol Koziol

Das Graswurzel-Netzwerk \"Tutorials in Bibliotheken\"

Ninon Franziska Frank, Frank Waldschmidt-Dietz, Philipp Leisering & Erik Senst
Wir stellen hier das Graswurzel-Netzwerk "Tutorials in Bibliotheken" vor, welches sich im März 2021 gegründet hat. Ziel unserer Community ist es, in Bibliotheken tätige Menschen zu vernetzen, die Tutorials bereits erstellen bzw. sich für deren Erstellung interessieren. Die Themen umfassen den vollständigen Zyklus von Planung, Erstellung, Verbreitung und Evaluation von Tutorials. Konkret werden z.B. Konzepte, Didaktik, Programme/Plattformen, technisches Zubehör, Veröffentlichung und Verbreitung besprochen. Neben dem Wissenstransfer innerhalb der Community öffnet sich das Netzwerk auch nach...

DOE's Efforts Towards Ice Sheet & Earth System Modeling: Progress & Challenges

Stephen Price

First Principles Model Hamiltonian Ensembles for Light Harvesting: Modeling Dissipative Down Conversion - Signatures of Vibronic Energy Transfer in Nonlinear 2DES Signals - CSDM+PLDM

David F. Coker

Irreducibility and generic ODEs

Joel Nagloo

Introduction to tropical algebraic geometry

Yue Ren

Littlewood-Richardson coefficients and birational combinatorics

Darij Grinberg

Extreme Ideen für Bühnenaktionen - Herrin und Dienerin 2

Beverly Blankenship & Michiko Schmitt

Emotionen für den 2. Rang

Beverly Blankenship

Was ist ein 'Fokus' und warum soll man ihn nicht stehlen?

Beverly Blankenship

Exotic phases and phase transitions: quantum Monte Carlo studies

Fakher F. Assaad

Automated Proof Search: The Aftermath

Mika Göös

Size-Degree Trade-Off for Sums-of-Squares Proofs

Tuomas Hakoniemi

Hinter den Schatten

Sofia Leikam, Michael Markert, Ansgar Reiners, Sabine Steil, Susanne Schneider, Michael Hillmann & Joachim Feist
Der Dokumentarfilm gibt einen Einblick in das Lehrkonzept des Göttinger Physikers Robert Wichard Pohl (1884-1976). Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf der Verwendung von Pohl-Ideen und -Apparaten in der modernen Grundvorlesung zur Experimentalphysik in Göttingen. Es wird die Arbeit der Dozent:innen und Hörsaaltechniker vorgestellt und von Ihnen in Interviews kommentiert. Der Film entstand im Rahmen des Forschungsprojektes "Projektionen. Die Lehrsammlung Robert Wichard Pohl" (2020-2022, finanziert aus dem Förderprogramm PRO*Niedersachsen)

Natrium auf Wasser

Hanne Rautenstrauch, Lena Jakubzik & Justin Burmester

On the fringe or glaciers: freezing sediments, regelation, and premelting

Colin R. Meyer

Finite element methods for ice sheet modeling

Josefin Ahlkrona

Mathematical Frameworks for Integrative Analysis of Emerging Biological Data Type

Alexis Coullomb

Clythia sp. Sylt 2015

Otto Larink
Clythia sp. (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Hydroidomedusae, Leptomedusae, Campanulariidae), diameter 550 µm, Sylt 10.2015. 1:23 min. Medusa with short manubrium, four marginal bulbs, hollow tencacles, statocyst in between. Video can be used for teaching.

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