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Morphological Development of Meandering Rivers Due to Changing Discharge Regimes

Mohd. Sarfaraz Banda
This PhD thesis investigates the effects of changing discharge regimes on the morphological development of meandering rivers. The reduction of discharge causes bed morphology and planform changes in alluvial rivers with erodible banks, and restoring the discharge may alter the existing morphology, leading to a new (so far unpredictable) river course. The present thesis explores the capability of the open-source software Delft3D to simulate the adaption of both planform dynamics and bed topography to changed...

Maleremails des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts aus Limoges

Irmgard Müsch

Die Pharmazie Jahrgang 27. 1972

Die Pharmazie Jahrgang 30. 1975

Die Pharmazie Jahrgang 34. 1979

Die Pharmazie Jahrgang 33. 1978

Die Pharmazie Jahrgang 39. 1984

Geschichte der Pharmazie 70. Jahrgang August 2018, 3

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des DAV - Deutscher Apotheker Verlag und der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Pharmazie.

Die Pharmazie Jahrgang 42. 1987

Die Pharmazie Jahrgang 22. 1967

Prioritized Multi-Objective Robot Control

Niels Jochen Dehio
Humans are capable of pursuing multiple objectives simultaneously in everyday life, thereby flexibly prioritizing motion tasks and constraints among others. A major goal of current robotics research is to equip highly redundant robots with similar adaptive behavior. The aim of this thesis is to endow such robots with the abilities to optimize priorities for possibly conflicting objectives, to smoothly rearrange such priorities and to decouple the objectives related to motion generation from the objective of...

Life-cycle cost-based design of wind excited tall buildings

Laura Ierimonti
In this thesis a practical design tool based on Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) is proposed for wind-sensitive structures. A cost-based approach can broaden the perspective of managers and stakeholders in order to choose the best design solution on the basis of the monetary losses expected during the structure lifetime. In this context, an automated and computationally efficient procedure named Life-Cycle Cost Wind Design (LCCWD) is developed for the design of tall structures. All the key...

Die Pharmazie Jahrgang 54. 1999

Der letzte Biosyntheseschritt des Nitritreduktasekofaktors Häm d1 in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Julia Adamczack
In dieser Arbeit wurde der letzte Schritt der Biosynthese des Nitritreduktase Kofaktors Häm d1 in P. aeruginosa untersucht. Der biosynthetische Vorläufer von Häm d1, Dihydrohäm d1, wurde zum ersten Mal aus der nativ gereinigten Nitritreduktase NirS aus dem P. aeruginosa Stamm RM361 (nirN::tet) isoliert und charakterisiert. Weiterhin wurde gezeigt, dass das periplasmatische Protein NirN die Umsetzung von Dihydrohäm d1 zu Häm d1 katalysiert, wohingegen NirF sowohl Dihydrohäm d1 als auch Häm d1 bindet, diese aber...

THz Microscopy of Additive Manufactured Microstructures

Benedikt Hampel
THz microscopy was employed to investigate reflection and diffraction properties of additive manufactured structures in this thesis. These structures were irradiated by a far-infrared laser. The THz microscope was developed at the Institut für Elektrische Messtechnik und Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik. It generates three dimensional images by moving a sensor above a sample. The sensors are Josephson cantilevers, which consist of the high temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O7 on LaAlO3 bicrystal substrates. These sensors are sensitive to high...

Tropaeolum peltophorum Benth.

Dietmar Brandes

Tulbaghia simmleri Beauv.

Dietmar Brandes

Tulipa biflora Pall.

Dietmar Brandes

Tulipa neustruevae Pobed.

Dietmar Brandes

Tulipa sylvestris L.

Dietmar Brandes

Tulipa tarda Stapf

Dietmar Brandes

Ulex minor Roth

Dietmar Brandes

Vögel: eigenhändig gezeichnet u. gemalt von Johann Christian Peter Arckenhausen

Johann Christian Peter Arckenhausen

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