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Blockchain adoption at German logistics service providers

Oliver Kühn, Axel Jacob & Michael Schüller
Purpose: The study provides a recent overview of the diffusion of blockchain technology in the logistics industry. It reveals the adoption of blockchain technology at German logistics service providers (LSPs) and their expectations regarding the future relevance of the technology. Based on the TOE Framework adoption supporting and inhibiting factors are identified. Methodology: In a first step, LSPs listed in the “Die Top 100 der Logistik 2016/2017” were contacted and questioned about their blockchain activities....

Smart risk analytics design for proactive early warning

Katharina Diedrich & Katja Klingebiel
Purpose: Automobile manufacturers are highly dependent on supply chain performance which is endangered by risks. They are not yet able to proactively manage these risks, often requiring reactive bottleneck management. A proactive and digitalized early warning method is needed. Methodology: The publication provides methodological-empirical contribution to proactive early warning resulting in a smart risk management approach. The methodological approach is carried out according to the design science research approach. Findings: The developed smart risk management...

Active strain-sensing with a nanoporous-metal hybrid material

Charlotte Kuss
In dieser Arbeit werden die ersten aktiven Dehnungs-Sensorikmessungen mit einen nanoporösen Metall-Hybridmaterial vorgestellt. Die hier hergeleitete thermodynamische Beziehung zwischen elastischen Eigenschaften, sowie Sensorik- und Aktorikparametern weist eine gute Übereinstimmung zwischen Experiment und Theorie auf. Diese Klasse von Materialien verhält sich phänomenologisch wie die der Piezokeramiken, obwohl die zugrundeliegenden Mechanismen völlig verschieden sind.

Simulation-based optimization at container terminals: a literature review

Marvin Kastner, Hannah Pache & Carlos Jahn
Purpose: While simulation-based optimization has been discussed in theory and practically employed at container terminals, the different publications in this field have not yet been presented and compared in a structured manner. This paper gathers the latest developments and examine the similarities and differences of the provided approaches. Furthermore, research gaps are identified. Methodology: The recent literature of simulation-based optimization on container terminals is examined using a mapping review approach. Emphasis is laid on the...

Towards accurate modeling of the multidimensional magnetic particle imaging physics

Tobias Kluth, Patryk Szwargulski & Tobias Knopp
The image reconstruction problem of the tomographic imaging technique magnetic particle imaging (MPI) requires the solution of a linear inverse problem. One prerequisite for this task is that the imaging operator that describes the mapping between the tomographic image and the measured signal is accurately known. For 2D and 3D excitation patterns, it is common to measure the system matrix in a calibration procedure, that is both, very time consuming and adds noise to the...

Fleet based schedule optimisation for product tanker considering shipʼs stability

Anisa Rizvanolli, Alexander Haupt, Peter Marvin Müller & Jorin Dornemann
Purpose: Scheduling a fleet of product tankers in a cost effective and robust way to satisfy orders is a complex task. A variety of constraints and preferences complicate this attempt. Manual solutions as common in tramp shipping are not sufficient to deliver optimal and robust schedules. Methodology: For this, we present a mixed integer linear programming formulation of the scheduling problem. Additionally intact stability calculations for each ship of the fleet are implemented in a...

Industrial tracking camera and product vision detection system

Wisam T. Abbood, Hiba K. Hussein & Oday Ibraheem Abdullah
Many industrial and commercial applications today are beginning to use autonomous systems to increase productivity and reduce costs for production and manpower. Most of these applications are only semi- autonomous, it still needs assistance from a human to start up or receive continual instructions. It can be improve the productivity using the image processing techniques based on the camera processing capabilities and more efficient vehicles. This research paper describes a vision tracking system platform and...

Computational micromechanics of matrix-inclusion composites

Konrad Schneider
This thesis is concerned with aspects of the computational retrievement of macroscopic material responses and investigations of the microscopic deformation behavior of random matrix-inclusion composites. To this end, the focus lies on the representative volume element (RVE) approach in the scope of finite element analyses and its applicability and integration into engineering practice. The artificial random generation of the microstructural geometry, in a periodic and non-periodic manner, is established by studying and enhancing existing methods...

Adaptive failure detection and correction in dynamic patient-networks

Martin Ringwelski, Andreas Timm-Giel & Volker Turau
Wireless sensors have been studied over recent years for different promising applications with high value for individuals and society. A good example are wireless sensor networks for patients allowing for better and more efficient monitoring of patients in hospitals or even early discharge form hospital and monitoring at home. These visions have hardly led research as reliability is and issue with wireless networks to be known error-prone. In life critical applications like health care this...

Effects of processing parameters on 3D structural ordering and optical properties of inverse opal photonic crystals produced by atomic layer deposition

Heloisa G. Campos, Kaline Pagnan Furlan, Daniel E. Garcia, Robert H. Blick, Robert Zierold, Manfred Eich, Dachamir Hotza & Rolf Janßen
Vertical convective self‐assembly has been extensively used for the preparation of direct photonic crystals, which can be later infiltrated with a more stable material, such as oxide ceramics, by atomic layer deposition. However, the relationship between the self‐assembly parameters of the direct photonic crystals and the optical properties of the inverse opal photonic crystals remains elusive. In this work, the effect of different experimental parameters on the 3D structure and the density of defects of...

Reasoning about non-functional properties using compiler intrinsic function annotations

Shashank Jadhav, Mikko Julian Roth, Heiko Falk, Chris Brown & Adam Barwell

The impact of modular product architectures in PSS design: a systematic literature review

Christoph Rennpferdt, Erik Greve & Dieter Krause

Time-variant rule-based reliability of corroded structures by Monte Carlo simulation

Karoline M. Neumann, Bernt J. Leira, Ole Tom Vårdal & Sören Ehlers
General widespread corrosion is of increasing concern for structural reliability of ageing marine structures, particularly for semi-submersible pontoons. Conditional failure rate, also termed hazard function is sought to describe the increasing maintenance required with age. Literature is reviewed connecting corrosion degradation to hazard rate, either through a time degrading limit state function, or statistical data for time to failure. Here, a rule based failure definition is applied based on corrosion tolerance levels, together with a...

Linear kernels and linear-time algorithms for finding large cuts

Michael Etscheid & Matthias Mnich
The maximum cut problem in graphs and its generalizations are fundamental combinatorial problems. Several of these cut problems were recently shown to be fixed-parameter tractable and admit polynomial kernels when parameterized above the tight lower bound measured by the size and order of the graph. In this paper we continue this line of research and considerably improve several of those results: We show that an algorithm by Crowston et al. [ICALP 2012] for (Signed) Max-Cut...

Polynomial kernels for deletion to classes of acyclic digraphs

Matthias Mnich & Erik Jan van Leeuwen
We consider the problem to find a set X of vertices (or arcs) with |X| <= k in a given digraph G such that D = G-X is an acyclic digraph. In its generality, this is DIRECTED FEEDBACK VERTEX SET or DIRECTED FEEDBACK ARC SET respectively. The existence of a polynomial kernel for these problems is a notorious open problem in the field of kernelization, and little progress has been made. In this paper, we...

Joint learning of geometric and probabilistic constellation shaping

Maximilian Stark, Fayçal Ait Aoudia & Jakob Hoydis

Automated selection and assembly of sets of blades for jet engine compressors and turbines

Maik Dammann & Thorsten Schüppstuhl

Bewertung von Power-to-Gas-Anlagen mittels dynamischer Systemsimulation

Lisa Andresen & Gerhard Schmitz
Mittels dynamischer Systemsimulation wird die Kopplung des Hochdruckgasnetzes der Stadt Hamburg mit dem Stromnetz untersucht. Dabei wird das technische Potential der regenerativen Erzeugung, der Speicherung und der Einspeisung von Wasserstoff in das Gasnetz analysiert. Der Modellierungsansatz wird beschrieben. Den Szenariorahmen bildet der geplante Ausbau der fluktuierenden Erneuerbaren Energien im Jahr 2050 und der Strom- und Gasbedarf in 2012. Die Elektrolyseure werden nur dann betrieben, wenn die Residuallast negativ ist. In einer Jahressimulation wird, unter Berücksichtigung...

Optimizing the start-up process of post-combustion capture plants by varying the solvent flow rate

Thomas Marx-Schubach & Gerhard Schmitz

A review of life cycle assessment studies of electric vehicles with a focus on resource use

Iulia Dolganova, Anne Rödl, Vanessa Bach, Martin Kaltschmitt & Matthias Finkbeiner
Changes in the mobility patterns have evoked concerns about the future availability of certain raw materials necessary to produce alternative drivetrains and related batteries. The goal of this article is to determine if resource use aspects are adequately reflected within life cycle assessment (LCA) case studies of electric vehicles (EV). Overall, 103 LCA studies on electric vehicles from 2009 to 2018 are evaluated regarding their objective, scope, considered impact categories, and assessment methods—with a focus...

Gestaltung und Festigkeit unter Wasser geschweißter Dopplungen

Hubertus von Selle
Gestaltung und Festigkeit unter Wasser geschweißter Dopplungen

A kind of linearity-invariance under homotopy and some simple applications o fit in mechanics

Shijun Liao
A kind of linearity-invariance under homotopy and some simple applications o fit in mechanics A kind of linearity-invariance under homotopy and some simple applications o fit in mechanics: Neither numerical techniques nor analytical methods of nonlinear problems are satisfactory. The iterative techniques are sensitive not only to the initial solutions but also to the number of unknowns. On the other side, perturbation expansion method depends upon small or great parameters. These limit their applications. This...

Analytische Behandlung von Eigenspannungszuständen auf der Grundlage der Elastizitätstheorie

Heinrich Schimmöller
Analytische Behandlung von Eigenspannungszuständen auf der Grundlage der Elastizitätstheorie

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