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RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 5

Zhuoheng Chen, Rahel Birhanu Kassaye, Ruth Schaldach, Antonio Seoane Dominguez, Tavseef Mairaj Shah & Sumbal Tasawwar
The RUVIVAL Publication Series is a compilation of literature reviews or introductory texts on topics concerned with the revitalisation of rural areas. It is part of the e-learning project RUVIVAL and each of the three contributions in this publication is connected to further interactive multimedia material, which can be reached under www.ruvival.de. The first paper is an introduction to the global soil status, which in the past decades has continued to deteriorate. Globally, the total...

Determining the potential to Improve schedule compliance

Andreas Piontek & Hermann Lödding
High schedule compliance is very important but rarely achieved in make-to-order productions. Especially when orders are released too late (e. g. due to missing raw material) it is challenging to identify how many orders can still be produced in time. This paper shows how companies can identify their potential to increase schedule compliance by earliest operation due-date sequencing. The simple model shows that five parameters determine the potential to increase schedule compliance through sequencing: the...

Antimony mining from PET bottles and e-waste plastic fractions

Ayah Alassali, Caterina Picuno, Hanin Samara, Sascha Diedler, Silvia Fiore & Kerstin Kuchta
In this study antimony concentration was analyzed in 30 plastic items (from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and e-waste) directly by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) spectroscopy. PET samples were digested in a microwave oven with aqua regia. The plastic components deriving from e-waste followed three parallel routes: 1. microwave digestion using different acids (aqua regia, 18 M H2SO4, 12 M HCl and 6 M HCl); 2. conversion into ash (at 600 °C) and then microwave digestion...

School locations and traffic Emissions — Environmental (In) justice findings using a new screening method

Philine Gaffron & Deb Niemeier
It has been shown that the location of schools near heavily trafficked roads can have detrimental effects on the health of children attending those schools. It is therefore desirable to screen both existing school locations and potential new school sites to assess either the need for remedial measures or suitability for the intended use. Current screening tools and public guidance on school siting are either too coarse in their spatial resolution for assessing individual sites...

The effect of random wind forcing in the nonlinear Schrödinger equation

Leo Dostal
The influence of a strong and gusty wind field on ocean waves is investigated. How the random wind affects solitary waves is analyzed in order to obtain insights about wave generation by randomly time varying wind forcing. Using the Euler equations of fluid dynamics and the method of multiple scales, a random nonlinear Schrödinger equation and a random modified nonlinear Schrödinger equation are obtained for randomly wind forced nonlinear deep water waves. Miles theory is...

Thermodynamic assessment of the fixed-bed downdraft gasification process of fallen leaves pelletized with glycerol as binder

William A. González, Felix Zimmermann & Juan Fernando Pérez
In this work, the effect of airflow rate and glycerol content of pelletized fallen leaves (FL) on a fixed bed gasification process is studied. FLs were collected in the main campus of the University of Antioquia (Medellin, Colombia). Levels of airflow rate tested were 0.075, 0.150, and 0.225 kg/s/m2; and the glycerol content of pellets evaluated were 0 and 5%wt. When the airflow rate increased, flame front velocity increased up to 51.3%. This behavior was...

An algorithm of daubechies wavelet transform in the final field when processing speech signals

Dmitry Popov, Artem Gapochkin & Alexey Nekrasov
Development and improvement of a mathematical model for a large-scale analysis based on the Daubechies discrete wavelet transform will be implemented in an algebraic system possessing a property of ring and field suitable for speech signals processing. Modular codes are widely used in many areas of modern information technologies. The use of these non-positional codes can provide high-speed data processing. Therefore, these algebraic systems should be used in the algorithms of digital processing of signals,...

Discovery of intramolecular signal transduction network based on a new protein dynamics model of energy dissipation

Cheng-Wei Ma, Zhi-Long Xiu & An-Ping Zeng
A novel approach to reveal intramolecular signal transduction network is proposed in this work. To this end, a new algorithm of network construction is developed, which is based on a new protein dynamics model of energy dissipation. A key feature of this approach is that direction information is specified after inferring protein residue-residue interaction network involved in the process of signal transduction. This enables fundamental analysis of the regulation hierarchy and identification of regulation hubs...

Tetrabromidocuprates(II)—synthesis, structure and EPR

André Zabel, Alette Winter, Alexandra Kelling, Uwe Schilde & Peter Strauch
Metal-containing ionic liquids (ILs) are of interest for a variety of technical applications, e.g., particle synthesis and materials with magnetic or thermochromic properties. In this paper we report the synthesis of, and two structures for, some new tetrabromidocuprates(II) with several “onium” cations in comparison to the results of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopic analyses. The sterically demanding cations were used to separate the paramagnetic Cu(II) ions for EPR measurements. The EPR hyperfine structure in the...

A New Integrated Lab-on-a-Chip System for Fast Dynamic Study of Mammalian Cells under Physiological Conditions in Bioreactor

Janina Stephanie Bahnemann, Negar Rajabi, Grischa Fuge, Oscar Platas Barradas, Jörg Müller, Ralf Pörtner & An-Ping Zeng
For the quantitative analysis of cellular metabolism and its dynamics it is essential to achieve rapid sampling, fast quenching of metabolism and the removal of extracellular metabolites. Common manual sample preparation methods and protocols for cells are time-consuming and often lead to the loss of physiological conditions. In this work, we present a microchip-bioreactor setup which provides an integrated and rapid sample preparation of mammalian cells. The lab-on-a-chip system consists of five connected units that...

Agrochemical plastic packaging waste decontamination for recycling: pilot tests in Italy

Caterina Picuno, Zoe Godosi, Kerstin Kuchta & Pietro Picuno
Agriculture, one of the main economic pillars in Europe, plays a growing important role towards the environmental sustainability of the extra-urban land, in which the agricultural activities may proactively contribute to control and regulate the whole ecological conditions. Modern agriculture currently needs big quantities of agrochemicals, which are necessary for the growth and protection of crops and animals. These agrochemicals are commercially distributed to consumers in many types of containers. The most widely used packaging...

Artificial intelligence and digital transformation in supply chain management : innovative approaches for supply chains

This volume contains research contributions by an international group of authors addressing innovative and technology-based approaches for logistics and supply chains. They present business models and investment options for enhanced strategic decision making as well as recent approaches for supply chain analytics and risk management. This volume, edited by Wolfgang Kersten, Thorsten Blecker and Christian Ringle, provides valuable insights into the digitalization of Supply Chain Management and Logistics with regard to: Innovation and Technology Management,...

Low-pressure micro-mechanical re-adaptation device sustainably and effectively improves locomotor recovery from complete spinal cord injury

Veronica Estrada, Julia Krebbers, Christian Voss, Nicole Brazda, Heinrich Blazyca, Jennifer Illgen, Klaus Seide, Christian Jürgens, Jörg Müller, Rudolf Martini, Hoc Khiem Trieu & Hans Werner Müller
Traumatic spinal cord injuries result in impairment or even complete loss of motor, sensory and autonomic functions. Recovery after complete spinal cord injury is very limited even in animal models receiving elaborate combinatorial treatments. Recently, we described an implantable microsystem (microconnector) for low-pressure re-adaption of severed spinal stumps in rat. Here we investigate the long-term structural and functional outcome following microconnector implantation after complete spinal cord transection. Re-adaptation of spinal stumps supports formation of a...

Mass production of highly active NK cells for cancer immunotherapy in a GMP conform perfusion bioreactor

Katharina Bröker, Evgeny Sinelnikov, Dirk Gustavus, Udo Schumacher, Ralf Pörtner, Hans Hoffmeister, Stefan Lüth & Werner Dammermann
NK cells have emerged as promising candidates for cancer immunotherapy, especially due to their ability to fight circulating tumor cells thereby preventing metastases formation. Hence several studies have been performed to generate and expand highly cytotoxic NK cells ex vivo, e.g., by using specific cytokines to upregulate both their proliferation and surface expression of distinct activating receptors. Apart from an enhanced activity, application of NK cells as immunotherapeutic agent further requires sufficient cell numbers and...

A consequential assessment of changes in greenhouse gas emissions due to the introduction of wheat straw ethanol in the context of European legislation

Benedikt Buchspies & Martin Kaltschmitt
Until today, first generation (1G) biofuels dominate the market for alternative fuels. The European Commission decided to cap 1G biofuels and promote second generation (2G) biofuels with the intention to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to limit the competition of food, feed and biofuels, as well as to improve societal approval. The assessment of consequences entailed to a shift from 1G to 2G biofuels is required to judge whether such a shift is advisable or...

Reasoning about non-functional properties using compiler intrinsic function annotations

Shashank Jadhav, Mikko Julian Roth, Heiko Falk, Chris Brown & Adam Barwell

3D Reciprocal Space Mapping of a Columnar Discotic Liquid Crystal Confined in Nanopores

Patrick Huber

Hybrid instrumentation in lumbar spinal fusion : a biomechanical evaluation of three different Instrumentation techniques

Peter Obid, Reza Danyali, Rebecca Kueny, Gerd Huber, Michael Reichl, Alexander Richter, Thomas Niemeyer, Michael Morlock, Klaus Püschel & Hüseyin Übeyli
Study Design Ex vivo human cadaveric study. Objective The development or progression of adjacent segment disease (ASD) after spine stabilization and fusion is a major problem in spine surgery. Apart from optimal balancing of the sagittal profile, dynamic instrumentation is often suggested to prevent or impede ASD. Hybrid instrumentation is used to gain stabilization while allowing motion to avoid hypermobility in the adjacent segment. In this biomechanical study, the effects of two different hybrid instrumentations...

Building-linked location-based Instantaneous services system

Julian Ohrt & Volker Turau

Network acceptance test for maritime ethernet/IP-networks

René Steinrücken

A holistic approach for low cost heliostat fields

Andreas Pfahl, Michael Randt, Florian Meier, Martin Zaschke, Chris Geurts & Michael Buselmeier
The AutoR-project takes a holistic approach to reduce the cost of heliostat fields: Wireless control and energy supply enables to use smaller heliostats which need less steel per mirror area (but usually have high wiring cost). A low cost but high efficient drive system is chosen which reduces energy consumption to a minimum amount and leads to low cost for PV cell and energy storage. The usual boundary layer wind tunnels tests for heliostats are...

On the process-related rivet microstructural evolution, material flow and mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V/GFRP friction-riveted joints

Natascha Zocoller Borba, Conrado R. M. Afonso, Lucian A. Blaga, Jorge F. dos Santos, Leonardo Bresciani Canto & Sergio Amancio
In the current work, process-related thermo-mechanical changes in the rivet microstructure, joint local and global mechanical properties, and their correlation with the rivet plastic deformation regime were investigated for Ti-6Al-4V (rivet) and glass-fiber-reinforced polyester (GF-P) friction-riveted joints of a single polymeric base plate. Joints displaying similar quasi-static mechanical performance to conventional bolted joints were selected for detailed characterization. The mechanical performance was assessed on lap shear specimens, whereby the friction-riveted joints were connected with AA2198...

Effects of processing parameters on 3D structural ordering and optical properties of inverse opal photonic crystals produced by atomic layer deposition

Heloisa G. Campos, Kaline Pagnan Furlan, Daniel E. Garcia, Robert H. Blick, Robert Zierold, Manfred Eich, Dachamir Hotza & Rolf Janßen
Vertical convective self‐assembly has been extensively used for the preparation of direct photonic crystals, which can be later infiltrated with a more stable material, such as oxide ceramics, by atomic layer deposition. However, the relationship between the self‐assembly parameters of the direct photonic crystals and the optical properties of the inverse opal photonic crystals remains elusive. In this work, the effect of different experimental parameters on the 3D structure and the density of defects of...

An external calibration system for DBF receiver arrays at Ka-band

Minh Nhat Pham
In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird ein Online-Kalibrierverfahren mit an-Bord Sonden für DBF Empfangssysteme entwickelt. Das sogenannte externe Konzept ist nicht nur für die Kalibrierung der Kanalschwankungen entwickelt aber auch für die Kalibrierung der Kanal-schwankungen und –Kopplung erweitert. Die Anwendbarkeit des Kalibrierkonzepts ist durch Experimente in Labor demonstriert.

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