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Spline- and hp-basis functions of higher differentiability in the finite cell method

Stefan Kollmannsberger, Davide D'Angella, Ernst Rank, Wadhah Garhuom, Simeon Hubrich, Alexander Düster, Paolo Di Stolfo & Andreas Schröder

Bewertung von Power-to-Gas-Anlagen mittels dynamischer Systemsimulation

Lisa Andresen & Gerhard Schmitz

Status of the TransiEnt Library: Transient Simulation of Coupled Energy Networks with High Share of Renewable Energy

Lisa Andresen, Pascal Dubucq, Ricardo Peniche Garcia, Günter Ackermann, Alfons Kather & Gerhard Schmitz

Load shaping of thermostatically controllable devices by constructing retail prices

Tobias Lübkert

Joint learning of geometric and probabilistic constellation shaping

Maximilian Stark, Fayçal Ait Aoudia & Jakob Hoydis

DWD weather model data for energy system simuation: 2009

Gerrit Erichsen

DWD weather model data for energy system simuation: 2008

Gerrit Erichsen

Polynomial kernels for deletion to classes of acyclic digraphs

Matthias Mnich & Erik Jan van Leeuwen
We consider the problem to find a set X of vertices (or arcs) with |X| <= k in a given digraph G such that D = G-X is an acyclic digraph. In its generality, this is DIRECTED FEEDBACK VERTEX SET or DIRECTED FEEDBACK ARC SET respectively. The existence of a polynomial kernel for these problems is a notorious open problem in the field of kernelization, and little progress has been made. In this paper, we...

Linear kernels and linear-time algorithms for finding large cuts

Michael Etscheid & Matthias Mnich

Investigation of the pressure drop in refrigerant pipes of an R744 automotive air conditioning system

Christoph Subei & Gerhard Schmitz

Optimizing the start-up process of post-combustion capture plants by varying the solvent flow rate

Thomas Marx-Schubach & Gerhard Schmitz

The impact of modular product architectures in PSS design: a systematic literature review

Christoph Rennpferdt, Erik Greve & Dieter Krause

Automated selection and assembly of sets of blades for jet engine compressors and turbines

Maik Dammann & Thorsten Schüppstuhl

Increasing tightness by introduction of intertemporal constraints in MILP unit commitment

Tobias Zimmermann, Tobias Cors, Gerrit Erichsen & Alfons Kather

Ga-, Y-, and Sc-substituted M-type ferrites for self-biasing circulators in LTCC microwave modules

Manuel Heidenreich, Xinyi Ma, Wanja Mario Gitzel, Arne Jacob, Beate Capraro & Jörg Töpfer

Konzept und Versuchsergebnisse zur Elimination von Mikroschadstoffen aus kommunalem Abwasser durch Nanofiltration und Festbettreaktor (MicroStop)

Bastian Büning, Dorothea Rechtenbach, Joachim Behrendt & Ralf Otterpohl

A review of life cycle assessment studies of electric vehicles with a focus on resource use

Iulia Dolganova, Anne Rödl, Vanessa Bach, Martin Kaltschmitt & Matthias Finkbeiner
Changes in the mobility patterns have evoked concerns about the future availability of certain raw materials necessary to produce alternative drivetrains and related batteries. The goal of this article is to determine if resource use aspects are adequately reflected within life cycle assessment (LCA) case studies of electric vehicles (EV). Overall, 103 LCA studies on electric vehicles from 2009 to 2018 are evaluated regarding their objective, scope, considered impact categories, and assessment methods—with a focus...

Effiziente Kontaktberechnung in flexiblen Mehrkörpersystemen

Stephan Tschigg

Deciding Whether a Grid is a Topological Subgraph of a Planar Graph is NP-Complete

Andrea Jiménez & Tina Janne Schmidt
The Topological Subgraph Containment (TSC) Problem is to decide, for two given graphs G and H, whether H is a topological subgraph of G. It is known that the TSC Problem is NP-complete when H is part of the input, that it can be solved in polynomial time when H is fixed, and that it is fixed-parameter tractable by the order of H. Motivated by the great significance of grids in graph theory and algorithms...

Time-variant rule-based reliability of corroded structures by Monte Carlo simulation

Karoline M. Neumann, Bernt J. Leira, Ole Tom Vårdal & Sören Ehlers
General widespread corrosion is of increasing concern for structural reliability of ageing marine structures, particularly for semi-submersible pontoons. Conditional failure rate, also termed hazard function is sought to describe the increasing maintenance required with age. Literature is reviewed connecting corrosion degradation to hazard rate, either through a time degrading limit state function, or statistical data for time to failure. Here, a rule based failure definition is applied based on corrosion tolerance levels, together with a...

Parallel-in-time integration of kinematic dynamos

Andrew T. Clarke, Christopher J. Davies, Daniel Ruprecht & Steven M. Tobias

Molecular modeling of solute partitioning in micellar systems

Denitsa Yordanova

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