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An Evaluation of Mapping Procedures for the Stationary Ship Wave Problem

Klaus Eggers & Andreas Gamst
An Evaluation of Mapping Procedures for the Stationary Ship Wave Problem

Forschungsdatenmanagement - Umfrage TUHH

Andreas Pohnke, Inken Feldsien-Sudhaus & Detlev Bieler
Poster mit Auszügen der Ergebnisse der Umfrage zum Forschungsdatemnamagement an der TUHH, Zeitraum: 11. Juli bis 15. August 2016, Zielgruppe: MitarbeiterInnen des wissenschaftlichen Personals der TUHH. Vollständige Auswertung hier abrufbar: https://doi.org/10.15480/882.1326

I. Georg-Weinblum-Gedächtnis-Vorlesung

John V. Wehausen
I. Georg-Weinblum-Gedächtnis-Vorlesung

An Investigation of Marine Traffic in South-East Asian Waters and in the Caribbean

Kîng H. Kwik & Wilfried Stecher
An Investigation of Marine Traffic in South-East Asian Waters and in the Caribbean

Zwei Programme auf der Basis halbanalytischer Volumenelemente

Volkhard Flörcke
Zwei Programme auf der Basis halbanalytischer Volumenelemente

Flachwassereffekte und Kanalkorrekturen

Maria Kirsch
Flachwassereffekte und Kanalkorrekturen

Reaction systems for bubbly flows

Melanie Paul, Florian Strassl, Alexander Hoffmann, Marko Hoffmann, Michael Schlüter & Sonja Herres-Pawlis
Reactive bubbly flows are at the heart of multiphase flows which are a major topic in chemical engineering since many bulk chemicals are produced in bubbly flows. However, the factors determining product yield and selectivity are often subject of complicated mass transfer effects. Herein, we describe the latest developments in the detection of mass transfer effects in bubbly flows. Coordination chemistry has given new impulses to this topic due to the possibility to synthesise tailored...

Measuring and modeling energy consumption of embedded systems for optimizing compilers

Mikko Roth, Arno Luppold & Heiko Falk
Estimating energy consumption already during development as precisely as possible is crucial for many embedded system designs. These energy estimates should be expressed such that they can be used by subsequent automated optimizations during the compilation phase in order to minimize the expected energy consumption. In this paper we present our current approach on measuring and modeling, and subsequently using the derived energy estimates. Our model is implemented within an optimizing compiler, allowing for future...

Frequency or amplitude? : Rheo-electrical characterization of carbon nanoparticle filled epoxy systems

Hauke Meeuw, Valea Kim Wisniewski & Bodo Fiedler
Dispersion of carbon nanoparticles in epoxy resin is the key factor to adjust the resulting electrical and mechanical properties of the nanocomposite. A profound understanding of the driving forces of standard methods like ultrasonic and mechanical dispersion is necessary. To derive the impact of applied frequency and strain on the resulting dispersion of multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT)-filled epoxy resin, this work addresses the strain and frequency dependency of oscillatory shear flow-induced network changes. Strain- and...

Die Kollisionsrate als Element des Systemansatzes im Schiffbau

Odo Krappinger
Die Kollisionsrate als Element des Systemansatzes im Schiffbau

Photonic materials for high-temperature applications: synthesis and characterization by X-ray ptychographic tomography

Kaline P. Furlan, Emanuel Larsson, Ana Diaz, Mirko Holler, Tobias Krekeler, Martin Ritter, Alexander Yu. Petrov, Manfred Eich, Robert Blick, Gerold A. Schneider, Imke Greving, Robert Zierold & Rolf Janßen
Photonic materials for high-temperature applications need to withstand temperatures usually higher than 1000 °C, whilst keeping their function. When exposed to high temperatures, such nanostructured materials are prone to detrimental morphological changes, however the structure evolution pathway of photonic materials and its correlation with the loss of material's function is not yet fully understood. Here we use high-resolution ptychographic X-ray computed tomography (PXCT) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to investigate the structural changes in mullite...

Facing the challenge of sustainable bioenergy production : could halophytes be part of the solution?

Ahmed Debez, Ikram Belghith, Jan Friesen, Carsten Montzka & Skander Elleuche
Due to steadily growing population and economic transitions in the more populous countries, renewable sources of energy are needed more than ever. Plant biomass as a raw source of bioenergy and biofuel products may meet the demand for sustainable energy; however, such plants typically compete with food crops, which should not be wasted for producing energy and chemicals. Second-generation or advanced biofuels that are based on renewable and non-edible biomass resources are processed to produce...

Integrated circuit with memristor emulator array and neuron circuits for biologically inspired neuromorphic pattern recognition

Rajeev Ranjan, Pablo Mendoza Ponce, Wolf Lukas Hellweg, Alexandros Kyrmanidis, Lait Abu Saleh, Dietmar Schroeder & Wolfgang H. Krautschneider
This paper details an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) with an array of switched-resistor-based memristors (resistor with memory) and integrate & fire (I & F) neuron circuits for the development of memristor-based pattern recognition. Since real memristors are not commercially available, a compact memristor emulator is needed for device study. The designed ASIC has five memristor emulators with one having a conductance range from 4.88ns to 4.99μs (200kOhm) to 204.8MOhm)) and other four having conductance ranging...

Elastocapillarity in nanopores: sorption strain from the actions of surface tension and surface stress

Gennady Y. Gor, Patrick Huber & Jörg Weissmüller
Adsorption-induced deformation of porous materials is the generation of strains in a solid due to its interaction with adsorbing fluids. The theoretical description of adsorption-induced deformation often relies on the so-called solvation pressure, the normal component of a pressure tensor in the liquid adsorbed in the pore. Recent measurements of adsorption-induced strains in two dimensions require a description that allows for the deformation to be anisotropic. Here, we present such a description. We refrain from...

Dynamic simulation and comparison of different configurations for a coupled energy system with 100% renewables

Carsten Bode & Gerhard Schmitz
For the successful transition to a renewable energy source powered society, coupling of different energy sectors is inevitable. The extreme case of a future German energy system consisting of power, heat and gas consumers supplied with 100% renewables is analyzed here. To find the most cost-effective system configuration, different combinations of storage and conversion technologies are compared by performing dynamic simulations and evaluating the average costs over the period of one year. Renewable power production...

Liquefaction of oxyfuel flue gases : experimental results and modeling of heat transfer coefficients for pure CO₂

Thorsten Küster & Rudolf Eggers
In this paper heat transfer coefficients for film condensation of carbon dioxide under elevated pressures are presented. The examined pressure ranges from 16-30 bars with a constant mass flow of 12 kg/h CO₂. Therefore, a pilot plant for cryogenic liquefaction of CO₂ has been built. In the installed tube in tube condenser cooling media temperatures from -25 °C to -45 °C were used. During the experiment heat transfer coefficients between 4500 and 13000 W/(m2K) were...

Concurring urbanizations? Understanding the simultaneity of sub-and re-urbanization trends with the help of migration figures in Berlin

Lin Hierse, Henning Nuissl, Fabian Beran & Felix Czarnetzki
Most classical models of urban development conceptualize suburbanization and reurbanization as opposing processes of in-and out-migration. The article at hand starts from the understanding that this linear interpretation of migration figures falls short of the mark. Drawing on different approaches to op-erationalize reurbanization, case-specific migration-data from Berlin illustrates a population development where decline and revival do not exclusively happen at either the urban core or the city’s fringes, but can be observed throughout the city...

The shallow water effects : do steady disturbances always result in steady responses? ; the sixth Georg Weinblum memorial lecture

Theodore Yao-tsu Wu
The shallow water effects : do steady disturbances always result in steady responses? VI. Georg-Weinblum-Gedächtnisvorlesung

Sex differences in the morphological failure patterns following hip resurfacing arthroplasty

Andrea Hinsch, Eik Vettorazzi, Michael Morlock, Wolfgang Rüther, Michael Amling & Jozef Zustin
Background: Metal-on-metal hybrid hip resurfacing arthroplasty (with a cementless acetabular component and a cemented femoral component) is offered as an alternative to traditional total hip arthroplasty for the young and active adult with advanced osteoarthritis. Although it has been suggested that women are less appropriate candidates for metal-on-metal arthroplasty, the mechanisms of prosthesis failure has not been fully explained. While specific failure patterns, particularly osteonecrosis and delayed type hypersensitivity reactions have been suggested to be...

Untersuchung nichtlinearer Schiffsdynamik mit Auftreten von Instabilität und Chaos an Beispielen aus der Offshoretechnik

Tao Jiang
Untersuchung nichtlinearer Schiffsdynamik mit Auftreten von Instabilität und Chaos an Beispielen aus der Offshoretechnik Das dynamische Verhalten eines einpunktverankerten Tankers, eines verankerten A-Bock-Kranschiffes und eines mehrpunktverankerten Pontons wurde mittels der aufgestellten mathematischen Modelle unter Berücksichtigung signifikanter Nichtlinearitäten numerisch untersucht. Statische und dynamische Verzweigungen der Gleichgewichtslage des in konstanter Strömung verankerten Tankers wurden durch lokale lineare Stabilitätsanalysen im Parameterraum identifiziert. Global nichtlineare Simulationen zeigten, dass die Tankerbewegung im autonomen Zustand für die instabilen Fälle durch extrem...

A critical look at the use of SEM in international business research

Nicole Franziska Richter, Rudolf R. Sinkovics, Christian M. Ringle & Christopher Schlägel
Purpose – Structural equation modeling (SEM) has been widely used to examine complex research models in international business and marketing research. While the covariance-based SEM (CB-SEM) approach is dominant, the authors argue that the field’s dynamic nature and the sometimes early stage of theory development more often require a partial least squares SEM (PLS-SEM) approach. The purpose of this paper is to critically review the application of SEM techniques in the field. Design/methodology/approach – The...

Influence of oxygen vacancies on two-dimensional electron systems at SrTiO3-based interfaces and surfaces

Michael Sing, Harald O. Jeschke, Frank Lechermann, Roser Valentí & Ralph Claessen
The insulator SrTiO3 can host high-mobility two-dimensional electron systems on its surfaces and at interfaces with other oxides. While for the bare surface a two-dimensional electron system can only be induced by oxygen vacancies, it is believed that the metallicity of heterostructure interfaces as in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 is caused by other mechanisms related to the polar discontinuity at the interface. Based on calculations using density functional and dynamical mean-field theory as well as on experimental results...

Derivation of power loss factors to evaluate the impact of post-combustion CO₂ capture processes on steam power plant performance

Sebastian Linnenberg, Ulrich Liebenthal, Jochen Oexmann & Alfons Kather
When integrating a post-combustion CO2capture process and a CO2compressor into a steam power plant, the heat duty for the regeneration of the solvent (and the corresponding steam extraction) shows to be the largest contributor to the overall net efficiency penalty of the power plant. One parameter which varies from plant to plant and which significantly affects the impact of steam extraction from the steam turbine on the power plant efficiency is the pressure in the...

Entwicklung von Intellectual Property Management - Fallstudien aus Deutschen und Schwedischen Biotechnologie Unternehmen

Frank Tietze
Diese Arbeit untersucht die Entwicklung des Management von Geistigem Eigentum (sog. Intellectual Property Management) in bereits etablierten Deutschen und Schwedischen Biotechnologie Unternehmen, sog. Dedicated Biotechnology Firms (DBFs). Das übergeordnete Ziel war es die historische Entwicklung des IP Managements in sorgfältig ausgewählten Deutschen und Schwedischen Biotechnologie Unternehmen zu analysieren und zu beschreiben, während Kriterien für die Beurteilung der IP Management Leistung identifiziert werden sollten. Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen wurden drei Forschungsfragen definiert: (i) Wie können...

Die Rolle einer Universitätsbibliothek im E-Learning - oder: Auf dem Weg zur Bibliothek 2.0!?

Thomas Hapke
Folien eines Vortrages am 23.5.2006 im Rahmen des 9. Hamburger Kolloquiums des Bibliotheks-und Informationsmanagements, das den Titel 'Teaching Library – Eine Kernaufgabe für Bibliothekare' trug. Dienstleistungen von Bibliotheken für das Lernen bilden - neben der Rolle der Bibliothek als physischer Lernort - eine wichtige, bisher eher unauffällige Rahmenbedingung für eine innovationsfreudige, elektronisch unterstützte Lernkultur. Lernmanagementsysteme umfassen digitale Bibliotheken von Lernobjekten. Deren Informationsmanagement profitiert von traditionellen Kernkompetenzen der Bibliotheken. Informationsberatung (Recherchestrategien, Publizieren, Urheberrecht) und Förderung von...

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