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OpenMPIData: an initiative for freely accessible magnetic particle imaging data

Tobias Knopp, Patryk Szwargulski, Florian Griese & Matthias Gräser

Added value of coreference annotation for character analysis in narratives

Melanie Andresen & Michael Vauth
A central question for the analysis of literary texts in digital humanities is the identification of characters in the text. A simple approach would be to reduce the analysis to mentions of the character by its proper name as these are easy to retrieve. A more elaborate solution requires coreference annotation, identifying all mentions of a character in the text, irrespective of their form. Using the example of the novel Corpus Delicti by the German...

Supported Ag nanoparticles and clusters for CO oxidation: size effects and influence of the silver-oxygen interactions

Maximilian Lamoth, Milivoj Plodinec, Ludwig Scharfenberg, Sabine Wrabetz, Frank Girgsdies, Travis Jones, Frank Rosowski, Raimund Horn, Robert Schlögl & Elias Frei

Extreme scale-dependent tensile properties of epoxy fibers

Xiaomeng Sui, Mayank Tiwari, Israel Greenfeld, Rafail L. Khalfin, Hauke Meeuw, Bodo Fiedler & H. Daniel Wagner
Epoxy fibers with different diameters were prepared by hot drawing and their mechanical properties were measured under tension. The stiffness, strength, ultimate strain, and toughness revealed substantial scale-dependent effects as they all significantly increased with a decrease in size. Compared to bulk epoxy, an intrinsically brittle material, thin epoxy fibers displayed a highly ductile behavior under tension. A drop in stress observed immediately beyond the yield point was followed by the development of a stable...

Three-fluid heat exchanger as evaporator in multi-source heat pumps with viable options for alternative defrosting methods

Thore Oltersdorf, Gerhard Schmitz & Hans-Martin Henning

Automated fabrication of elastomeric prepregs for soft robotics applications

Tristan Wienzek & Arthur Seibel

Long-term effects of modular product architectures: An empirical follow-up study

Erik Greve & Dieter Krause

Investigation of the phase space in lead-free (K x Na1-x )1-y Li y (Nb1-z Ta z )O3 ferroelectric ceramics

Henry Ekene Mgbemere, Rolf Janßen & Gerold A. Schneider
A library of ceramic compounds based on the lead-free (KxNa1−x)1−yLiy(Nb1−zTaz)O3 solid solution has been synthesized and characterized using high-throughput experimentation (HTE) method. The phase space previously reported by Saito and Takao has been expanded to x, 0.1, 1.0, y, 0, 0.1, z, 0, 0.2, and new phase boundaries are observed. The relative density values show that with the appropriate sintering temperature, ∼92% of the theoretical density can be reached. The relative permittivity values show that...

Mobility as a Service: ein Angebot auch für Einkommensarme? GIS-basierte Betrachtung vierer Ridepooling-Angebote in Hamburg

Christoph Aberle
Urbanes Ridepooling bietet die Möglichkeit, öffentlichen Nahverkehr flexibel zu ergänzen. Der Beitrag stellt die potenzielle Nutzbarkeit des Ridepoolings für Menschen in Einkommensarmut in Hamburg in den Mittelpunkt. Anhand einer GIS-basierten Methode werden vier Ridepooling-Angebote (ioki, CleverShuttle, MOIA, mytaxi match bzw. FREE NOW) hinsichtlich sozio-demografischer Merkmale der Population untersucht, die potenziell bedient wird. Bis auf einen Ausnahmefall - ioki am westlichen Stadtrand - bedienen die Anbieter zentrale Gebiete, in denen weniger Menschen arm sind, weniger Menschen...

Development of a surfactant-based in situ extraction from authentic feedstocks

Ralena Rumenova Racheva

A Note on the Harmonic Extension Approach to Fractional Powers of non‐densely defined Operators

Jan Meichsner & Christian Seifert

Laser scored machining of fiber reinforced plastics to prevent delamination

Wolfgang Hintze, Marcel Cordes, Tobias Geis, Melchior Frieder Blühm, Claus Emmelmann & Marten Canisius

Jet cutting technique for the production of chitosan aerogel microparticles loaded with vancomycin

Clara López-Iglesias, Joana Barros, Inés Ardao, Pavel Gurikov, Fernando J. Monteiro, Irina Smirnova, Carmen Alvarez-Lorenzo & Carlos A. García-González
Biopolymer-based aerogels can be obtained by supercritical drying of wet gels and endowed with outstanding properties for biomedical applications. Namely, polysaccharide-based aerogels in the form of microparticles are of special interest for wound treatment and can also be loaded with bioactive agents to improve the healing process. However, the production of the precursor gel may be limited by the viscosity of the polysaccharide initial solution. The jet cutting technique is regarded as a suitable processing...

Ein Ansatz zur nachvollziehbaren Verifikation medizinisch-cyber-physikalischer Systeme

Julia Padberg, Alexander Schlaefer & Sibylle Schupp

Modeling of the German National Standard for High Pressure Natural Gas Flow Metering in Modelica

Michael von der Heyde, Gerhard Schmitz & Bodo Mickan

CFRP thin-ply fibre metal laminates : influences of ply thickness and metal layers on open hole tension and compression properties

Benedikt Kötter, Julian Karsten, Johann Körbelin & Bodo Fiedler
Thin-ply laminates exhibit a higher degree of freedom in design and altered failure behaviour, and therefore, an increased strength for unnotched laminates in comparison to thick-ply laminates. For notched laminates, the static strength is strongly decreased; this is caused by a lack of stress relaxation through damage, which leads to a higher stress concentration and premature, brittle failure. To overcome this behaviour and to use the advantage of thin-ply laminates in areas with high stress...

Inexact iterative projection methods for linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems

Nicolai Rehbein

Combinatorial n-fold integer programming and applications

Dušan Knop, Martin Koutecký & Matthias Mnich
Many fundamental NP-hard problems can be formulated as integer linear programs (ILPs). A famous algorithm by Lenstra solves ILPs in time that is exponential only in the dimension of the program, and polynomial in the size of the ILP. That algorithm became a ubiquitous tool in the design of fixed-parameter algorithms for NP-hard problems, where one wishes to isolate the hardness of a problem by some parameter. However, in many cases using Lenstra’s algorithm has...

Advanced Modeling of Electric Components in Integrated Energy Systems with the TransiEnt Library

Jan-Peter Heckel & Christian Becker
Integrated Energy Systems (IES) with the coupling of electricity, gas and heat are assumed to be a suitable concept for future energy systems. For the necessary energy system analysis with respect to dynamics and stability, powerful tools are needed. Such tools should be provided in open toolboxes to make the research more transparent, comprehensive and communicative. It is aimed that scientists collaborate on models for multimodal energy system analysis. The dynamic simulation is a method...

Iron(II)-catalyzed biomimetic aerobic oxidation of alcohols

Arnar Guðmundsson, Kim Elisabeth Schlipköter & Jan-E. Bäckvall

Electrical Double Layer Capacitance of Curved Graphite Electrodes

Jannes Seebeck, Peter Schiffels, Sabine Schweizer, Jörg-Rüdiger Hill & Robert Meißner
To improve the understanding of the relation between electrode curvature and energy storage mechanisms, a systematic investigation of the correlation between convex and concave electrode surfaces and the differential capacitance of an electrochemical double layer capacitor using molecular dynamics simulations is presented. Each electrode consists of three layers of curved graphene sheets with a convex and concave surface to which the constant potential method was applied. The differential capacitance shows a fluctuating behavior with respect...

Correction: Raman Subrahmanyam, et al. On the road to biopolymer aerogels - dealing with the solvent. Gels 2015, 1, 291–313

Subrahmanyam Raman, Pavel Gurikov, Paul Dieringer, Miaotian Sun & Irina Smirnova
The authors wish to make the following correction to their paper [1].[...]

Assessing the GRIP of Ventral Hernia Repair: How to Securely Fasten DIS Classified Meshes

Friedrich Kallinowski, Felix Harder, D. Gutjahr, R. Raschidi, T. G. Silva, Matthias Vollmer & Regine Nessel
Recurrences are frequently observed after ventral hernia repair. Based on clinical data, the mesh-defect area ratio (MDAR) can lead to lower recurrence rates. Using dynamic intermittent strain (DIS) in a pig tissue model, MDAR can be modified to give a measure called grip to better assess the mechanical stability of ventral hernia repair. The focus of this experimental study is to assess the different aspects of mesh overlap (OL) and fixation only in bridging repair...

Determination of the packing fraction in photonic glass using synchrotron radiation nanotomography

Malte Ogurreck, Jefferson Jean Do Rosário, Elisabeth Leib, Daniel Laipple, Imke Greving, Felix Marschall, Arndt Last, Gerold A. Schneider, Tobias Vossmeyer, Horst Weller, Felix Beckmann & Martin Müller
Photonic glass is a material class that can be used as photonic broadband reflectors, for example in the infrared regime as thermal barrier coating films. Photonic properties such as the reflectivity depend on the ordering and material packing fraction over the complete film thickness of up to 100 μm. Nanotomography allows acquiring these key parameters throughout the sample volume at the required resolution in a non-destructive way. By performing a nanotomography measurement at the PETRA...

Flachwassereffekte und Kanalkorrekturen

Maria Kirsch
Flachwassereffekte und Kanalkorrekturen

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