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Suitability of dynamic identification for damage detection in the light of uncertainties on a cable stayed footbridge

Chiara Pepi
Structural identification is a very important task especially in all those countries characterized by significant historical and architectural patrimony and strongly vulnerable infrastructures, subjected to inherent degradation with time and to natural hazards e.g. seismic loads. Structural response of existing constructions is usually estimated using suitable numerical models which are driven by a set of geometrical and/or mechanical parameters that are mainly unknown and/or affected by different levels of uncertainties. Some of these information can...

Online latency monitoring of time-sensitive event chains in ROS2

Jonas Peeck, Johannes Schlatow & Rolf Ernst
Highly-automated driving involves chains of perception, decision, and control functions. These functions involve dataintensive algorithms that motivate the use of a data-centric middleware and a service-oriented architecture. As an example, we use the open-source project Autoware.Auto, which bases on the Robot Operating System (ROS) 2. Often, function chains define a safety-critical automated control task with weakly-hard real-time constraints. Providing the required assurance by formal analysis, however, is challenged by the complex hardware/software structure of these...

Exploring the Scope of Gas Diffusion Electrode-based Electro-Enzymatic Synthesis

Angelika Horst
In the present work, gas diffusion electrode (GDE)-based electro-enzymatic syntheses were investigated using the enzymes chloroperoxidase from Caldariomyces fumago (CfuCPO) and an evolved version of the unspecific peroxygenase from Agrocybe aegerita (AaeUPO PaDaI). Both enzymes use H2O2 as the reduction equivalent which, however, leads to their irreversible inactivation at elevated concentrations. Electrochemical in situ H2O2 supply can minimize this inactivation. In the first part of this work, this effect was studied with the electro-enzymatic hydroxylation...

The heme biosynthetic enzyme coproporphyrinogen III oxidase and the heme chaperone HemW from bacteria

Toni Mingers
The thesis focused on a novel enzyme of heme biosynthesis (YtpQ) and the first cytoplasmic heme chaperone HemW. The putative coproporphyrinogen III oxidase YtpQ from Bacillus megaterium was recombinantly produced. Subsequent analysis of its enzymatic activity revealed that YtpQ is a true coproporphyrinogen III oxidase converting coproporphyrinogen III to coproporphyrin III. YtpQ is able to catalyzes this reaction in the absence of oxygen using menadione as an alternative electron acceptor potentially linking this step of...

Characterization of the HCMV proteins UL35 and UL35a as novel type I interferon antagonists

Markus Fabits
Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is an opportunistic, human specific pathogen which is distributed worldwide with seroprevalences between 45 and 100% depending on the geographical location and socioeconomic status. While primary infection of immunocompetent individuals is mostly asymptomatic, transplant recipients and AIDS patients with a suppressed immune system often develop life-threatening disseminating disease. Moreover, HCMV can infect the fetus in utero leading to severe congenital birth defects. Once infected, HCMV is present life-long and persists in a...

Nogo-A signaling reciprocally modulates excitatory and inhibitory synaptic transmission

Kristin Metzdorf
Nogo-A is among the molecules crucial for maintaining the balance between plasticity and stability of synaptic contacts. Indeed, Nogo-A restricts both functional and structural plasticity by signaling via the binding of its two inhibitory domains to their cognate receptors. This study especially examined the Nogo-A signaling in reciprocally regulating excitatory and inhibitory signal transmission at a fast time scale. Whole-cell patch clamp during Nogo-A loss-of-function showed that Nogo-A signaling, especially via the S1PR2 regulates the...

Effects of high-diluted colloidal silica mixtures on the mechanical behavior of potentially liquefiable sand

Giovanni Ciardi
Seismic soil liquefaction is one of the greatest hazards of earthquakes of a certain size, and its effects on structures, infrastructures and human lives can be devastating. Liquefaction arises because of the soil shear resistance decrease as a consequence of the pore water pressure build-up in loose saturated cohesionless soil subjected to undrained loading conditions. If a soil is susceptible to liquefaction, several remedial measures can be considered to reduce the liquefaction hazard. Different mitigation...


Michelle-Amirah Khalil & Zoologisches Neurobiologie
Teach Your Peers OER - Modul ZQ Master Biologie

Graf Peter der Däne: ein historisches Gemählde

Franz Kleist

Pharmazie in Halle (Saale): historische und aktuelle Aspekte

Horst Remane & Peter Nuhn
Stätten pharmazeutischer Praxis, Lehre und Forschung, vol. 1

Pharmazie in Würzburg: historische und aktuelle Aspekte ; Referate des Pharmaziehistorischen Vorsymposiums, das im Rahmen der DPhG-Jahrestagung am 8. Oktober 2003 in Würzburg stattgefunden hat

Stätten pharmazeutischer Praxis, Lehre und Forschung, vol. 3

Pharmazie in Düsseldorf: Vorträge des Pharmaziehistorischen Vorsymposiums der DPhG-Jahrestagung am 22. September 2015 in Düsseldorf

Stätten pharmazeutischer Praxis, Lehre und Forschung, vol. 15

Pharmazie in Braunschweig: historische und aktuelle Aspekte

Peter Dilg
Stätten pharmazeutischer Praxis, Lehre und Forschung, vol. 10

Gewährung einer limitierten Freiversuchsregelung im Wintersemester 2020/2021 für Online-Prüfungen an der Technischen Universität Braunschweig

Hochschulöffentliche Bekanntmachungen der Technischen Universität Braunschweig, vol. 1337

Advocacy-Koalitionen, Policy-Lernen und Wandel im ambulanten Sektor des deutschen Gesundheitswesens

Matthias Nopper
In dieser Dissertation wird die Frage untersucht, unter welchen Umständen Akteure im Advocacy Coalition Framework Policy Core Beliefs erwerben, verändern oder löschen beziehungsweise ihre Policy Core Beliefs unverändert beibehalten. Die Antwort darauf wird im Zusammenspiel zweier Faktoren gesehen: Zum einen der Lern-fördernden oder -hemmenden Wirkung der sogenannten ego-, alter- und Objekt-zentrierten Variablen. Darunter werden verschiedene Effekte verstanden, beispielsweise geteilte wissenschaftliche Vorstellungen oder das Ausmaß an sozialem Druck hin zu einem bestimmten Belief. Zum anderen der...

Anwendung der lokalen elektrochemischen Impedanzspektroskopie zur Untersuchung von Lithium-Ionen-Elektroden

Nina Harms
Zur Charakterisierung von Lithium-Ionen-Zellen und -Elektroden werden unterschiedliche Methoden verwendet, die jedoch zumeist über die gesamte enthaltene Elektrodenfläche gemittelte Signale aufnehmen und keine lokal aufgelösten Informationen ermöglichen. Mit dem langfristigen Ziel, Einblicke in die räumliche Verteilung von Prozessen innerhalb einer Lithium-Ionen-Elektrode zu ermöglichen, wurde in dieser Arbeit die lokale elektrochemische Impedanzspektroskopie (LEIS) auf ihre grundsätzliche Anwendbarkeit zur Untersuchung dieser Elektroden überprüft. Da die Methode LEIS traditionell für die Betrachtung von Korrosionsphänomenen in wässrigen Systemen genutzt...

Encounters with Spaces of Commoning: Athens March 2019

Virtual Memory Palaces: The Impact of Design on the Memorization Performance

Jan-Paul Huttner
This paper is dedicated to the study of an innovative learning software that combines modern technology with an ancient learning method. The introduction briefly describes the current situation on education in the digital transformation and explains how an ancient mnemonic technique, the loci method (or "memory palace"), is being revived in current research. In the traditional version, one must imagine a familiar environment, which then serves as a memory palace. In this memory palace, the...

Ueber die häusliche Erziehung

Ludwig Rudolphi


Heinrich Vezin

Memoiren des Marquis von G***: 2. Theil

Carl Grosse

Aves Braunschweig - 11. Jahrgang (2020)

Aves Braunschweig: Mitteilungen der Avifaunistischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Südostniedersachsen, AviSON im NABU-Landesverband Niedersachsen, vol. 11

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