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The FABIAN head-related transfer function data base

Fabian Brinkmann, Alexander Lindau, Stefan Weinzierl, Gunnar Geissler, Steven Van De Par, Markus Müller-Trapet, Rob Opdam & Michael Vorländer
This data base includes head-related transfer functions (HRTFs), headphone transfer functions (HpTFs), and 3D-meshes of the FABIAN head and torso simulator. More detailed information is provided in the documentation within the data base.

Black Mice Dataset v1

Katharina Hohlbaum, Niek Andresen, Manuel Wöllhaf, Lars Lewejohann, Olaf Hellwich, Christa Thöne-Reineke & Vitaly Belik
The “Black Mice Dataset” is a large set of images of C57BL/6JRj mice and a corresponding “well-being” label. It encompasses images of mice that have (or have not) undergone different procedures that impaired their well-being. Images were taken at different points in time before and after the procedures. The images were obtained within the framework of a project, in which the impact of procedures frequently performed in animal experimentation on the well-being and stress levels...

Schöne Gärten; 1930

Eryk Pepinski

"Warum?" und "Weil!" im Zwergobstbau; [1919]

Walter Poenicke

Non-equilibrium dynamics of confined colloidal suspensions in shear-flow

Sascha Gerloff
Shear-driven colloidal suspensions in strong spatial confinement display complex non-equilibrium many-body dynamics. These stem from the intricate interplay between the confinement-induced structures and shear-induced dynamics, yielding phenomena such as shear-thinning, thickening, and banding, as well as shear-induced melting, crystallization, buckling, and laning. The resulting non-linear response is related to applications such as thin-film lubrication, colloidal nanomachines, and dry friction. In this thesis, we study the response of two types of shear-driven colloidal suspensions in strong...

Surface-sensitive adsorption of water and carbon dioxide on magnetite

Eman Ahmed Ahmed Mohammed Zaki
The interaction of water with solid surfaces is important in many scientific fields such as corrosion, electrochemistry, geology, and heterogeneous catalysis. Chemistry at water/oxide interfaces plays a crucial role in surface's properties and reactivity. Employing model systems structurally and electronically characterized under well-defined conditions offers deep insights into the chemistry of the water/solid interfaces at an atomic level. This knowledge allows one to tune and optimize catalytic processes. Its strong relevance to the economical and...

Berliner Presse und Französische Revolution

Axel Schumann
Das Spektrum der Meinungen unter preußischer Zensur 1789-1806 Vom furiosen Beginn der Französischen Revolution, dem Sturm auf die Bastille, erfuhr der Berliner Zeitungsleser am 28. Juli 1789, zwei Wochen nach den Pariser Ereignissen, durch die beiden Zeitungen der preußischen Haupt- und Residenzstadt. Mit dieser Nachricht war beim Lesepublikum ein Interesse geweckt, das den folgenden Jahren nicht abebbte und alle übrigen Nachrichteninhalte zunehmend in den Hintergrund drängte. Dieses Interesse kommt auch in der Behandlung des Themas...

Alle gehen zur Wahl; 1965

Enthält: Karikatur als Aufforderung, sich an der Wahl zum 20. Studentenparlament vom 31. Mai bis 3. Juni 1965 zu beteiligen. 1 Seite. Skizze dreier gehender Männer, s/w.

Stoßprobleme in Physik, Technik und Medizin

Emanuel Willert
Dieses Open Access Buch widmet sich dem Problem der Mechanik des Zusammenstoßes zweier makroskopischer Körper. Falls die Dynamik der Körper als Ganzes dies erlaubt, ohne in unüberschaubare Komplexität zu verfallen (in der Regel ist das nur für das reine Normalstoßproblem der Fall), werden allgemeine axialsymmetrische Stoßpartner betrachtet. Für das allgemeine räumliche Stoßproblem wird sich auf den Kontakt von Kugeln beschränkt. Zunächst werden im Buch sehr ausführlich die kontaktmechanischen Grundlagen (Elastizität, Plastizität, Viskoelastizität, Adhäsion, Gradientenmedien) dargestellt...

Virtual Network Embedding Approximations: Leveraging Randomized Rounding

Matthias Rost & Stefan Schmid
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Beerenobst; 1879

Eugen J. Peters

Neue Entwürfe zu Blumen-, Teppich-Beeten und Staudenanlagen; 1909

Ernst Levy, Otto Karl Halbritter & Carl Hampel

Grundlagen und interdisziplinäre Anwendung von mechanischen Stoßproblemen

Emanuel Willert
Die vorliegende Dissertation konzentriert sich auf die Grundlagen von Stoßproblemen und deren Anwendungen in Physik, Technik und Medizin – von der Dynamik granularer Systeme über Sport bis hin zur Schädigung und Prüfung von technologischen oder biologischen Materialien. Stoßprobleme treten in technologischen oder biologischen Prozessen und Systemen häufiger auf als normalerweise angenommen. Es gibt sie nicht nur zwischen unverbundenen Teilen eines Systems, sondern auch in „verbundenen Systemen“ (z. B. in menschlichen Gelenken beim Springen oder Stolpern...

Herstellung von Proteinprodukten auf der Grundlage eines Verfahrens zur Stärkegewinnung aus Markerbsen

Heiko Fuhrmeister
Die Gewinnung von Stärke aus Markerbsen ist aufgrund des hohen Amylosegehalts und der damit verbundenen speziellen Eigenschaften dieser Stärke in den letzten Jahren Gegenstand verschiedener wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten gewesen. Während die wesentlichen verfahrenstechnischen Probleme, die sich bei der Verarbeitung dieses Rohstoffes ergeben, im Rahmen dieser Arbeiten gelöst werden konnten, ist die Verarbeitung von Markerbsen zur Stärkegewinnung aus ökonomischer Sicht jedoch nach wie vor problematisch. Dies ergibt sich daraus, dass Markerbsen im Vergleich zu den konventionellen Stärkerohstoffen...

Rheological and Mechanical Gradient Properties of Polyurethane Elastomers for 3D-Printing with Reactive Additives

Peng Wang, Dietmar Auhl, Eckart Uhlmann, Georg Gerlitzky & Manfred H. Wagner
Polyurethane (PU) elastomers with their broad range of strength and elasticity are ideal materials for additive manufacturing of shapes with gradients of mechanical properties. By adjusting the mixing ratio of different polyurethane reactants during 3D-printing it is possible to change the mechanical properties. However, to guarantee intra- and inter-layer adhesion, it is essential to know the reaction kinetics of the polyurethane reaction, and to be able to influence the reaction speed in a wide range....

A Weighted SVM-Based Approach to Tree Species Classification at Individual Tree Crown Level Using LiDAR Data

Hoang Minh Nguyen, Begüm Demir & Michele Dalponte
Tree species classification at individual tree crowns (ITCs) level, using remote-sensing data, requires the availability of a sufficient number of reliable reference samples (i.e., training samples) to be used in the learning phase of the classifier. The classification performance of the tree species is mainly affected by two main issues: (i) an imbalanced distribution of the tree species classes, and (ii) the presence of unreliable samples due to field collection errors, coordinate misalignments, and ITCs...

Penetration Depth of a Soil Moisture Profile Probe Working in Time-Domain Transmission Mode

Marcin Kafarski, Jacek Majcher, Andrzej Wilczek, Agnieszka Szyplowska, Arkadiusz Lewandowski, Alicja Zackiewicz & Wojciech Skierucha
Soil moisture is one of the most important soil parameters. Knowledge of volumetric water content (VWC) of the root zone as well as the VWC dynamics in the soil profile is especially important for agriculture. Monitoring VWC at several depths in the soil profile can be performed using several soil moisture sensors placed at various depths. However, the use of a profile probe is more convenient, because the installation of a single probe is less...

Spatiotemporal RNA expression in the Caenorhabditis elegans germline

Asija Diag
Spatiotemporally-restricted RNA expression is a crucial, conserved mechanism for maintaining tissue viability, morphology, and integrity. In particular, localization of RNA molecules to subcellular compartments is a prevalent mechanism for regulating the balance between cell proliferation and differentiation during development. Perturbations in the regulation of this balance are often associated with developmental defects and diseases such as cancer. However, our understanding of how spatiotemporal distribution of RNAs shapes cell proliferation and differentiation is still limited. In...

Advanced Exergy Analysis in the Dynamic Framework for Assessing Building Thermal Systems

Ana Picallo-Perez, José M Sala, George Tsatsaronis & Saeed Sayadi
This work applies the Dynamic Advanced Exergy Analysis (DAEA) to a heating and domestic hot water (DHW) facility supplied by a Stirling engine and a condensing boiler. For the first time, an advanced exergy analysis using dynamic conditions is applied to a building energy system. DAEA provides insights on the components’ exergy destruction (ED) by distinguishing the inefficiencies that can be prevented by improving the quality (avoidable ED) and the ones constrained because of technical...

A quantitative image analysis pipeline for the characterization of filamentous fungal morphologies as a tool to uncover targets for morphology engineering: a case study using aplD in Aspergillus niger

Timothy C. Cairns, Claudia Feurstein, Xiaomei Zheng, Ping Zheng, Jibin Sun & Vera Meyer
Background Fungal fermentation is used to produce a diverse repertoire of enzymes, chemicals, and drugs for various industries. During submerged cultivation, filamentous fungi form a range of macromorphologies, including dispersed mycelia, clumped aggregates, or pellets, which have critical implications for rheological aspects during fermentation, gas/nutrient transfer, and, thus, product titres. An important component of strain engineering efforts is the ability to quantitatively assess fungal growth phenotypes, which will drive novel leads for morphologically optimized production...

Nanomaterials for Healthcare Biosensing Applications

Muqsit Pirzada & Zeynep Altintas
In recent years, an increasing number of nanomaterials have been explored for their applications in biomedical diagnostics, making their applications in healthcare biosensing a rapidly evolving field. Nanomaterials introduce versatility to the sensing platforms and may even allow mobility between different detection mechanisms. The prospect of a combination of different nanomaterials allows an exploitation of their synergistic additive and novel properties for sensor development. This paper covers more than 290 research works since 2015, elaborating...

Structure, phase behavior, molecular dynamics and conductivity of columnar liquid crystals in the bulk state and under confinement

Arda Yildirim
Molecules of columnar liquid crystals (CLCs) typically consisting of a rigid aromatic core and flexible alkyl chains, can form a columnar mesophase by self-assembly. This self assembly of the molecules in the columns are driven by π-π interactions among the aromatic cores, while the alkyl chains fill the intercolumnar space. Among other promising features of CLCs for applications, the characteristic one dimensional (1D) charge transport feature, due to π orbitals with delocalized electrons, qualifies CLCs...

Extending the Object Teams Programming Model into Distributed Environments

Abdullah Odeh Al-Zaghameem
Die zunehmende Komplexität verteilter Anwendungen sowie veränderte Ausführungsumgebungen erfordern Anwendungen, die leichter adaptiert, kombiniert und weiterentwickelt werden können. Häufig müssen derartige verteilte Anwendungen auch zur Laufzeit adaptiert werden, es werden somit dynamisch adaptierbare, verteilte Anwendungen benötigt. Die dynamische Adaptierbarkeit der Objekte einer verteilten Anwendung bedeutet, diese Objekte in die Lage zu versetzen, ihr Verhalten in Abhängigkeit von Änderungen ihrer Ausführungsumgebung zur Laufzeit dynamisch zu verändern. Als ein vielversprechendes Mittel zur Verbesserung der Modularität von Anwendungen...

Moulding the mould: understanding and reprogramming filamentous fungal growth and morphogenesis for next generation cell factories

Timothy C. Cairns, Xiaomei Zheng, Ping Zheng, Jibin Sun & Vera Meyer
Filamentous fungi are harnessed as cell factories for the production of a diverse range of organic acids, proteins, and secondary metabolites. Growth and morphology have critical implications for product titres in both submerged and solid-state fermentations. Recent advances in systems-level understanding of the filamentous lifestyle and development of sophisticated synthetic biological tools for controlled manipulation of fungal genomes now allow rational strain development programs based on data-driven decision making. In this review, we focus on...

Zinkguß-Ornamente nach Zeichnungen von Schinkel, Stüler, Persius, Schadow, Strack, Knoblauch, Stier und Anderen; 1852

Moritz Geiß

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