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Mobility as a Service: ein Angebot auch für Einkommensarme? GIS-basierte Betrachtung vierer Ridepooling-Angebote in Hamburg

Christoph Aberle
Urbanes Ridepooling bietet die Möglichkeit, öffentlichen Nahverkehr flexibel zu ergänzen. Der Beitrag stellt die potenzielle Nutzbarkeit des Ridepoolings für Menschen in Einkommensarmut in Hamburg in den Mittelpunkt. Anhand einer GIS-basierten Methode werden vier Ridepooling-Angebote (ioki, CleverShuttle, MOIA, mytaxi match bzw. FREE NOW) hinsichtlich sozio-demografischer Merkmale der Population untersucht, die potenziell bedient wird. Bis auf einen Ausnahmefall - ioki am westlichen Stadtrand - bedienen die Anbieter zentrale Gebiete, in denen weniger Menschen arm sind, weniger Menschen...

Application of a gradient crystal plasticity model to numerical analysis of metal part of nanoporous metal - Polymer composites

Natalia Konchakova & Swantje Bargmann
© 2014 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd. The application of a gradient extended theory to the computation of the mechanical response of a single crystalline sub-micron gold, which is the part of nano-composites, is in the focus of the contribution. The research takes into account the dependence of the macroscopic behavior of a crystalline material on the size and morphology of the grains, the volume fraction of different phases, and the subgrain material modeling....

Stress and vibration analyses of the wind turbine blade (A NREL 5MW)

Sura Zuheir, Oday Ibraheem Abdullah & Mustafa Al-Maliki
Owing to the fast development in the energy filed, the demand is increasing to improve energy efficiency and lifetime of wind turbine. Therefore, it's important to understand deeply the behavior of wind turbine under different load conditions. This research paper provides an approach to study and analyze the stresses and deformations under the steady-state condition. Also, it was investigated the vibration characteristics of the NREL offshore 5-MW blade (HAWT) with a long of (61.5 m)...

Digitaler Freischwimmer : ein Online-Angebot für Lehrende

Sabine Schermeier & Nicole Podleschny
Hochschulen sollen Studierende befähigen, neben Fach- und Sozialkompetenzen auch Medienkompetenz zu erwerben. Studierende sind grundsätzlich medienaffin, jedoch im lehrbezogenen Kontext immer nur so medienkompetent, wie die Anforderungen der Lehre es verlangen. Damit Lehrende digitale Medien in ihrer Lehre innovativ, motivierend und sinnvoll einsetzen, benötigen sie ein erstes didaktisches und technisches Orientierungsangebot sowie Good-Practice-Beispiele. Das Poster zeigt die Entwicklung des offenen Online-Angebots Digitaler Freischwimmer (https://www2.tuhh.de/zll/freischwimmer/) für Hochschullehrende. Dieser bietet einen ersten Überblick über die Vielfalt von...

Robot-human-learning for robotic picking processes

Mathias Rieder & Richard Verbeet
Purpose: This research paper aims to create an environment which enables robots to learn from humans by algorithms of Computer Vision and Machine Learning for object detection and gripping. The proposed concept transforms manual picking to highly automated picking performed by robots. Methodology: After defining requirements for a robotic picking system, a process model is proposed. This model defines how to extend traditional manual picking and which human-robot-interfaces are necessary to enable learning from humans...

Disruptive technologies : integration in existing supply chain processes

Stephanie Niehues & Tan Gürpinar
Purpose: Based on technological progress, companies innovate and design a variety of new processes to be implemented in order to gain a competitive advantage. Nevertheless, many companies face issues during the initial integration of these emerging technologies with their existing business processes. This paper will collect and analyze existing procedures to leverage process innovations by means of emerging information- and production technologies with disruptive potential. Methodology: An exploratory research of relevant procedures for the implementation...

Impact and beneficiaries of blockchain in logistics

Thomas Twenhöven & Moritz Petersen
Purpose: Blockchain in logistics is slowly moving beyond the hype. Against this background, we investigate the current expectations concerning the impact and possible beneficiaries of Blockchain applications in the logistics services industry. Methodology: We conduct an online survey among logistics professionals to understand their expectations regarding specific use cases, potential issues, and general developments. Specifically, we ask the respondents to evaluate impacts and beneficiaries of three actual Blockchain projects from the logistics domain. Findings: We...

New concepts for cybersecurity in port communication networks

Nils Meyer-Larsen, Rainer Müller & Katja Zedel
Purpose: Seaports are to a growing extent controlled by IT systems. Smooth information exchange is crucial for business. Downtimes give rise to substantial financial losses and supply bottlenecks, due to the interconnections in a complex alliance of port stakeholders‘ systems. Hence, Cyber security in an important aspect in Port Communication Systems. Methodology: The project SecProPort will develop a holistic IT security architecture for port communication networks, which will support the security requirements of the stakeholders‘...

Integrated domain model for operative offshore installation planning

Daniel Rippel, Nicolas Jathe, Michael Lütjen, Helena Szczerbicka & Michael Freitag
Purpose: This article aims to identify common structural elements in the descriptions of both approaches, enabling the application of model transformations. Methodology: Several models of both types will be compared, combining relevant concepts, i.e., entities, attributes and relationships into a generalized model. In a second step, elements crucial to either type of model are identified. For the remaining elements, interdependencies and redundancies will be identified to enable a model reduction. Findings: While the structure and...

Efficiency analysis of mexican Lazaro Cardenas Port

América I. Zamora-Torres & Cinthya Cobian
Purpose: The port administration is an important regulator of international trade operations, as well as a facilitator and accelerator of trade. Hence, it's important to detect the factors that must be improved to achieve greater efficiency. Therefore, the aim of this research is to determine the level of efficiency of the port system of Lazaro Cárdenas in the period 2010-2017. Methodology: This paper develops a simulation model based on operations research, which consists in finding...

Membrane protein megahertz crystallography at the European XFEL

Christopher Gisriel, Jesse Coe, Romain Letrun, Oleksandr Yefanov, Cesar Luna-Chavez, Natasha E. Stander, Stella Lisova, Valerio Mariani, Manuela Kuhn, Steven Aplin, Thomas D. Grant, Katerina Henrike Dörner, Tokushi Sato, Austin Echelmeier, Jorvani Cruz Villarreal, Mark S. Hunter, Max Oliver Wiedorn, Juraj Knoška, Victoria Mazalova, Shatabdi Roy-Chowdhury, Jay How Yang, Alex Jones, Richard Bean, Johan Bielecki, Yoonhee Kim … & Nadia Zatsepin
The world’s first superconducting megahertz repetition rate hard X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL), the European XFEL, began operation in 2017, featuring a unique pulse train structure with 886 ns between pulses. With its rapid pulse rate, the European XFEL may alleviate some of the increasing demand for XFEL beamtime, particularly for membrane protein serial femtosecond crystallography (SFX), leveraging orders-of-magnitude faster data collection. Here, we report the first membrane protein megahertz SFX experiment, where we determined a...

Natural and chemically modified post-mining clays : structural and surface properties and preliminary tests on copper sorption

Beata Jabłońska, Mark Busch, Andriy V. Kityk & Patrick Huber
The structural and surface properties of natural and modified Pliocene clays from lignite mining are investigated in the paper. Chemical modifications are made using hydrofluoric acid (HF), sulfuric acid (H2SO4), hydrochloric acid (HCl), nitric acid (HNO3), sodium hydroxide (NaOH), and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), at a concentration of 1 mol/dm3. Scanning electron microscopy is used to detect the morphology of the samples. Nitrogen adsorption isotherms were recorded to determine the specific surface area (SSA), mesoporosity, microporosity,...

Dataset -- Towards a gecko-inspired, climbing soft robot

Lars Schiller

The finite cell method for the computation of cellular materials

Stephan Gnegel
Offenporige Aluminiumschäume repräsentieren eine interessante Art von Materialien, die in vielen Bereichen wie dem Automobilsektor, der Luftfahrtindustrie und der Medizin Anwendung finden. Um Bauteile, die aus Schäumen bestehen, zu entwickeln, sind detaillierte Untersuchungen ihrer mechanischen Eigenschaften notwendig. Die Struktur von Metallschäumen besteht aus einer komplexen stochastischen Verteilung von Poren, und es erfordert einen hohen Arbeitsaufwand eine geeignete Finite Element Diskretisierung zu erstellen. Die Finite Cell Methode ist eine Kombination der Fictitious Domain Methode mit Finiten...

Conventional rotator cuff versus all-suture anchors — a biomechanical study focusing on the insertion angle in an unlimited cyclic model

Dimitris Ntalos, Kay Sellenschloh, Gerd Huber, Daniel Briem, Klaus Püschel, Michael Morlock, Karl-Heinz Frosch, Florian Fensky & Till Orla Klatte
This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Purpose The purpose of this study was to compare the biomechanical properties of an all-suture anchor to a conventional anchor used commonly in rotator cuff repairs. Furthermore, the biomechanical influence of various implantation angles was evaluated in both anchor types in...

Data gathering from a multimodal dense underwater acoustic sensor network deployed in shallow fresh water scenarios

Alberto Signori, Filippo Campagnaro, Fabian Steinmetz, Bernd-Christian Renner & Michele Zorzi
The Robotic Vessels as-a-Service (RoboVaaS) project intends to exploit the most advanced communication and marine vehicle technologies to revolutionize shipping and near-shore operations, offering on-demand and cost-effective robotic-aided services. In particular, the RoboVaaS vision includes a ship hull inspection service, a quay walls inspection service, an antigrounding service, and an environmental and bathymetry data collection service. In this paper, we present a study of the underwater environmental data collection service, performed by a low-cost autonomous...

Spektrum : das Magazin der Technischen Universität Hamburg (TUHH), Ausgabe 02/2019

In der Elbphilharmonie : ein Gespräch über Musik und Technik - Neue Mobilität : der Bus fährt autonom - Auf zur Energiewende : mit Steinen Ökostrom speichern

Long-term effects of modular product architectures: An empirical follow-up study

Erik Greve & Dieter Krause
The use of modular product architectures gives rise to a variety of effects in all areas of the company. So far, the effects that occur after a short period of time have been investigated - the effects that arise only after a certain period of time or a certain proportion of modules used are often neglected. The latter can, however, have a major influence on the economic targets, but are usually not taken into account...

The airline fleet-related implications of a utility-based frequency limit between high-density City Pairs in Europe

Felix Presto, Volker Gollnick & Klaus Lütjens

Toward a gecko-inspired, climbing soft robot

Lars Schiller, Arthur Seibel & Josef Schlattmann

Added value of coreference annotation for character analysis in narratives

Melanie Andresen & Michael Vauth
A central question for the analysis of literary texts in digital humanities is the identification of characters in the text. A simple approach would be to reduce the analysis to mentions of the character by its proper name as these are easy to retrieve. A more elaborate solution requires coreference annotation, identifying all mentions of a character in the text, irrespective of their form. Using the example of the novel Corpus Delicti by the German...

Model uncertainty-based evaluation of process strategies during scale-up of biopharmaceutical processes

Johannes Möller, Tanja Hernández Rodríguez, Jan Müller, Lukas Arndt, Kim Beatrice Kuchemüller, Björn Frahm, Regine Eibl, Dieter Eibl & Ralf Pörtner

The “dark side” of big data analytics : uncovering path dependency risks of big data analytics investments

Thomas Wrona & Pauline Reinecke
Recently, information systems (IS) literature has shown an increasing interest in Big Data and Analy-tics (BDA) to gain competitive advantages. The predominant literature focuses on operational effec-tiveness and how companies use historical information and uncover hidden patterns to differentiate from competition. This paper addresses how the prevailing line of reasoning is limited and how stra-tegic risks from companies’ BDA-applications are neglected. Drawing on the theory of path depend-ency and resource-based view, it aims to expand...

In silico screening of modulators of magnesium dissolution

Christian Feiler, Di Mei, Bahram Vaghefinazari, Tim Würger, Robert Meißner, Bérengère J.C. Luthringer-Feyerabend, David A. Winkler, Mikhail L. Zheludkevich & Sviatlana V. Lamaka
The vast number of small molecules with potentially useful dissolution modulating properties (inhibitors or accelerators) renders currently used experimental discovery methods time- and resource-consuming. Fortunately, emerging computer-assisted methods can explore large areas of chemical space with less effort. Here we show how density functional theory calculations and machine learning methods can work synergistically to generate robust and predictive models that recapitulate experimentally-derived corrosion inhibition efficiencies of small organic compounds for pure magnesium. We further validate...

Supported Ag nanoparticles and clusters for CO oxidation: size effects and influence of the silver-oxygen interactions

Maximilian Lamoth, Milivoj Plodinec, Ludwig Scharfenberg, Sabine Wrabetz, Frank Girgsdies, Travis Jones, Frank Rosowski, Raimund Horn, Robert Schlögl & Elias Frei
Supported Ag catalysts on silica and corundum have been synthesized applying an improved impregnation technique. The resulting Ag particle sizes can be divided into three categories concerning: (I) bulk-like, (II) nanoparticles of 1-6 nm, and (III) in situ created Ag clusters below 1 nm. Ag nanoparticles and bulk-like Ag are investigated concerning their pretreatment dependence for CO oxidation showing that harsher pretreatment conditions need to be applied for smaller particle sizes, based on their tendency...

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